Parent Involvement Policy 2015-2016 Revised May 20, 2015 Birney

Parent Involvement Policy
Revised May 20, 2015
Birney ES is a School Wide Title I Program. As of February 2012, The State of Georgia was granted a waiver from
School Goals: Increase parental involvement, raise math and reading scores
Birney ES has jointly developed this policy and compact with our parents to describe how we will support the
important role of parents in the education of their children. In cases where the students reside in a Neglected and
Delinquent residential facility, a representative from that Facility can serve as a proxy for the parent (s). At Birney
ES, we build capacity for parent/community involvement by implementing the six types of involvement: Parenting,
Communications, Parent Volunteering, Learning at Home, Decision-making and Governance, and Collaboration and
Exchanges in the Community. This policy will be distributed in the Tuesday folder and on our school website.
Based on the requirements of Title I Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), Section 1118 and the
needs identified by our parents and school staff surveys, we will provide reasonable support for parental
involvement activities as parent may request. The following strategies were outlined:
I. Birney ES will provide training to educate the teachers, pupil services personnel, principal, and other staff
in how to reach out to, communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners, in the value and
utility of contributions of parents, and in how to implement and coordinate parent programs, and build
ties between parents and the school, by: school council meetings, Title 1 meetings, parent workshops,
staff development and PTA meetings.
II. An annual Title I information session and other flexible scheduled meetings will be held throughout the
school year. These meetings will cover the following information:
a. Title I Programs
b. College and Career Ready Performance Index
c. Parent’s right to know about Teacher and Paraprofessional qualifications
d. Parent Information Workshops & Parent volunteering
e. School policies and procedures
f. School curriculum
g. Student assessments
h. Local and State assessments
i. Learning Frameworks
j. Transitioning from Pre-K to Birney ES, Birney ES to Floyd MS, Birney ES to Smitha MS
III. Parents will receive information from our school in their child’s home language in a timely manner.
Birney ES uses the following communication methods to provide parents with timely information:
Tuesday folders, telephone call outs, REMIND 101, grade level newsletters, PTA newsletters, and school
IV. Birney ES will build our parents’ capacity for strong parental involvement. In order to ensure effective
involvement, we encourage all families to be education partners in their children’s school success by:
a. Inviting parents to attend all meetings by giving them the Birney ES Parent Involvement Activities
b. Inviting parents to serve on committees such as the School Council, School Improvement Plan
Committee, Parent Policy/Compact Action Planning Committee, and the PTA .
c. Providing meetings held during the school day and outside school hours. These dates and times
are listed in the Birney ES Parent Involvement Activities Plan.
d. Visiting our Parent Resource Center across from the main office during school hours where
materials are provided for check out. Various topics might include child development, academic
homework strategies, self-help strategies, and multiple games and books to increase student
e. Providing transitioning activities such as rising kindergarten parent orientation and
kindergarten camps for incoming kindergarteners and informing parents of Floyd and Smitha
middle school orientations.
f. Providing reasonable support such as meeting at different times and locations outside of the
V. Parents will be provided information on school performance and student’s individual assessments:
a. Information on school performance is sent home in Tuesday folders. Additional copies are
available in the front office.
b. The results of the ITBS and the CRCT are sent home with report cards. Test results can be
located on the GA Department of Education website/
c. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held to further assist parents the opportunity to give input
on how to work with their children.
VI. Parents and community members will be given timely responses to their concerns and suggestions.
a. All concerns and suggestions submitted in writing or verbally are responded to in a timely
manner. Concerns and suggestions regarding the Title I Plan will be submitted to the Title I
Office. Information from parent surveys has resulted in the development of the Birney ES Parent
Activities Plan.
VII. School Parent Compact
a. The parent compact was developed jointly with our parents, students and staff on 3/26/15. All
families, school staff, and students are asked to participate by signing the compact to show their
support. The compact will be distributed in October during conference week.
VIII. School and Community Partnership
a. Our school builds ties between home and school by educating teachers, pupil services personnel,
administration, and other staff by gathering input from parents on how to reach out to,
communicate with, and work with parents as equal educational partners.
b. Our school partnerships with the local community. Some of our partners are Subway Restaurant
(Austell Road in Walmart Shopping Center), Dough in a Box Donut Shop, Vinings Lake Church,
Life’s hope Church, PSLive and Liberty Mutual Insurance. Our partners support our school by
providing financial services and time that enrich our learning environment (ex: sponsoring and
coordinating our field day events).
If you have additional comments, questions, or concerns about this policy, you may contact Chandra Marshall,
parent liaison at 678 842-6824 or [email protected]
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