Curation of and contribution to national and international exhibitions

Curation of and contribution to national and international exhibitions and competitions
Curated or co-curated
2008 - 09
Getting Ahead of ATM Crime 2, Covent Garden Piazza, 5th April 2013.
DESIS Green Camden, exhibition as part of the Degree Shows at CSM, 14th- 16th
Getting Ahead of ATM Crime 1, Covent Garden Piazza, 30th July 2012.
Design Against ATM crime (Front Gallery, CSM, June 2011 and Covent Garden
Piazza, July 2011 and Victoria Park Plaza, October 2011).
Thorpe “conceived” White Sound: An Urban Seascape. Wellcome Collection, 22
Co-curator: Putting the Brakes on Bike Theft, Barbican Centre, New London
Architecture and the Innovation Centre, London.
Co-curator of ‘Holborn Unlocked’ exhibition that took place in Lethaby Gallery II,
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. It showcased a collection of
design proposals from MA Industrial Design students, raising the debate and
expectations about the security and quality of urban spaces in which cycle
parking is located.
Co-curator of Bikeoff Project exhibition, part of the Central Saint Martins
Innovation launch, March 2007.
Co-curator of ‘Reinventing the Bike Shed – designs on cycling the city’ exhibition
at the New London Architecture, 26 Store Street, London. Featuring the best
idea from Reinventing the Bike Shed international open design competition.
Curator of ‘Reinventing the Bike Shed’ exhibition at the Arches, Tooley Street.
An exhibition that aimed to explore elements of the passion and the challenge
of inner city cycling part of the London Architectural Biennale.
Co-curator (with Lorraine Gamman) of an exhibition at the Cochrane Theatre,
part of London Bicycle Film Festival, September 2006.
2nd Bicycle Film Festival, Cochrane Theatre, London (7th – 9th September
2006). Collaboration with Brendt Barbur (Director, Bicycle Film Festival).
LDN Fashion and music event – TV station, music and fashion range presented
on 27 October 2005.
1st London Bicycle Film Festival, Cochrane Theatre, London (1st – 3rd
September 2005). Collaboration with Brendt Barbur (Director, Bicycle Film
‘Bike Off’ exhibition at The Cycle Show, Business Design Centre, London in
September 2004.
Launch of Bike Off website at Freshers Week, University of the Arts, October
Launch of Karrysafe range of bags and accessories with Lorraine Gamman and
Joe Hunter at Design Council.
‘Design Against Crime: Anti Crime Wave’ exhibition, co-curated for Waterloo,
Designer’s Block, Milan, in April 2003.
‘Design Against Crime: Secure Design For Safer Travel’, co-curated exhibition at
main concourse, Victoria and Waterloo stations in January 2003.
International Press Seminar, Exhibition Karrysafe, Design Council, London.
‘Vexed Not Victimised: Karrysafe Bags And Anti-Theft Accessories Not To Die
For’, co-curated exhibition, Mayfair Gallery, London Institute.
Unit F, Vienna, Austria, Vexed Clothing.
Casino Fashion flash, Bregras, Vexed Clothing.
Costume Design, Warstars Premier, Igoo, London, Vexed Clothing.
Contributed to
2008 – 09
2005 - 2006
Ex De Medici/Vexed Generation (Fashion Space Gallery, LCF, January 2011).
Archaeology of the Future, Paris, Eindhoven.
Design Meets Disability, Design Museum, London.
Fashion V Sport, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Skin and Bones: Parallel Practices In Fashion and Architecture, Embankment
Galleries, Somerset House, London.
Launch of New Oxford City of Culture – Institute of Fashion and Design - launch
of first virtual fashion retail store – Vexed Generation in New Oxford. Lectures
on Vexed Generation recorded for avatars in virtual universe (28 April 2006).
Mindark presents Project Entropia – a virtual universe with a real cash economy,
Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gotaplatsen, Gothenburg, Sweden.
SAFE: Design Takes on Risk, The Museum of Modern Art, New York (16th
October 2005 – 2nd January 2006). Exhibited Karrysafe bags and accessories
and Puma Bike created by Vexed Generation in collaboration with Puma and
INDEX 2005, Town Hall Square, Copenhagen, Denmark (23rd September – 13th
November 2005). Exhibited Karrysafe range of bags and accessories.
Designers Block 2004, ‘Piece Process’ linear installation of laser cut paper
showing the stages of development of the Vexed Generation Spring-Summer
2005 collection in Farmiloes Building, Clerkenwell, London, UK.
Randez Vous Homme, Spring-Summer 2004, Vexed Generation Spring-Summer
menswear collection in Paris, France, September 2004.
