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Act 1 Scene 1
(Curtains open, table covered in pictures and, lights are down)
Mrs...Thompson: offstage Good morning, Sra. Romero, entering how was your weekend?
(Lights up)
Miss Day and Miss Bailey enter and walk over to table
Sra. Romero: Rubs face to wake herself up Great, up until last night, Fiona, when I
remembered what lay ahead today! I’ve been up all night worrying out about this moment. I
really don’t enjoy having to go through the process of turning those kids down; it feels so
unfair, you know?
Mrs... Thompson: Oh trust me; we all feel the same, but over time it gets easier. You realise
that it’s all part of the process, and however hard these choices seem, it would be even
more unjust to give them false hope and let them take the spot of someone who is that little
bit more talented. It’s hard; I won’t lie but at times - it’s the best thing we can do for them!
(Mr. Martínez walks in, coffee in hand, smiling)
Mr. Martínez: Hello everyone! How are you today? Ready for the decision making?
Miss Day: Hello Juan, we were just sympathizing with Sra. Romero who said it felt unfair,
but we told her that it’s the best thing: saying “no” now is better than saying “no” later, right?
Mr. Martínez: I couldn’t agree more, although there are some occasions – however scarce
they may be - where we give the person a chance. We sort of “take them on approval” if
you know what I mean. Having said that we always let them know in advance what the
situation is and that we will be watching them closely. Anyway, I’m sorry to bring us back to
reality, but we must get on, we have to have this done by six o’clock and I’ve a feeling that
this year is going to be particularly difficult: the numbers and standards just keep going up
each year!
They move over to the table and start shuffling through the photos, they’re mumbling and
nodding/shaking heads, every now and then they say yes/no, they’re separating pictures
out into two piles, yes and no
Miss Bailey: carrying Connors picture Have you seen this one! I had to double check the
surname on the application form – can you believe it?
Sra. Romero: Wow! Is it normal to get sons and daughters of such well-known
professionals apply here?
Miss Bailey: Well I have to say I was surprised, some of them believe that paying higher
fees means getting higher grades and we certainly don’t fit THAT mould. We don’t accept
free – loaders here. It’s keep up, or get out!
Sra. Romero (whispering) ¿Qué quiere decir con “freeloader”?
Mr. Martínez: Se refiere a la gente que piensa que puede comprar el talento que les falta
con dinero… como si el talento estuviera en venta… (she still looks confused) Es cierto que
la pasta abre algunas puertas, pero no las nuestras. Ya se nos considera una de las
mejores escuelas de artes de Europa,así que no nos hace falta buscar alumnos... ¡si hasta
hacen cola delante de la puerta! (aside to Sra. Romero) Cuidado con Miss Bailey, porque
con ella, quien no trabaja acaba de patitas en la calle… no soporta a la gente que no se
esfuerza ….y estoy de acuerdo con ella en eso!
Sra. Romero: Aaah... ya... los privilegiados, los consentidos, los que no trabajan para
merecerse lo que tienen, now I see, well, I would say he should be here points to left pile
what do you think?
Mrs. Thompson: Well, let’s think carefully. A name like that brings a certain kudos to the
school, where that boy studies many will follow.
Miss Bailey: Well of course they would, but for all the wrong reasons and it’s not as if we
don’t have enough applicants – now come on, I think we’ve given him more than enough of
our time already!
Miss. Day: yep, that’s exactly what I thought. Now this young gentleman…(Jamal’s photo)
Mrs. Thompson: “Gentleman”? Are you kidding? Have you met this boy?
Miss Day: Oh yes, I saw his audition, and he has made a firm impression already!
Sra. Romero: Ya..., es un chaval de la calle, de los que no se olvidan fácilmente – you
wouldn’t forget him easily
Miss Bailey Well we have to decide, one way or another. This is serious . Their Dreams are
in our hands and all we have for them is a “yes” or a “no”
Their dreams in our hands
Mrs. Thompson
What should we say to this little lady?
It’s a yes or a no, it can’t be a maybe
Miss Bailey
Should she stay, or make her own way?
How can we know which way to go?
Miss Day
They can dance, and they can sing
They can do almost anything
Mr. Martínez
They make us laugh, they make us cry
And we all know the reasons why
It’s a yes or a no. x 2
They have to get their name in lights
They have to reach the highest heights
Never happy with second best
Always better than all the rest
It’s a yes or a no x 2
Mrs. Thompson
And what do we say to this young girl?
What do we say? Do we rock her world?
