Plan for PhD course on High Temperature Protection of Alloys

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Plan for PhD course on High Temperature Protection of Alloys, 6 hp
Examinator: Ru Peng
Course Name
High Temperature Coatings
Course Aim
High-temperature metallic and thermal barrier coatings are widely used for the protection of metallic
components in the hot sections of advanced engines such as aero engines, stationary gas turbines for
power generation, and marine engines. While metallic coatings provide resistance against oxidation
and corrosion, thermal barrier coatings also increase the working temperature of the protected
components. The aim of this course to give the participants deep understanding of the essentials in
high temperature protection of alloys by metallic coatings and thermal barrier coatings, which include
oxidation and hot corrosion of metallic materials, coating composition design, coating deposition
methods, degradation of coatings, and coating applications.
Course content
 High temperature environment
 Substrate materials
 Oxidation
 Hot corrosion
 Metallic coatings
 Thermal barrier coatings
 Applications
 Depending on the number of participants, the course can be run with presentations by
participants and discussions in seminars.
 Compulsory homework
High Temperature Coatings, Sudhangshu Bose
An oral examination at the end of the course
Starting: September 12, Friday, 13:15
 1st seminar: Chapter 1-5, date to be determined
 2nd seminar: Chapter 6, date to be determined
 3rd seminar: Chapter 7, date to be determined
 4th seminar: Chapter 8-10, date to be determined