scene 11 summary

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
Scene 11
A few weeks later, Stella cries while packing Blanche’s belongings. Blanche takes a bath,
while Stanley and his friends play poker. Eunice comes into the apartment, and Mitch
seems angry.
Eunice calls the men callous and talks to Stella to see how the packing is going. Stella asks
how the baby is doing, and Eunice says that the baby is sleeping. Eunice asks about
Blanche, and Stella says that they arranged for Blanche to spend time in the country at an
institution, but Blanche thinks she is going to travel with Shep Huntleigh. Stella tells Eunice
that she doesn’t know if she is doing the right thing, but she can’t believe Blanche’s story
about Stanley raping her and continue to live like normal with Stanley.
Hearing Blanche’s voice at the poker table makes Mitch daydream. When Blanche hears
Stanley say her name, she demands to know what is going on. The men restrain Stanley,
while the women comfort Blanche. Blanche is anxious to leave, but the women convince
her to wait. The women keep Blanche in the bedroom because of her fear of walking in
front of the men at the poker table. Blanche starts dreaming about her vacation and how
she will die at the sea with a handsome young ship’s doctor by her side.
When the doorbell rings, Blanche hopes it will be Shep Huntleigh coming to save her, but
really, it is a doctor and nurse at the door, coming to take her to an institution. Blanche
worries when Eunice says that a woman is with the man at the door. The poker players
stand uncomfortable as Blanche passes them, except for Mitch, who stares at the table.
When Blanche sees that it is a doctor instead of the man she is expecting, she becomes
frightened and goes back into the apartment, where Stella is standing.
In the apartment, Stanley steps up to block Blanche’s way to the bedroom. Blanche runs
around him and claims that she forgot something. The doctor sends the nurse into the
apartment to get Blanche. Stanley that suggests that the doctor comes inside and the
doctor instructs the nurse to grab Blanche. Blanche asks to be left alone. Stanley says that
the only thing Blanche could have forgotten was her paper lantern, so he tears it from the
light bulb and hands it to her. Blanche screams and tries to escape, but the nurse holds
Blanche tightly.
Stella runs onto the porch and Eunice goes to comfort her. Stella begs Eunice to stop the
group from hurting Blanche, but Eunice won’t let go of Stella. Eunice tells Stella that she
made the right decision. When the men move towards Blanche in the bedroom, Stanley
blocks Mitch from entering. When Mitch goes to hit Stanley, Stanley pushes him back, and
Mitch starts crying hysterically at the table. The doctor approaches Blanche gently and
tells the nurse to let her go and that a straightjacket won’t be necessary. Blanche is led out
of the bedroom by the doctor. Blanche says that she always depended on strangers being
kind to her, as she is often taken advantage of by strangers. Stella calls her sisters name as
Blanche passes by to leave. Blanche does not even look at Stella. The doctor, nurse, and
Blanche disappear. Eunice brings the baby to Stella and goes in the kitchen to join the men.
Stanley goes out onto the porch to Stella who is crying with the baby. Stanley comforts
Stella and touches her intimately.