Caves Video Worksheet

Planet Earth: Caves (2007)
Unhappy with your grade in the chemistry unit? Pay attention for some extra marks.
Caves & ionic compounds
1. Most of the caves on Earth are made from this kind of
2. This rock covers nearly _______% of the Earth’s surface.
3. Limestone is made from Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) that comes from:
i. ______________ & __________________________
4. What is the force that carves out underground caves from limestone?
5. Deposits of the mineral _______________ form stalactites that hang
from cave ceilings
6. Mineral deposits on the floor of caves produces formations called:
7. Haloclines are a meeting of
i. _________________ & _________________
8. Extremophile bacteria have been found on the Snottites, feeding off
the H2SO4 also known as _________________________
9. In “the most beautiful of all caves” there are wonderful crystal
formations. These crystals are made from the mineral:
What is the chemical equation for the neutralization reaction
that forms this mineral?
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