Miss Day
And this guy gave it all he had to give
For him to dance is to breathe and live
Sra. Romero
They can dance, and they can sing
They can do almost anything
Mr. Martínez
They make us laugh, they make us cry
And we all know the reasons why
It’s a yes or a no. x 2
They have to get their name in lights
They have to reach the highest heights
Never happy with second best
Always better than all the rest
It’s a yes or a no. x 2
Their Dreams are in our hands x2
They continue as curtains close and we see them put Connor, Jamal, Kim, Sophia, José
etc. picture on left
Act 1 scene 2
(Jamal comes on, spot lights up)
Jamal: shouts Hey Kiera, come here
Kiera: why? I’m busy
Jamal: Well I’m sorry but this is a bit more important than your silly book… hands her a
letter Read it to me?
Kiera: Why me?
Dad (getting up from chair with bottle of beer in his hand) Bien dicho, prinsessita. ¿Por qué
ella y no yo? ¿Ahora haces como si tu padre no supiera leer? ¿Qué es eso? ¡Dámelo!
Kiera: No pasa nada papi, ya lo leo yo, no te preocupes.
Jamal: Just hurry up and read it shoves letter into her hands
Kiera: pulls a face “Thank you very much for your application. We want to congratulate all of
you on your out – outstanding audition!!” What did you audition for Jamal? No Way! Don’t
tell me you have auditioned for ESSA. No te entiendo hermano!
Dad: ¿véis? Ya os lo he dicho… esto tiene que leerlo un adulto, alguien con más…
Jamal: (under his breath) Y desafortunadamente no tenemos a nadie así en esta
casa….It’s nothing, just keep reading. Ignore him.
Dad: Otra vez con el inglés... te crees que no me entero, pero te equivocas, lo entiendo
todo perfectamente. Me he recorrido el mundo entero de gira con mi banda y hablo por lo
menos 5 idiomas...
Kiera: Si, papi, lo sabemos, pero en serio, no importa, tú tranquilo. Goes back to reading
“…your outstanding audition. As you know we received a record number of applications this
year and we……”
lights down,
Leave stage, mum enter, take position,
lights up)
(Kim enters from centre behind curtain)
Kim: Mutter, where are my ballet shoes? I’ve got class in an hour and I can’t find them
Mum: sighs, stops what she’s doing and looks up. I have no idea sweetie. Oh and please
try to remember I don’t like it when you speak German to me.
Kim: huffs all I said was “Mutter”!
Mum looks at Kim and continues with what she was doing
Kim: sarcastically Oh well, I guess I’ll just keep looking on my own. Thanks for all your help
Walks into dad
Kim’s Dad: wo gehts du eigentlich hin, Schatz?
Kim: ich wollte meine Ballettschuhe finden
Kim’s Dad: Ah, nein, Süsse! Ich habe deine Lehrerin angerufen, du würdest heute nicht zur
Kim: Waaas?! To mum Mum! Tell him I HAVE to go. The teacher is deciding the soloists
Kim’s Mum: rolls eyes Just listen honey, I’m sure he has a good enough reason.
Kim’s Dad: Taking letter from behind back Ich habe einen Brief für dich, aber wenn du kein
Zeit hast….starts putting letter away
Kim: grabbing letter Nein! Nein, ich habe schon Zeit. Kann ich ihn haben?
They all crowd together around her
Kim: mum can you read it please? I’m so nervous my hands are shaking!
Kim’s Mum: Sure. Takes letter “Dear Miss Kimberly Ackermann, thank you very much for
your application to ESA. After having gone through a record number of applications this
year, we’ve finally reached a decision…”
(Lights down)
(Connor and Dad enter, take position)
(Lights up)
Connor finishes playing something on an instrument, dad gets up
Connor’s Dad: that was thinks for a moment…good son. You need to work on the beginning
again, but it’s getting there, after thought slowly.
Connor: hurt What?! I spent all weekend going over it dad! I thought you’d FINALLY be
happy with it.
Connor’s Dad: Oh. Awkward pause claps slowly " not bad son, not bad.......not exactly
good, but not bad" plays air guitar .." just that last bit, you need to work on that, you still
haven't nailed it. I didn't say it was terrible, it's just not.......
Connor: interrupting Perfect? Not a “Solomon Success”? No, you’re right dad, it isn’t. I just
worked so hard on it I thought maybe this once it would be good enough for you.
