In your Sketch Book

Benthic Macro Invertebrates (BMI) summer assignment
In your Sketch Book - Sketch (the larvae/nymph stage-the stage in which
they are living in the water! Not the adult stage) a sample of a: Mayfly,
Stonefly, Water Penny, Caddisfly, Hellgrammite, Dragonfly, Damselfly,
Scud, Cranefly, Crayfish, Gill snail, Sow bug, Blackfly, and Planarian.
Annotated each sketch using information from sections I through VI:
I. Classification: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus/species
(break down the Order, from its scientific classification, into words you can
understand –look up the Latin/Greek roots)
II. Physical description: Body parts, width, color, size, texture, and
distinctive features
III. Habitat: Where it lives, Place on the food chain
IV. Food Chain: Who are its predators, what does it like to eat?
V. Show life cycle: explain complete or incomplete
VI. Additional interesting characteristics/ information: at least three
interesting facts