Labour Campaign for a Northern Irish Living Wage

Labour Campaign for a Northern Irish Living Wage
The Living Wage is now calculated to be £7.40 per hour.
It has been estimated there are about 170,000 workers in Northern Ireland who earn less
than this. This means many can’t afford to keep their families at a decent standard, nor
can they heat their homes.
The Labour Party NI is campaigning to spread the Living Wage across the community.
We want to involve government, trade unions, employers, employees, students and the
voluntary and community sector in this campaign.
The aim is to increase well-being in the work-force, reduce turnover, improve
productivity, increase motivation, raise skill levels - all in the interest of higher quality jobs
and better living standards.
Launch Venue:
Wellington Park Hotel, Malone Road
Saturday 11 May at 2.30pm.
Further details to follow.