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What is Energized Water 2
DIY Methods of Purifying
Human bodies are the final filter! But there are many simple
ways to help your body out.
 Volatile
organic compounds including THMs and chloroform,
can be removed by boiling, agitation (stirring), or just letting
it stand long enough with good ventilation.
 Boiling
removes 95% of organic compounds, and some
bacteria and microbes - but the water tastes a little flat, and
boiling concentrates nitrates and other minerals.
 Reverse
Osmosis - an effective method, in which water is
forced against a semi-permeable membrane by pressure.
Removes turbidity, sediment, colloidal matter, dissolved
solids, toxic metals, pesticides, herbicides, radioactive
elements. Tends to be slow, expensive and wasteful of
water, and also tends to take too much of the mineral
content out of water—the water will then have a
tendency to take the minerals out of you! Similar
comments apply even more so to distilled water.
 Mixed
bed ion exchange - removes a range of impurities
including fluoride, nitrates and heavy metal salts along with
most other contaminants. It produces very pure water, but
the beads must be replaced when exhausted, and there are
simple tests for this.
 Distillation
- Water is heated to steam leaving behind bacteria,
minerals and other substances, after which it is condensed
again. Not effective with chemicals whose boiling point is
lower than water, including THMs, chloroform, phenol, etc.
They can be costly to buy and run, and slow. Requires 5 L of
water to produce a litre of distilled water. See also previous
comments above under ‘reverse osmosis’ about the
quality of this for drinking.
 Granulated
carbon is a good way to physically purify
water—more info here.
Unfortunately, it’s up to you. You have to take responsibility for
the quality of your water, because the authorities aren’t, even on
the level of decontamination, not to mention purification or
energising. A sobering thought.
Scientific background notes (see more here)
Some will say: this is all very well, but what does Science say
about all this? To investigate this, a few background remarks are
in order.
First, science has tended to claim the entire universe as its arena,
and then ignored most of it - particularly that which pertains to
Systems and theories which are appropriate for mechanical,
lifeless objects of study are co-opted to explain the workings of
life and living beings. Science in its current state thus fails
repeatedly to understand, and therefore manage effectively,
living systems. There is a large gap, a discontinuity, a difference
in kind, between the inanimate and the animate - a new kind of
thinking is required to examine the animate.
For example, water itself can not be analysed in a lab - as
Schauberger says, all that is being investigated is a ‘watercorpse’, because water itself is a living entity, and to live must
be moving, must be in flow, in context. A materialistic science
which does not realise this can only look at dead water.
This is the springboard from which we leap in investigations
about living, energised water. And keeping in mind that such
thinking is still marginalised by the mainstream culture and its
science, it should be understood that we stand only at the
beginning of a science that reveres, investigates and understands
life (or its synonyms energy and spirit), with simple and perhaps
primitive tools.
Some of those tools include:
 an
understanding of the principle of homeopathy, as a science,
technique and healing art which stands squarely in the
energetic tradition since its emergence over two hundred
years ago. Many studies have been conducted which
establish the basis and efficacy of this discipline, which flies
in the face of the assumptions of mainstream science - see
the introduction for more on the implications of this
regarding energised water, and also an article here and
 Anthroposophical
science is perhaps the strongest continuous
stream of investigation in this method during this century.
Many of its practitioners are by nature both scientists and
poets/artists, highlighting the need for both analysis and
synthesis (right and left brain) approaches. Theodore
Schwenk has been the leading light in the energetic
investigations of water, and devised the ‘Water Drop’
technique of water analysis, a potent tool in the
energetic analysis of fluid. Such science owes its original
impulse to the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, whose understanding
of thinking as a most practical tool and spiritual force is still
to be understood by the mainstream.
 The understanding of
the different types of thinking and
scientific investigation, and how they are to be used best,
another realm enlightened by the work of Rudolf Steiner and
Wolfgang Goethe.
 the
work of Viktor Schauberger, a natural scientist in the
Goethean tradition whose understandings are beginning to
infiltrate the culture which ignored him.
 Kinesiology (muscle-testing)
and dowsing are excellent tools
in the right hands, i.e., in the hands of one with clear
 Technology is
bringing us new tools which are beginning to
enter into the energetic domain. Amongst these are the
LisTEN Computerised Diagnostic system, a development of
the Vega system, a German precursor which measures and
records subtle energy effects - i.e., effects for example
within the ‘meridian body’, as understood in acupuncture.
