Objective: Looking to advance my career in the area of software

Patrick C. West
420 Strathmore Ln. #109, Lafayette, CO 80026
303-439-2289 – [email protected]
 Object Oriented analysis, design, and development
 C/C++ application design and development in multi-tier architectures
 LAMP Software Stack
 HTML, PHP, Ajax programming
 Data formats (netcdf, cdf, fits, freeform, cedar/madrigal, hdf4, hdf5, jgofs)
 OPeNDAP open source software development and deployment
 MySQL relational database experience
 Web application and services design and development
 Java/JavaScript programming
 Ontology development and deployment using various semantically enabled tools and services
 Drupal and MediaWiki deployment, maintenance, and extension/module deployment and development
 Scrum (Agile) software development
 Development on Linux and Mac OSX systems
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - December 2008 – Present
 Principal Software Engineer in Tetherless World Constellation (TWC)
 Semantic Web research, design and development in cooperation with numerous research organizations utilizing the latest in
semantic web technologies and tools. Information modeling, ontology development using numerous modular ontologies,
RDFs, RDFa inference engines and reasoning rule systems.
 Drupal and MediaWiki development using PHP, including the development of new modules/extensions
 Web site and web services development using PHP, Ajax, SOAP, Tomcat Servlet development, JavaScript, c and C++, some
Java and Python.
 Open Source software development for OPeNDAP in C++ using dynamically loaded modules for extensibility creating a
grid-like infrastructure for distributed data delivery.
 Lead and co-author on numerous publications, presentations and posters for conferences such as the AGU Fall Meeting,
International Semantic Web Conference, OWL Experiences and Directions, Ocean Sciences Conference
 Linux server setup and maintenance for TWC production machines and services, Subversion code control repository, Trac
issue tracking system, Drupal CMS at http://tw.rpi.edu, OpenLDAP. Also support for 18 test and test/demo machines, 17
running Linux (CentOS and Ubuntu) and one running Mac OSX.
 Support and management of multiple small-team projects
 Coordinator of the Undergraduate Lab within the Tetherless World Constellation
 Adjunct Professor, Introduction to Information Technology, Fall Semester 2009 – creation of lectures for class twice a week,
creation of lab work for students to engage in, creation of the technical questions for quizzes, office hours, grading of
assignments, labs, quizzes and term projects.
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) - April 2002 – December 2008
 Software Engineer in High Altitude Observatory Division (HAO)
 C++, OO Design methodologies developing distributed data model for use by scientists worldwide using HTTP.
 OPeNDAP open source software implementation that is able to input different data systems into a common representation to
be delivered to client applications able to display the information.
 MediaWiki installation and management including extension development for display of scientific information stored in a
relational database and user management
 Virtual observatory implementation using ontology development with Protege and Swoop, metadata search capabilities,
catalog retrieval system, data retrieval and graphical display.
LightBridge contract through Hall Kinion, Broomfield, CO - January 2001 – May 2001
 Senior Consulting Engineer working to test and implement new wireless switches for LightBridge’s product Fraud Buster.
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Patrick C. West
420 Strathmore Ln. #109, Lafayette, CO 80026
303-439-2289 – [email protected]
The product takes call data records and detects any fraudulent items in the data. Code written using Object Oriented
methodologies in C++ on UNIX machines (Solaris and HP). Uses Tuxedo for transaction management and communication
between servers.
Enhancement to Fraud Centurion product to automatically suspend and restore callers with fraudulent activity. Enhancement
to code written in C++ using Object Oriented Methodologies, XML, and socket coding. Used Continuus code management
system, Lotus Notes for document management, Rational Purify for memory error checking and Quantify for performance of
new code.
netLibrary contract through Hall Kinion, Boulder, CO - January 2001
 Upgrade of unaffiliated corporate web site using HTML and ASP on Windows 2000 platform. Used Visual Interdev for
coding and Visual Sourcesafe for version control.
Evoke Communications, Louisville, CO - June 2000 – November 2000
 Research into new webcasting product which includes a java based server that coordinates conferences over the internet
including Evoke’s voice over IP technology, white boarding, presentation slides such as Microsoft PowerPoint, a question
and answer interface, and video streaming using Real Player and Microsoft Windows Media Player.
 Researching the use of Oracle's OCI for authentication in Real Server for video streaming, written in C++ using Oracle 8i call
interface and Real Server's Plugin capabilities.
Decisionism Inc. (formerly KaPRE Software), Boulder, CO - July 1994 – June 2000
 Design and development of back-end components for the client/server application Aclue. This product takes data from
multiple disparate systems, merges the data into a single data repository using third-party and in-house developed
transformation engines, and allows the user to export this merged data to multi-dimensional databases or relational databases
for analysis.
 Design and development of back end components for financial software/general ledger applications utilizing multiple
relational persistent storage services and communication using Expersoft’s CORBA implementation. Also included design
and development of business workflow engine, object routing and state transition, session management, and event
notification and reporting.
Mead Data Central (Now Lexis/Nexis), Dayton, OH - June 1990 – June 1994
 Participated in the first iterative build of a distributed object oriented client/server system using C++ in a UNIX environment.
This first iteration was to replace the existing Lexis/Nexis search engines and reporting. Clients would do searches against
the system in order to find legal and news sources and have the information displayed in a variety of ways. Included the
design and development of an Object Oriented RPC mechanism and a C++ Object Oriented general purpose library,
including low level socket interface and memory management component, container classes, string classes, thread classes.
 Designed and implemented in C++ the system management component of a large distributed client/server system. The
component was responsible for managing all aspects of the system from client/server applications to hardware.
 Designed and implemented a complete development environment including configuration management tool and development
environment including use of Sablime, Korne Shell and make utility Nmake.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, May 1990.
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