Name: Date: A&P At the Clinic: Digestive System Diagnostic Options

At the Clinic: Digestive System
Directions: Use information from reputable Internet resources to diagnose and describe treatment options for the
patients in the following case studies. Multiple diagnoses may apply. Additionally, be sure you are able to
define/explain terms that are italicized within the case studies.
Diagnostic Options to Consider:
Liver Disease
Hepatitis (A/B/C/D/E)
Gallbladder Disorders
Pancreatic Disorders
Diabetes Mellitus
Intestinal Disorders
Colorectal cancer
Mucosa Disorders
Gastric Disorders
Gastric ulcers
Esophogeal Disorders
Peritonium Disorders
Gastroesophogeal reflux (GERD) Peritonitis
Patient 1:
Sam, a 77 year old male, enters your office complaining of fatigue, jaundice, and loss of appetite. Upon
examination, you notice that Sam has an enlarged liver and spleen, an extremely swollen abdomen that appears
to be due to fluid build-up, and dark urine output. Sam’s medical history reveals that he has been a heavy
drinker for about fifty years. He does not smoke, nor exercise.
Patient 2:
Jessica, a 56 year old woman, comes into your office with a plethora of symptoms. She has noticed over the past
year that she has an unquenchable thirst. This causes her to take frequent trips to the bathroom. She has also
complained of fatigue and neuropathy in her feet. She broke a toe last year and didn’t know it for three weeks.
Her CBC has revealed that her blood counts are normal. Her plasma glucose test indicated a glucose level of
234 mg/dL. Her blood pressure is 120/78 and pulse is 70.
Patient 3:
John, a 46 year old engineer, is complaining of a sharp pain in his lower left abdomen. He tells you that the pain
started a few days ago and has progressively worsened. As you feel the area to see if you can detect swelling ,
he reports that the area is quite tender. Further questioning reveals he has felt bloated and had numerous
episodes of both diarrhea and constipation over the past few months, but both would only last a few days.
Barium X rays reveal fluid pouches protruding from the colon wall.
Patient 4:
Mary has brought her 10 month old daughter, Jolie, to you because her appetite has decreased signigicantly.
Mary also noticed whitish, velvety lesions on Jolie’s mouth and tongue. Microscopic analysis of mouth scraping
reveals the presence of fungus.
Patient 5:
Dan reports extreme discomfort after eating including heartburn (burning discomfort behind the breastbone)
and nausea as well as difficulty swallowing and hiccups on a less frequent basis. He has noticed that the
symptoms are worse after a fatty meal or eating meals with tomato sauces such as pasta and pizza. An EGD
reveals erosion of the internal mucosa of the esophagus.
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