EDU 261 Test 3 Study Guide Fall 2014 Includes Ch 10, 13 14 & 16

EDU 261 Test 3 Study Guide Fall 2014
Includes Ch 10, 13 14 & 16
There are Multiple Choice and Short Answer questions covering such topics as:
Effective directors recognize
Grouping practices
Information on families and children that is recorded on the children’s records
In terms of confidential information, when must parental consent be obtained?
What is a primary caregiver?
Recording information that will be placed in a child’s permanent file
When is the only time confidential information about a child should be shared with anyone other than
appropriate center staff without parental permission?
Ways to make feel welcome
The scheduled parent-teacher conference is the time when both the teacher and the family
When planning parent meetings, it is beneficial to involve
Some family members may be hesitant about being involved with the center because
Directors can serve as models of professionalism for their staff when
Families who have a child with special needs …
How can Directors help their staff understand the families and community served by the center?
Directors who have successful family programs pay attention to three areas, which are
Some centers have family programs that involve
Every contact with families, whether casual or planned, provides opportunities for center staff to
referral agencies
To be successful, staff meetings must provide an environment where a staff member can
A staff meeting agenda
An experienced director can assess staff training needs
The methods or strategies employed in a staff in-service training program will depend
The staff supervisor gives support and guidance to each staff member
When directors plan and conduct staff meetings, they should be sure to not include time
Supervising new teachers,
Developing a training program,
When planning the training program for center staff, the director should
A new director who plans a staff development program for a teaching staff that has been at the center for a
number of years should
When working with center staff, it is important for directors to
One way to discourage staff from attending professional meetings is
Supervising an accomplished teacher,
A basic assumption underlying staff development
How are the IFSP and IEP similar?
Directors who are successful in establishing a positive public image pay special attention to
What is the most important consideration in making a decision about enrolling a child in a preschool education
IDEA is an acronym that stands for?
IDEA (PL 105-17) is a law that requires
A child with disabilities may not be denied admission to a program unless
Research indicates that a child with special needs can significantly benefit by being in a classroom with
Typically developing children
The most important thing a director can do when designing a brochure is
List things that will make the entry/family receiving area feel comfortable and communicate that the center
accepts, respects, and welcomes families.
Ways families can participate in the program other than being in the classroom.
Important things a director can model for staff in a staff meeting.
In developing marketing and promotional materials, generation X-ers are typically attracted to a certain type of
advertising. What are some possible elements to use in promotional materials that may influence this
generation to choose your center.
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