26.04.2012: Hubertus Goller GesmbH celebrating its 65th Anniversary

Hubertus Goller GesmbH celebrating its 65th Anniversary
Innovation and Tradition
From its founding in 1947 until today GOLLER System has been following a continuous process of
development and specialisation.
If you enter the premises in Klosterneuburg (Lower Austria) today, it is hard to imagine that the
company's beginnings were in the production of tin toys. In the early 1950s, company founder and
name sponsor Hubertus Goller started to work with the material "plastic“. In the first few years mainly
household appliances and toys were made of plastic, but soon he developed and manufactured
innovative products. From 1980 onwards, the company focused on the production of plastic
components for diagnostics and the pharmaceutical industry. This development led to the expansion of
the company's production area by building the first cleanroom in 1990. Meanwhile, the cleanroom
production area has been multiplied and is still in the process of being expanded.
Customised System Solutions
Today GOLLER Systems offers tailormade plastic components and customised systems, combining many
years of experience and know-how in the field of plastics engineering with innovative solutions. As a fullservice supplier with a broad range of services (design, model making, injection moulding, cleanroom
production, blister packaging, logistics) GOLLER Systems ensures that its customers get „all in one“ (i.e.
everything under one roof). Thus, GOLLER Systems combines the professionalism of big players with the
flexibility and speed of the smaller ones!
Expansion continues
The company’s history reflects the stable pillars of success of GOLLER Systems: continuous
development, healthy growth and focussing on its core competencies are the basis of the solid owneroperated company that employs 60 people today.
In the future the path of ongoing development is pursued in the light of the increasing product
requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. In 2012, the year of its 65th anniversary, the
company will build an additional cleanroom as well as laboratory (biochemical and physical analyses).
The company continues to grow which is confirmed by GOLLER Systems‘ team members: "We look
forward to the expansion and intensification of our activities as development partner and full-service
supplier of complex system solutions for our customers. Very well-equipped for this challenge, we see
positively into the future!"
Company foundation
Plasters, lip balm,
adhesive tapes…
Expansion of cleanroom
producion area
Pharma & Diagnostics
Full-Service Supplier
Cleanroom production
Start of production of
plastic components
Plastic lenses
Anna Egger-Piskernik
Corp. Communications, Marketing & Sales
Donaustraße 110, A-3400 Klosterneuburg
Tel.+43 (0)2243 / 328 30-75, [email protected]
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