lab 1 geo 1010

Dashiell Longe
Geology 1010
Summary of Lab assignment #1
The first part of the lab assignment was to choose a depositional
environment for the facies descriptions a through A-H by looking at the charts of
both Clastic and Carbonate dominated shorelines. Once these depositional
environments were located and placed on the blank lines next to the descriptions I
was able to draw the lines to separate the representative rock samples in each facies
1. Facies Map One- From left to right: the beach stand was the first
depositional environment and a shelf represented both the second and
2. Facies Map Two- From left to right: the alluvial fan made up both the first
and second depositional environments and those led into a river channel
making up the third. Then on either side of the river channel was an
alluvial Plain.
3. Facies Map Three- From left to right: a river channel ran through the
majority of this map with an alluvial plain on either side. Then about
three-quarters across the map was a beach strand. After the beach stand
there was a shelf with a delta front fanning out in the center of it right
after the river channel.
4. Facies map Four- from the upper left corner to the lower right corner: the
alluvial fan made up both the first and second depositional environments
followed by a river channel with and alluvial plain on either side of it.
Then a beach strand separated the alluvial fan from the shelf. The river
channel flowed through the beach strand and turned into a delta complex
and then a delta front. The shelf mention earlier made up the last two
depositional environments.
The last exercise was to choose a basin interpretation and whether or not
transgression or regression had occurred from one depositional environment to the
next in a cross section of a carbonate dominated shoreline.