MSc/PhD in sardine genomics/bioinformatics Dear colleagues We

MSc/PhD in sardine genomics/bioinformatics
Dear colleagues
We have recently secured NRF funding for a 3-year project that will use genomic data to explore stock
structure in South African sardines. We are now looking for a suitable MSc or (preferably) PhD student.
Instead of the usual approach of employing a geneticist and having a bioinformaticist help with the data
analysis, we are instead considering employing a bioinformaticist and teaching her/him the limited
amount of genetic methods that will be required for the project.
I would appreciate if you could forward this email to any student you think might be interested in
working on this project. If you find this project interesting, you might even want to consider joining our
multidisciplinary team, and co-supervising the student. The group presently includes Dr Carl van der
Lingen (DAFF, fisheries research), Prof Christopher McQuaid (Rhodes University, ecology) and Prof
Luciano Beheregaray (Flinders University, genomics).
The student should have experience working in a Unix/Linux environment, and should preferably also
have some experience analysing genomic and/or transcriptomic data. Genetic laboratory skills are not
required. Remuneration is R60 000 per year (NRF) + top-up funding from the University of
The complete proposal is available on request; interested students (or staff) should please contact Dr
Peter Teske (University of Johannesburg) at