Jan 5, 2012Mackenzie Road Safet Maintenance Committee Meeting

Mackenzie Road Safety / Maintenance Committee Meeting
Main objective of this meeting is to review and coordinate current road maintenance activities,
review current harvest plans, update users on road upgrades and to review/discuss and
communicate potential road related safety concerns.
To address maintenance issues for the Mackenzie area roads that are used by multiple users
with contractor representatives, independent trucking representatives, maintenance
contractors and Company Road Maintenance Supervisors.
Planning of seasonal road maintenance requirements on shared roads.
Regular review of maintenance standards and whether standards are being met.
Compile and review road incidents, hazards and safety concerns.
Ensure information regarding road maintenance is being communicated to the right people.
Develop actions and make recommendations to address/ correct road maintenance issues and
communicate these actions to all users.
IN ATTENDANCE Justin Rasmussen, Albert Demers, Ray Normandeau, Hans
Beurskens, Lyle Bonthoux, Brian Goetz, John Baker, Scott Morrison, Knut
DATE, TIME AND LOCATION Jan 5, 2012. 1305 hrs MFLNRO Nelson room.
MINUTES: Old Actions: Old minutes accepted
Standing Items:
Road Use from Outside Agencies: None
Major Users:
Canfor; 30 l/d on connector 15 from Witter and 15 from Rainbow, 15 l/d from 48 km Nation FSR, 5 l/d
at 11 km Bug Lake FSR, 20 l/d Long lake at 9 km, 20 l/d from 20 km on the South Nation, Conifex; 1015 l/d from KDL off the South Nation (Badger wood) Otherwise no information
Mackenzie Fibre; 25 l/d from bug lake down to 1 km on Finlay, 25 l/d 113 km Finlay 15 – 20 l/d off the
Terrane; no wood just 2 vans per day with people
Woodlots have 6- 10 l/d from 79 km on the Manson to Vanderhoof
TSL Users has 10 l/d out of the Scovil to Dunkley, long highway loads
Ops Div. Use. None
Listing of what and where?
Canfor: 2 graders and 4 sand trucks working in the Philips, Finlay, and Nation. Canfor announced they do
not wish to be the prime maintainer on the Community Connector.
Terrane: 1 grader and 1 sand truck working in the Philips (Community Connector)
Conifex: 1 grader working the side roads off of the Philips. 1 plow truck
Mackenzie Fibre: 2 grader and 2 plow sand truck working the Nation 0-50 km, Munroe, Witter, 62 to113
km of theFinlay, 0-24 km Manson, and 0- 14 Bug lake.
MFLNRO: 2 graders 1 plow truck working Ft. Ware, 1 grader in the Germansen Landing area, 1 grader
working 113 – 173 km Finlay.
Listed by numbers with actions below. All actions referred to next meeting.
Parking lot near the causeway bridge is to be cleared. Wrong area was cleared out at this time.
Lack of pullouts on 0-18 km on Finlay to be fixed as soon as possible, to be built with snow in dirt even.
Corners on the Connector 34 and 15.5 km are still leaning in the wrong direction.
An alert will be sent out when the radio frequency is changed on the connector FSR from 32 – 80 km for
the winter only to address the high use of the road. New channel will be Rustads 158.790.
Discussions: The group needs to improve communications around who is active and where, and who
is doing the activity. Proposal to include this in the minutes of future meetings. Knut suggested that a
table could be filled out and brought to the meeting would be an asset. Sample table to be attached to
these minutes.
Each major operator needs to identify a prime and an alternate representative to be a member of this
committee. At the very least each major operator needs to identify areas of operation and expected
loads per day l/d.
NEXT MEETING Feb 2nd 2012 at MFLNRO Office at 1300 hrs.
ADJOURNMENT. 1426 hrs.
Sample table.
Road operating and maintenance table
Road name
Time period
Loads /
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