See also Voll’s work.
 Simple
living microscopy is very effective in revealing the
obvious about living systems. Usually microscopy is used
only to investigate dead tissues and mechanical processes, as
in the four graphics below (thanks to Nordic Water Systems
for these):
1) A circular membrane around a drop of Water is one of the
most significant characteristics of Alive Water.
2) The opposite is the case with dead Water. Here the dead drop
of Water is characterized by a deformed membrane where the
outline is seriously damaged.
3) In Alive Water you can see a grid structure which will appear
when the drop of Alive Water dries out.
4) The opposite is the case when a drop of dead Water dries out.
Here you can see no information, nothing in this deserted space
but dirt particles.
Some laboratory-proven effects of energised water (EW) arising
from the research done by The Aquarian Agency:
 Plants
watered with EW grow faster and with a much higher
seedling survival rate. This results in higher values for plant
growth, crop yield, crop quality and resistance of the plants
to disease and pests. Packaged food made from such plants
have a much higher shelf life.
 Building materials
(cement, clays) made with EW have much
better physical specifications.
Energetic Facts about Water
By the use of some of the tools mentioned above, some of the
following results have emerged.
‘Water creates and follows energy lines in the Earth these lines are mirrors of the frequencies put out by the
effects of the water’s ‘vortexian’ energy’ (The Aquarian
The lower the surface tension, the ‘wetter’ the water, and thus
the more ‘hunger’ water has.
The more energised the water, the more it can do its various jobs
of carrying information, removing toxins, facilitating transport,
and so on.
Ideas from Dan Winter:
Energising water = Ordering water = braiding water = structuring water.
Structuring or ‘braiding’ water is a process which allows very
long waveforms (e.g., river banks, or human glands) to affect the
spin of the wave shape of water molecules.
When water passes through an orifice, it chooses the spiral
vortex shape. This imparts spin to water, and spin is what carries
information in fluids (see ‘AquaCharge I’ for more on this).
It is the orderliness in water which makes efficient cell life
possible. The cell works hard magnetically to get water
molecules all arranged in an ordered, folded way (like flower
petals). Trace minerals like calcium serve as a seeding for
liquid crystal water, i.e., water which is laminated and ordered
like a crystal, like ice. It is this mid-point between liquid and
crystal which is optimal for cellular life, and it is this which
energising approaches.
Why is this important? Because in this state, electrical pressure
can move easily up and down the folds, notifying the various
‘sub-cellular organelles’ when the next mobilisation is required
(such as meiosis).
Now minerals can be suspended in water only if there is
sufficient electrical charge, or spin, to keep the mineral
dissolved. Acid leaches mineral out of soil, preventing water
from having the ‘spin’ it needs.
So for example, forests die without sufficient minerals, because
there is not enough liquid crystal in the pine cones, thus cells
explode in the frost - the result is pine cones turning brown in
acid rain. Only dissolved mineral, charge and ordered water
keep trees alive.
So what is order in water? It is laminar foldedness, the more
the better, and there are ways of doing this such as the use of
Flow Forms, spiral motion and other methods described
previously. Flow forms use the proportions of the Golden Mean
(arrived at by trial and error) to optimise the spin mechanically
induced in water by the force of gravity around the long wave
outer edge of the dishes, cascading inertia down into the
molecular spin of the molecules. In other words, wave spin
shape transfers information to molecular spin shape - a kind of
fractal recursion for the mathematically minded.
The result is that spin and coherence and memory survive and
increase (just as in kneading bread). More spin = more order =
more life.
If we straighten a river’s path, we destroy its spin braiding; and
if we put water under pressure or put it in metal (thus upsetting
its magnetism) we do likewise.
Please let us know what you’ve found out about water. It is a
crucial subject, and so bound up with the health of both us
and the planet. This is a booklet always under construction help spread the word and the technology.
 ‘On the Water Front - Making your Water Safe to Drink’ by John Archer
 ‘Living Water - Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy’
by Olof Alexandersson
 ‘Living Energies - the Work of Viktor Schauberger’ by Callum Coats
 ‘Sensitive Chaos’ by Theodor Schwenk
 The various works of Dan Winter
 The various works of Rudolf Steiner
 ‘Your Body’s Many Cries for Water’ by Dr. F Batmanghelidj, M.D.
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