Dear Student, Welcome, and congratulations on attending your first

Dear Student,
Welcome, and congratulations on attending your first class at Bikram Yoga Oswego! We are grateful for your sweat and effort
in class today and hope you take advantage of our Introductory Offer Challenge by attending every day of the 10 Day
Introductory Period. Complete all 10 consecutive days of the introduction and receive 10% off your first class package. It is
our intention to create a healing space of integrity, strength/flexibility/balance, and transformation. Please read the following
to understand our services and what we expect of ourselves and our students.
Bikram Yoga is based on the science of Hatha Yoga researched by Yogi Raj Bikram Choudhury under the supervision of his
Guru Bishnu Charan Ghosh and tested upon the millions of students who have attended Bikram Yoga classes around the
world. The information you receive at an affiliated Bikram Yoga school is a direct transmission of Hatha Yoga Therapy
derived from thousands of years of experience from Guru to student. While we have contemporary amenities including heat,
modern plumbing, mirrors, etc…, you are learning ancient traditional Hatha Yoga technique. We strive with every word to
deliver the most precise and effective technique for what to do, how to do, and why to do what you’re doing. It is only
through your attempt at proper technique can Yoga work at its most effective healing state: as medicine both preventive and
acute. To achieve this effect:
Hold the posture absolutely still at your maximum position while breathing normally.
Remain still and silent between postures.
No modifications, props, or excuses.
Occasionally, our instructors will use your name to issue verbal instructions specific to your body and physical needs.
As long as you are trying the right way with the instruction, to the best of your ability, you’re receiving 100% of the
When something in class is difficult for you, that’s good. Go into the posture as deep as you can and hold the position
still while breathing normally. With practice and time your range of motion and ease of expression will blossom.
Feeling nauseous or dizzy during the first few classes or periodically throughout the practice is quite common. Please
rest by standing, sitting, or lying down. Remain in the hot room and allow your body to acclimatize. These sensations
can be strange and uncomfortable but are a natural (and passing) part of the overall process.
In an effort to create an organized space with good flow, please abide:
 Arrive on time for class, prepared to remain the entire class. Tardiness and early dismissal are strongly discouraged.
 Arrive clean, well-hydrated, on an empty stomach, prepared to sweat.
 Turn your phone to silent before entering the school.
 No shoes, electronics, bags, wallets, keys, heavy jewelry, or strong odors in the Yoga room.
 No talking during or after class
 Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this space. Rudeness, combative, or intrusive behavior with our
staff or another student will result in refusal of service. Bikram Yoga Oswego is a safe zone for all persons regardless of
age, race, orientation, gender, status, or level of physical ability.
Thank you for your dedicated practice. Namaste,
Sandy Eby and staff of Bikram Yoga Oswego
Winter Schedule (check the web for most up-to-date class times):
Winter Specials
Introductory Offer Special. Valid for new
students, or if you’re returning after 1 year
Early-Bird Month Unlimited
$20/10 Days unlimited
Yoga challenge
Complete all 10 days of the introductory period
and receive 10% off your first package. Mat and
towel provided the first class and available for
rent at $1 apiece thereafter.
Valid 6AM, 9:30AM, 10AM classes only.
Additional evening classes $5 apiece.
Basic Membership Options
Drop-in class
10 Class Card
Month Unlimited Yoga
Auto-Debit (6 or 12 months)
Family Auto-Debit (6 or 12 months)
$89 for 1st member/ $79
each additional member
Single class.
10 classes, 3 month expiration.
One month unlimited Yoga.
Six or twelve months unlimited Yoga
automatically deducted from your debit or credit
card on the 1st of the month. Only $2.92 per day.
Six or twelve months unlimited Yoga
automatically deducted from a single debit or
credit card on the 1st of the month.
University Student Membership
Drop-in class
10 Class Card
Semester Auto-Debit (6 or 12 months)
Month Unlimited Yoga
Single Class
10 classes, 3 month expiration
Matching SUNY Oswego (or your University’s
semester schedule): auto-debit is suspended on
the last day of each semester term and re-instated
on the first day of the next semester.
One month unlimited Yoga.
Member Referral Program
Each time you bring a friend to class who purchases our Introductory Offer, receive a Member Referral Point. For every 6 points
earned, receive a free MRP gift: logo water bottles, towels, bags, and other useful gear for your Bikram Hot Yoga practice.
TAB Accounts
Find yourself frequently renting mats, buying coconut water, or needing an extra towel? Open a TAB account at the front desk.
Put money down up-front for these daily purchases and we’ll keep track of your spending as you go along. When your TAB’s
empty, just recharge! $10 minimum opening balance required. As Bikram says, “It’s so simple!”
All memberships expire. Please note the expiration periods for your membership. No transfers or refunds on any memberships.
Extensions granted on a case-by-case basis with a doctor’s written note. Get your money’s worth, you’re worth it! Please check
the website for the most up-to-date class schedule, extreme weather closings, especial events, special offers, and more!