According to the SA Constitution, *the legislative authority of the

Gipty Thomas
Director of Organizational
Week of: Monday October 15, 2012
 I had a Student Conduct Board Hearing this week.
 Laura Vasquez called into inquire about the Student Film and Video
constitution and bylaws. After looking through the archive in the back of the
office, there were no documents found for this organization.
 Gina and I came up with a rough draft e-mail that would be sent to
organizations after they receive full recognition. The email includes where to
go for room reservations, posting flyers, etc. We have contacted Dino
Martinez to see if he would like to add a section in the e-mail about Student
Involvement and Leadership Development.
 I met with Michael to discuss how to join organizations. He wanted to know
if there were informationals he needed to attend or if he just needed to
contact a member of the organization. Mike had said that he knew members
of organizations, but didn’t know if there was a formal process. I explained
to him that some organizations had meetings for new and prospective
members, whereas others just need to be contacted. He said he would look
into more organizations on the NIU website and contact me if he had any
further questions.
 I met with Chelsea Selvey who came in to set up a meeting about starting an
organization on campus. I explained to her that starting an organization
required for a packet to fill out. She wanted to know if she would be able to
start the organization with just two members and hold auditions afterwards.
She also wanted to know if an advisor was necessary to be granted
 I met with Mindy and Gina about organization paperwork that was missing
from packets that I had in my office. Together we were able to place together
the paperwork that had been separated from its original packet.
 The NIU Exercise Science Club brought in their updated constitution and
bylaws. I had a chance to look it over this week, and noted that the
constitution had all the required sections. Gina contacted the President of
the organization and set up a meeting with them next week.
 I met with Director Faulkner about the State of the Students Address. She
asked me to help her with contacting Student Association recognized
organizations about attending the event. Together we created an e-mail to be
sent out to these organizations that encouraged their attendance.
 The Vice President for Flipmode Dance Troupe came in to inquire about their
organization. The President had met with me over the summer about
changing their name to Vanity Dance Team. I explained to her that we are
currently waiting back on GPA checks. After further discussion, she had
informed me that they had an officer change and would like to submit a new
officer form. I told her to bring in an updated officer form as soon as she
Student Association: Campus Life Building, Suite 180 ~ E-Mail [email protected] ~ Phone (815) 753-0483 ~ FAX (815) 753-0481
can. I contacted the listed President to inquire about the change, and she
confirmed that she knew of this.
 Almost Rockwell was granted temporary recognition.
 NIU Racquetball was granted temporary recognition.
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