The Western Adventures of Angus and Bonnie #3

The Western adventures of
Angus and Bonnie
The troll kings jewel
Chapter 1
Moutain Trolls
As they set off from the top of hill they kept out of signt but half way down the moutain they had to
abandon there ponies in some near by bushes. But what they didn’t see was troll’s where troding
towards them, when all of a sudden the troll’s fell of there feet and in to some mud. The trolls where
Chapter 2
The resistance
The troll killer was a young boy dressed in a long tunic with a hood over his face. He said
“Hi my name is Tony,I am apart of the troll resistance.”
We say “The what resistance?”
We says” The troll resistance well, it’s only me in its so I guys I can come with you guys on what ever
Quest you are on.”
We hudle in a group and talk about what we should do. We agree that he can come.
Once we where moving down the hill on our horse’s. We stop to tack a brack an
Spot some trolls with some food we decided to take it so we made a net out of some string that we
had on us . Once we had finished we put some food on our net that we made and made it so
the sent was flowing towards the trolls. Then they started coming towards us and we hid
they had fallen for the trap.
Chapter 3
The trickery
Once we were close to the food and had killed the trolls we saw the food start moving, then the
food exploded and a troll poped out it had a long hunting spear with a long blood coverd
whip on his side we all screamed and our net was tossed over us and then everything went
Chapter 4
The troll king
We were asleep for 10 day until we finally awoke in a dungeon. There was a troll with a crown on his
head looking at me and that’s when I saw it in the center of the crown there was the jewel . I
stand up see a spear on the ground try to pick it until my head starts aching and I pass out
again. This time I wake up in a straight jacket with 84 blots tied to the walls and and I was
hanging upside down with my hands behind my back and a pit of lava under me. I said to
myself” If I was going to escape I wonder what would get me first the guards
with cross bows or the lava.” I say” if I die you wont get what you wont from
me.” The troll king says”.” I look at
him and surge. Then he says “ ohh you speak English then, You are brave venturing here I
hope you have said good bye to your family because you aren’t leaving!
Chapter 5
Horses to the rescue
We all screamed like where in hell. Then we heard a small whiny from outside then. BOOM! CRASH!
We saw our horses trotting in to the court yard where we were about to be executed. They bit
though the rope that was holding us in our stocks. We hopped on to their backs and rode of into the
sun set.
Chapter 6
Not so much Paradise
We were riding at full pelt, until our horses screeched to a halt. It was the troll king, I saw he was
holding his jewel. So I swiftly dashed a the jewel grabbed it in one hand and sprinted back to the
horses. It shrunk done to the size of Angus’s hand. They mounted their horse’s and took off to back
to the castle.
Chapter 7
Run Troll Run
It was then they heard the sound of crashing and loud thumps behind them because the troll king
was coming after them. Instantly the horses where in a gallop, They took at impacting speed that
everyone Nellie fell off. But the troll king was still after them. Soon they reached the border of the
King of OakShire’s castle. So the troll king do what was right turned around and bounded back to his
Chapter 8
The King’s gift
The King met us at the gate of his palace, he was holding some badges. We rode up next to him and
gave him the jewel he said” You are true hero’s of OakShire.” He put the badges on us and we
walked into the castle. The night the was a party in our behalf. Tim stayed at the free snack area.
Chapter 9
Going Home
It was then Angus, realized that he could not go stay at the party and palace for ever, so in the
morning they left for Eagle Gorge, there home. It was long ride to Eagle Gorge and on their way
back home Angus found a sword and shield on the ground, he put the sword in his buckler and his
shield on his back and the kept going back to Eagle Gorge.
Chapter 10
A Surprise
They finally made it home after 2 days of riding. It was sunny as normal but then they, heard the
hooves of horse’s coming their way. It was an army, the army most terrifying army ever, the army
of, kranish. They stopped at the top of the Gorge and shouted “ We come to Conquer , and destroy!
Attack!!!!” We could do nothing as the army ran down the hill towards the way we had just came,
we quickly took cover behind a rock, as the army passed, towards the kings castle.