‘The London Look’ exhibition – exhibited; Vexed Generation Retail Installation
Imagery, aural archive of Vexed Generation history etc, Museum of London, UK,
Puma Vexed Urban Mobility and Martial Arts AW 2004 collections at Milk
Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA, NCP Car park, Brewer Street London, 2004 and
Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan, 2004.
The Fashion of Architecture, Lux Gallery, London, February 2004, and Museum
of North of England, Barnsley, UK, May 2004, co-exhibited with Joe Hunter
(Vexed Generation).
Randez Vous Homme, Autumn-Winter 2004, Vexed Generation AW 2004
menswear collection in Paris, France, January 2004.
Design Against Crime at Creuats Cruzados - Crossed exhibition, Nos territories
del Disseny D’avantguarda exhibition centre for contemporary culture of
Barcelona (CCCB), October-December 2003 with Joe Hunter, Lorraine Gamman
and Marcus Willcocks, DAC Smart Furniture and Karrysafe examples exhibited
within the Year of Design 2003.
21st Century Dandy, co-exhibited with Joe Hunter at Art Museum Krasonjarsk,
Siberia, Russia, Moscow Centre of Arts, Moscow, Russia, Ukraine House, Kiev,
Ukraine and Glipoteka, Zagreb, Croatia.
London Fashion NYC, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, USA, coexhibited with Joe Huner, Vexed Generation.
Don’t Tempt Me, Milan and Barcelona, Vexed Clothing.
Lost and Found, European Tour, British Council, Vexed Clothing.
Fabric Fashion, Crafts Council, London, Vexed Clothing.
Supermodern Wardrobe, Victoria and Albert Museum/London College of
Fashion: then tour of Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Vexed Clothing.
Inner City Pressure, National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic.
Fast Forward, K-House, Vienna, 1999. Vexed Clothing.
Identity Crisis, The Lighthouse, Glasgow, Vexed Clothing.
JAM Exhibition, Barbican Gallery, Vexed Clothing
Powerhouse UK, Horseguards Parade, London
Sony Exhibition, Bluenote Gallery, Vexed Clothing
Curated competitions
DIGITEX; Exploring the benefits of digital finishing of textiles, RSA Design Directions
competition, 2011.
Residential Bike Theft Challenge, Design Council, 2010/11.
Sustain Our Nation competition organised in partnership with the Audi Design
Foundation, 2009.
Don't give thieves an easy ride: Design against bicycle theft, RSA Design Directions
competition, 2008-9.
Reinventing the Bike Shed competition, 2006.
List of previous student winners tutored by Thorpe (with Gamman)
RSA Design Directions competition: Conflict Resolution, 2011
Shortlisted (from MA Industrial Design):
- Erika Renedo Illaregi for 'The Empathy Corner: weekly event addressing the
conflict between immigrants and British nationals around unemployment’
- Juhee Jo for ‘It’s not personal, it’s procedure: addressing airport conflict
through games’
- David Blair Ross for 'Noah’s Pudding Day website'
- Yuchen Shen for 'Addressing conflict between people who want quiet and
those who play outdoors’
Jeanette Petrik, BA Product Design – offered and undertook a paid internship with NCR
after completing the Design Against ATM Crime project (run by DACRC with NCR) in
Jy Yeon Suh, MA Industrial Design - first prize winner of the RSA Design Directions
competition: Design out shoplifting, 2010. And given a £4,500 internship with the NCR
Corporation for her idea for proving whether products have been paid for or not.
Matthew Pateman, BA Product Design - shortlisted for the RSA Design Directions
competition: Design out shoplifting, 2010.
Urban Green Line group, MA Innovation Management – £10,000 won as runners up in
the national Sustain Our Nation competition organised by us in partnership with the
Audi Design Foundation, 2009.
Magnus Petterson, MA Industrial Design - first prize winner of D&AD Award for Social
Innovation (bike design), 2008.
Sara Bellini, MA Industrial Design - first prize winner of Design Innovation in Plastics
Award, 2007 linked to anti bag theft clip.
Anthony Lau's Cyclehoop – first prize winner of Reinventing the Bike Shed competition,
2006. The design also made it to semi-finals in the 2008 HSBC UniPreneurs Awards, and
shortlisted for New Product of the Year by the Growing Business Awards. Cyclehoop anti
theft designs are now in production and have been installed in London boroughs
including Camden and Southwark.
Liberty Fearns, BA Product Design - first prize winner of Audi Young Designer of the Year
Design Challenge Awards, Design Council 2001 and 2002:
Yeuyu Ren, MA Industrial Design: 'Security Blind' (anti-burglary project, first
prize winner), 2001
Christina Bilsland MA ID: 'Anti-stalking Security Kits' (anti-stalking project,
second prize winner), 2002
Other prize winners: Ali Siavoshi and Gae Yeon Chang (MA ID)
Sibille Hutter, MA Communication Design - Winning poster for Secured by Design and
RIBA competition 2000.
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