CHAPTER 4 SECTION 1: The Revolution Begins Essential Question


CHAPTER 4 SECTION 1: The Revolution Begins

from the powerful British Empire?

Essential Question: How was it possible for the American Patriots to gain their independence 1. How did the actions of the First Continental Congress reflect the intense debate of the delegates? Patrick Henry believed violence was unavoidable. While delegates from PA and NY had strict orders to seek peace. Wisely they compromised by boycotting British goods but preparing the colonial militias for war. 2. Why did the First Continental Congress alert colonial militias to prepare for war? If the king failed to compromise, then the final action was war on Britain. 3. Why did a British force march on Concord? Thomas Gage, governor of Massachusetts, learned there was a stockpile of weapons stored in Concord. In April of 1775 he decided to seize the supplies. 4. How did the colonists react to the British advance? Paul Revere (captured), William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott warned other colonists of the British advances. Colonists hid most of the weapons that were originally in Concord. 5. How did the minutemen respond to the battle at Lexington? British troops arrived at dawn on April 19, where 70 armed minutemen were waiting for the British troops. Patriot Captain John Parker told his troops, “ Don’t fire unless fired upon”. No one knows who fired the shot heard round the world but the battle lasted only a few minutes. 6. In your opinion, which side won the fighting at Lexington and Concord, and why? Student answers will vary. 7. Who was appointed leader of the Continental Army? Congress appointed George Washington to command the Continental Army in 1775 8. Do you think the Second Continental Congress was wise in having Washington prepare for war as it sought peace? Explain. Student answers will vary. 9. Why was the Battle of Bunker Hill considered a tragic victory for the British?

While the Patriots lost, they proved they could take on the Redcoats. Furthermore the British had sacrificed about double the number of Patriot soldiers. 10. Why do you think retaking Boston was important to the Patriots? Boston was the symbolic birthplace of the rebellion.