Research technologist position for recent graduates.This is a paid

Research technologist position for recent graduates.This is a paid research position that starts
in summer 2015 and requires at least one-year commitment.
A highly motivated individual is sought to perform research in the Kano lab at the Department of
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
( The lab investigates CNS immunology and homeostasis in health and
disease by using multidisciplinary approaches of neurobiology, immunology, and translational
Current projects include but are not limited to: 1) Molecular communications between astrocytes
and microglia during development and their relevance to neuropsychiatric disorders, and 2)
Effects of peripheral immune system on brain function in development, immune disorders, and
neuropsychiatric disorders.
The successful applicant should have a bachelor’s degree in the field of biomedical sciences,
ideally in neuroscience or related field. Experiences in molecular biology experiments,
mammalian cell culture, and rodent husbandry/handling are necessary. Additional experiences
in brain histology, rodent behavioral analysis and/or bioinformatic analysis are preferred but not
essential. Responsibilities include designing and performing experiments under the supervision
of Principle Investigator. The successful applicant will have plenty of chances to interact directly
with Principle Investigator and other laboratory members, and ample opportunities to learn
cutting-edge skills and concepts. Please send your curriculum vitae and a brief statement of
your research experiences and interests electronically to [email protected] Start date is late
June to early July.
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