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Cellular Energy Review
Use this sheet to study for your quiz and your test. The more you know, the better prepared you will be!
1. Write the chemical reaction for photosynthesis?
2. Write the chemical reaction for cellular respiration?
3. Why do organisms rely on plants for life?
4. What role does oxygen play in photosynthesis and cellular respiration?
5. The main source of energy for ALL living things is taken from which molecule?
6. Sugar and oxygen are both products of _______________________ and reactants of _______________.
7. Describe how ATP creates energy for the cell.
8. What is the purpose of the stomata? Describe how it is like the lungs of an animal?
9. What is the difference between aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration (fermentation)?
10. What is an autotroph? What is a heterotroph?
Mitochondria or Chloroplast: For the following questions, write “Mitochondria” or “Chloroplast,” as appropriate for
each of the following descriptions.
11. _______________________ Where Cellular Respiration occurs.
12. _______________________ Where Photosynthesis occurs.
13. _______________________ Captures Energy.
14. _______________________ Releases Energy.
1. Complete the paragraph below using the following word bank:
transport chain
lactic acid
sun light
_______________ is the process of creating food molecules for all life forms. The plant uses _______________ to
convert water into ____________ and carbon dioxide into water. At the end of the process, the chloroplast has made
___________ for all life forms to use to continue the process of creating energy for the cell. Photosynthesis takes place
in the _______________ of all plant cells.
______________ is the main food molecule that living organisms use for energy production in the cells. The first
pathway for energy release from glucose takes place in the cytoplasm and is called ________________. If oxygen is
present, glycolysis is followed by ________________ respiration. The first pathway is the Kreb’s Cycle, followed by the
__________________________. These two pathways make up Cellular Respiration, which is the process that releases
energy by breaking down glucose and other food molecules in the presence of oxygen. Cellular respiration takes place
in the ___________________ of all cells.
If oxygen is not present, the pathway that follows glycolysis is ________________________ fermentation. Fermentation
releases energy from food molecules by producing ATP in the absence of oxygen. The two main types of fermentation
are ________________fermentation and ________________ fermentation. _______________ cells use alcoholic
fermentation, forming ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide as wastes. Alcoholic fermentation causes bread dough to rise.
When oxygen is not present in _____________ cells, lactic acid fermentation results, causing painful burning sensations
that may lead to muscle stiffness and soreness.
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