Greater East Alabama Regional Science & Engineering Fair 2016

Greater East Alabama Regional Science & Engineering Fair
2016 Abstract Form
Every project must have this completed form attached to the TYPED abstract
as a part of each Student Registration. Please type or print legibly all information.
Project Title:
Project Division:
☐ Junior Division (Grades 6-8)
☐ Senior Division (Grades 9-12)
School Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of Team Member #1: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of Team Member #2: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of Team Member #3: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Abstract text should be typed in the box below:
Abstracts should be 25-250 words.
The abstract must be typed single spaced
12 point Times New Roman Font.
The abstract should include the following:
o Purpose of the experiment
o Procedure
o Data
o Conclusions
It may also include any possible research applications. An abstract must NOT include the following:
o Acknowledgments (including naming the research institution and/or mentor with which you were working), or selfpromotions and external endorsements
o Work or procedures done by the mentor
Tips on Writing a Project Abstract:
A project abstract is a brief paragraph or two (limited to 250 words) highlighting and/or summarizing the major points or most
important ideas about your project. An abstract allows judges to quickly determine the nature and scope of a project.
Emphasize these aspects: purpose (hypothesis), methods (procedures used), data summary or analysis, and conclusions.
Focus only on the current year’s research.
Omit details and discussions.
Use the past tense when describing what was done. However, where appropriate use active verbs rather than passive verbs.
Use short sentences, but vary sentence structure.
Use complete sentences. Don’t abbreviate by omitting articles or other small words in order to save space.
Avoid jargon and use appropriate scientific language.
Use concise syntax, correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.