Call for Participation - Michigan Museums Association

Michigan Museums Association
2013 Conference
Museums Engaging the Community
Bay City, Michigan
October 9-11, 2013
Call for Participation
With an emphasis on face-to-face collaboration, the Michigan Museums Association shares expertise and resources to
promote standards and practices that make the Michigan museum community thrive.
MMA wants YOU to participate in the 2013 Conference!
This year’s conference theme is Museums Engaging the Community. Bay City is home to several major cultural
institutions that make community outreach a top priority. In this age of social media and innovation, placemaking has
become all important in communities, and cultural institutions can make or break an area’s future. Most conference
sessions and activities will focus on the idea of community and the many ways that museums serve communities, work
with communities, and enhance communities, as well as celebrate the “museum community” in Michigan!
Please consider joining us in providing a great experience for MMA members and Michigan museum and cultural
professionals to learn about topics that are important to them, connect with others in the community, and inspire and
be inspired by the great work that is being done in our state. Visit for alternate formats for this
document and for resources in putting together great conference session.
Choose any areas below to participate and return this form or information requested no later than March 1. All session
chairs, content providers, and other volunteers are expected to register for the conference and provide their insight for
the greater good (for FREE) of the museum community in Michigan. Participants will be notified by the end of March.
Session Suggestions:
Do you know of a person or project in Michigan that is engaging their community or the museums community that
would be great in a conference session? Suggest ideas for the programs committee to follow up on.
Session/Workshop Chair:
Do you have a topic that you have expertise in or are really interesting in learning more about? Do you know of some
very talented people you would like to meet or work with? Session chairs will pull together complete sessions including
topic, format(s) used and content providers. Chairs do not necessarily have to provide content themselves. They can
also serve as facilitators. Please attach a description below of your possible session including focus, format, length and
participants. Discuss the experience and qualifications of participants.
Content Provider:
Have you been working on a fabulous project or discovered the secret to an elusive museum mystery but don’t know
enough people with similar experiences to set up a whole session? The Programs Committee can assist in connecting
several individuals with similar topics to present at a single session. Please attach a description below of the information
you would like to share, the format you would use, and a little bit about your experience and qualifications. Feel free to
also suggest other topics that may relate to form a complete session.
General Volunteer:
Want to help out but don’t really see anything above that is a great fit? General Volunteers will help out at registration,
in sessions, assist with the silent auction or complete other duties as assigned.
Contact Claire Johnston, VP of Programs, ([email protected] or 616-516-2828) with questions.
Michigan Museums Association
2013 Conference
Museums Engaging the Community
Bay City, Michigan
October 9-11, 2013
Call for Participation
Yes, I want to participate in the following way(s):
 Session/Workshop Chair
 Content Provider
Session Suggestions
General Volunteer
Contact Information:
Institutional Affiliation:
Description, if applicable (250 words or fewer):
Return form via e-mail to [email protected] or via USPS to Claire Johnston, 911 N. Hudson St.,
Lowell, MI 49331.
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