Each conference attendee will attend two breakout sessions. Please

Each conference attendee will attend two breakout sessions. Please select two presentations from the list below.
After registering for the conference and making your payment, please sign up at the Info Desk for the two sessions
that you would like to attend. Some spaces are limited, so please sign up early!
Breakout Session 1
Title: Intentional Parenting
Presenter: Tracie Sexson
Speaker Biography: Tracie is a wife of ten years and the mother to two young children. She works part-time as an
instructor at Tulsa Community College. She has attended Solace Church for four years and teaches in the five year
old classroom.
Session Description: The presentation and activities will focus on being intentional with parenting decisions. The
speaker will use Biblical principles and scriptures to discuss seeing your child as a child of God who is uniquely made.
The discussion will focus on how to see their unique traits and to foster them.
Target Audience: Mothers with children currently in the home
Room: Main Auditorium
Space Limit: Unlimited
Breakout Session 2
Title: The Silent Heartache
Presenter: Sheryl Klenovich
Speaker Biography: Sheryl has been married for ten years and is a stay-at-home mom of two. She has a son and
her daughter came through the blessing of adoption. She and her husband started attending Solace Church in 2008
when they moved to Oklahoma. She enjoys serving at the Info Desk, in the nursery and at Catalyst Student Ministries
on Wednesday evenings.
Session Description: Many women silently struggle with infertility and/or miscarriage(s). When it happens, it is
devastating and the situation can seem hopeless. During the session, the speaker will share her own experience of
miscarriage and infertility. The opportunity will be given to anyone who wants to share her journey. The presenter will
share ways to seek God’s grace in the midst of the struggle and find comfort and hope through Him.
Target Audience: Women who are or have experienced infertility and/or miscarriage(s)
Room: Conference Room
Space Limit: 10 People
Breakout Session 3
Title: Say Yes to God
Presenter: Subrenia Jurney
Speaker Biography: Subrenia is a wife of 30 years and a mother of 3 grown daughters. She works full-time at BP
Pipelines & Logistics as a Business Systems Analyst. She has attended Solace Church for 4 ½ years, volunteers in
the Kid’s Check-In on Sunday mornings, co-facilitates a Wednesday evening Solace Group, hosts a Thursday
evening Solace Group, and is the co-founder and volunteer coordinator for West Tulsa Outreach.
Session Description: This interactive discussion will focus on how difficult it is for women to say no in a world of
endless demands. Learn how to overcome the stress of an overwhelmed schedule that leaves one with an
underwhelmed soul. There’s a big difference between saying yes to everyone and saying yes to God.
Target Audience: All Ages
Room: 56ers
Space Limit: 25 People
Breakout Session 4
Title: Mentoring – A Biblical Command
Presenter: Wanda Blair
Speaker Biography: Wanda is a wife of 43 years, the mother to two grown children and grandmother of six. She
works as a Commercial Proposal Manager at FlightSafety International. She is a Charter Member of Solace Church.
The first service of Solace Church was held in her home. She was the Director of Children’s Ministries until 2012.
She currently teaches in the two year old classroom.
Session Description: The presentation and activities will focus on what the Bible has to say about mentoring
responsibilities of older women with the New Testament book of Titus as the main source of authority. An open forum
group discussion will focus on ideas of how mentoring can be accomplished in the busy world that we all live in today.
Target Audience: Ladies who have a touch of gray in their hair!
Room: 5s
Space Limit: 20 People
Breakout Session 5 Title: Who are you?
Presenter: Leslie Clingenpeel
Speaker Biography: Leslie is a wife of 7 years and a mother to 3 young children. She has been attending Solace
with her family since 2012 and has been on staff as the Ministries & Volunteer Coordinator since May of 2013.
Session Description: This session will focus on who we are and how God has wired us to help further His kingdom.
We will reference the book of Nehemiah to help discover our unique gifts and abilities, how they can be used to live
out our purpose in life, and how we can help to make a difference in the world around us.
Target Audience: All ages
Room: 4s
Space Limit: 15 People
Breakout Session 6
Title: Anxiety – Battle of the Mind
Presenter: Mckel Moyer
Speaker Biography: Mckel is a wife and mother, who enjoys her job as a stay-at-home mom. She lives in Berryhill
but is originally from Mannford, Oklahoma. She has attended Solace Church for seven years.
Session Description: As women, we all battle anxiety to some degree. This session will be presented with an
empathetic focus on arming women with tools from God’s word needed to win the battle of the mind.
Target Audience: All Ages
Room: 3s
Space Limit: 15 People
Breakout Session 7
Title: Food Idolatry
Presenter: Siarah King
Speaker Biography: Siarah is a stay-at-home mom to her two preschool-aged children. She grew up in Berryhill and
after getting married, moved to Midland, Texas for her husband’s job. She and her family have attended Solace
Church since they moved back last fall. They are currently building a house in Berryhill.
Session Description: The presentation will focus on food and health issues facing Christian women today and how
they affect our spiritual lives. The speaker will use her personal testimony to discuss gluttony, addiction, and food
idolatry. Attendees will be given scripture and tools to assist them when tempted to put food/drink before their
relationship with the Lord.
Target Audience: All Ages
Room: 2s
Space Limit: 15 People
Breakout Session 8
Title: Friendship
Presenter: Tracy Robbins
Speaker Biography: Tracy has been married to her husband, Eric for 15 years, and together they have 2 children.
She is actively involved and serves in her home church, Church on the Move in Tulsa, where she’s been attending for
nearly 25 years. Tracy teaches part-time for Tulsa Community College as well as for a local women’s ministry. She
loves to share life skills for success and how to practically apply God’s Word in everyday, real-life situations. You can
find her blogging at www.HappyHealthyandProsperous.com.
Session Description: This breakout session will focus on the need for friends, especially godly ones. Finding good
friends starts with BEING a good friend. Together, we will learn some practical ways to BE and HAVE better friends,
and we will also look at what the Bible has to say about friendship.
Target Audience: All Ages
Room: Kids Auditorium
Space Limit: 60 People
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