Month 01, 2015 Dear Residents, We are pleased that you call Colby

Month 01, 2015
Dear Residents,
We are pleased that you call Colby Creek home, and know that you share in our effort to keep our
community beautiful and well maintained. In that spirit, we kindly ask all residents to dispose of
larger items, including unwanted mattresses and furniture, at one of the recommended locations on
the accompanying enclosure. Please note, our dumpsters are only capable of accommodating normal
household waste and not bulk dumping. Proper trash removal aids not only in the beautification of
our property, but keeps your home free from unsightly trash buildup.
We hope that everyone will participate in our vision for an aesthetically pleasing community and
properly dispose of those more sizeable items. Please be aware that non-compliance may result in
fines of $100.00 or greater per occurrence, but our hope is that no such remedy is required.
If you have questions or concerns regarding this correspondence, please contact the office and a
representative will be happy to assist you.
Warmest Regards,
Colby Creek Management Team
If your belongings are recyclable or can be donated to charity, consider the following locations.
If your belongings are not recyclable and need to be dumped as waste, please contact Snohomish
County Solid Waste at 425-388-3425 for current hours and fees.