Presentation Ideas and Dates
Week 2 (Kyle Huismann, Will Reichle): Describe declarative programming languages,
give some examples in Prolog
Week 3 (Jose Zacarias, Kevin Joh):
Boolean algebra & circuits. (What is a
Boolean algebra? How are propositional logic, sets, and circuits related?)
Week 4 (Brad Stech, Tyler Fisher):Describe the Euclidean algorithm, give some
examples & a proof of its correctness
Week 5 (Mehmet Kologlu): Discuss fuzzy logic and fuzzy sets, give some examples
and applications or TBA
Week 6 (Kyle Sunden, Will Guedes): Discuss how relations are used in databases
Week 7 (Peter Youn, Yiyang Zhu): Describe the Chinese Remainder Theorem.
Describe some of the relevant problems (past or present) to which the Chinese Remainder
Theorem applies.
Week 8 (Giancarlo Anemone, Caitlin Braun): Discuss the Fundamental Theorem of
Arithmetic. Give proof and examples
Week 9 (Mesfin Mekonnen, Quinn McCormick): Discuss Pascal’s Triangle and the
Binomial Theorem. Give proofs and examples
Week 9 (Kelly Bresnahan, Emilie Harris-Makinen): Discuss the RSA Cryptosystem.
Show some examples.
Week 10 (Athena Curtiss, Maria Talanda-Fisher):
their applications
Discuss Decision Trees and
Week 10 (Joe Barth, Tristan Kiel): Discuss Logic Programming