Name : I Putu Eka Rizky Saputra NRP : 2513 100 090 Class : 29

Name : I Putu Eka Rizky Saputra
NRP : 2513 100 090
Class : 29
Language is a system of communication using sounds or symbols that enables us to
express our feelings, thoughts, ideas, and experiences.( E. Bruce Goldstein, 2008) Language
it self is a representative of culture and behavior, so it is no surprise if there are many
language in this world. My language learning experience is not as much as any other people
who love learning language. Until now I have studied four languages. These are English,
Mandarin, Indonesia, and also Bali language.
I couldn’t say that I learned Bali language because it is the first language I know since
I was born, it is my mother tongue. But actually students in Bali learn Bali language in school
as their region language. These used to keep Bali language exist. I think Bali language is
unique, because Bali Language has so many speaking styles or levels of language. When
somebody learns the rules of Bali language, then they will understand how to speak to certain
people, for example, to older people, saint, family, friends, and stranger. Bali language has
many vocabularies, for example, in the language of Bali there are five words that have the
same meaning as eat in English word. Each of those five words can only be used in certain
condition. Language of Bali also has its own letters called Aksara Bali. This letter is little
hard to learn, because a word written base on its pronunciation and there are many rule that
we should understand. I study Balinese at school but the most my experience come from my
friends, watching drama or comedian, reading news and listening to religious discourse.
Indonesia has its own official language called bahasa Indonesia. I learned bahasa
Indonesia since in kindergarten and I use it for formal language to communication. Learning
bahasa Indonesia is not too difficult because bahasa Indonesia has simple rule of language
and has no grammar. I think Indonesian literature is the only matter of learning Indonesian.
This is happen because most of the teachers only focus on teaching how to read, writing,
listening or analyze and rarely give an explanation of Indonesian literature. Therefore, no
doubt if the students feel confuse when they get questions about Indonesian literature. My
experience in studying bahasa Indonesia is only in formal class. I also learn bahasa Indonesia
by performing drama, read newspaper and articles, writing, watch news, etc. I love to learn
bahasa Indonesia because it is easy. Even though, sometimes I get trouble to answer the test
of bahasa Indonesia.
The first foreign language I encountered was English. I have been studying English
since five grades. I learned basic phrases for greetings, describing objects, vocabulary,
spelling word, and also simple conversation. Beside that, I learned vocabulary and
pronunciation by watching Hollywood movie. I also practiced English in my house with my
grandfather and sometimes we spoke to the foreigners who stop in my house. My English
drastically increase when I met my English teacher, Mr. Pasek in junior high school. Before I
met Mr. Pasek I didn’t know how to write in English. I hadn’t knowledge about grammar and
I didn’t have confidence to speak. Mr. Pasek has good teaching methods which not threatened
students to study hard. He usually gave us some activities such as listening to English song,
practice on conversation, reading story, and many more.
After three years in junior high school, I continued my studying at senior high school.
Senior high school is very different with junior high school especially in learning English.
Name : I Putu Eka Rizky Saputra
NRP : 2513 100 090
Class : 29
My teacher did not care about her students understood or not, she taught with full English and
speech fast. At first moment, I felt very difficult to understand, but then I became
accustomed. In high school I learned pronunciation by performing drama, and I also learned
structure of language, including grammar, word usage, and word order.
Today I study in institute and still learning English. After a while in institute, I made
friends from other country, they are Muhamad, Alhaji, and Mico. Alhaji is my best friend, he
usually study in my room and we share many thing about language. I also learned many thing
by spending time with them for practiced my English. I still have many things to improve and
Alhaji helped me a lot. My problem in English is writing, when I write composition or article
my sentences don’t flow and I am still using basic vocabulary. I have a dream to work out of
county. Therefore, there is no way for me to give up.
The second foreign language I have learned is Mandarin. I learned mandarin in senior
high school. Even though I have young and pretty teacher, but it remains difficult to learn
mandarin. Mandarin is hard because I must remember huge number of characters.
Furthermore reading comprehension is not simply a matter of knowing a lot of words.
Sometime I have to get a feeling for how those words combine with other words in a
multitude of different contexts.
Among all of those language I have learn, the Bali language is my favorite. I love and
proud to Bali language more than other language because I can express my feeling better in
Bali language. Sometimes you just cannot find correct word in foreign language to express
your feeling. The most important among all, Bali language represents identity of where I am
from and who I am.
Name : I Putu Eka Rizky Saputra
NRP : 2513 100 090
Class : 29
 E. Bruce Goldstein, Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research, and Everyday
Experience, 2nd ed. Thomson, 2008
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