Turns around to put instrument away and we see him wipe a tear angrily from his cheek
Connor’s Dad: Hey, hey, hey" hands forward as if to say, hold it faces away, turns 45
degrees to Connor, raises eyebrows, punches mobile phone, barely looks at connor,
waiting for reaction to subside. Maybe we should calm down a bit? Take a chill pill" starts
to pat pockets as if checking for stuff Anyway, I am off ...wallet...passport...plane
ticket....letter......... letter!! Oh yeah, here's the letter your mum gave me last week. I doubt
it's important."
Holds out a letter
Connor turns and looks curiously
Connor: What is it? takes the letter
Connor’s Dad: I don’t know, you know your Mum takes care of all that stuff. I think it’s from
that school you applied to…tries to remember it ESA?
Connor: excited Oh, Yeah! Hopefully do you want to hear if I got in dad?
Connor’s Dad starts to move towards curtains, replies without paying full attention
Connor’s Dad: backs away from Connor's excitment. I would love to son but my taxi is
outside, airplane on the runway, wont wait, not even for Razedaroof
Solomon.......................New York here I come...... leaving stage sign a couple of
autographs on way to seat. text me, facebook, twitter.....Wassup!! you know the
score. Caio!!
Connor: a little put out yeah, sure.
Connor sits down and opens letter
Connor: Sighs “Dear Connor Solomon, We were truly honoured to receive your application”.
Truly honoured, yeah I bet that’s what all the replies look like, please. Why would they be
truly honoured – they don’t even know me, it’s the Solomon name once again…..”After
some careful thought and discussion over your audition, we’ve decided…”
Sophia is jumping up and down impatiently holding a letter.
Sophia: shouting ¡papá! Vamos corre, que no lo quiero abrir sin ti, pero si no vienes ya, me
voy a morir del estrés
Sophia’s Dad laughs from offstage, then enters
Sophia’s Dad: I’m coming, ok, ok hold on. Sits down So? Are you going to open it or stare
at it?
Sophia: Espera. Quiero que mamá también esté presente runs behind curtain, comes back
with a photo of her mother in hand Ella siempre estaba ahí para apoyarme en los
momentos más difíciles... Ok Mum’s here now, let’s do this..
Nothing happens, they both stare at letter
Sophia’s Dad: Ya voy, ya voy. Sits down ¿entonces, vas a abrirlo o no?
Sophia: Espera. Quiero que mamá también esté presente runs behind curtain, comes back
with a photo of her mother in hand Ella siempre estaba ahí para apoyarme en los
momentos más difíciles... Vale, ya está, ahora sí...
Nothing happens, they both stare at letter
Sophia’s Dad: Vamos cariño… ¿qué te pasa?
Sophia: No sé si estoy preparada para abrirlo, Papá. ¿Y si dice que no me han aceptado?
No creo que lo pudiera soportar, después de todo lo que ha pasado…
They both look sadly at photo of mum
Sophia’s Dad: mira cielo, nadie ha dicho que esto fuera a ser fácil, pero los dos sabemos
que éste siempre ha sido tu sueño. A tu madre le hubiera gustado que lucharas por él,
siempre hemos sabido lo mucho que vales. Así que ahora... veamos lo que pone en la
carta..., y que sepas que pase lo que pase, siempre estaré orgulloso de ti.
Sophia: Tienes razón…ha llegado el momento, venga Mamá, OK Dad
Kiera, Mum, Connor and Sophia: ESA would like to welcome
Kiera: Jamal Jacobs
Mum: Kimberly Ackermann
Connor: Connor Solomon
Sophia: Sophia Gonzales
Kiera, Mum, Connor and Sophia: to join us as one of this year’s newest students.
(All four families leave as, curtain open fully, Jamal, Connor, Sophia, Kim leave stage to
come back on downstage lights up,)
Act 1 Scene 3
Jamal, Connor, Sophia, Kim
Michelle, Aaron, Alice
change slide
(the teachers are addressing, students who are taking seats and chatting)
Mr. Martínez: Hello and welStevie:stands on a chair Yo, Yo, Yo! What’s up all you hot, young freshmen?!? Mixed
reactions from students laugh/ignore/shake head/reply
Mr. Martínez: Ok take your seats please ……HELLO AND….
Michelle: taps Sophia on shoulder Excuse, me that’s my seat Sophia picks up her stuff and
moves onto another seat
Mr. Martínez: clears throat loudly
Children keep talking
Miss Day: shouts SIT DOWN!
Silence, kids sit
Mr. Martínez: slightly shocked/embarrassed Thank you Miss. Day. Hello everyone, I’m Mr.
Martínez, I’m your music teacher. This is Miss Day she teaches dance, Mrs...Thompson
teaches English, Miss Bailey for drama, and Sra. Romero will be teaching you languages.
We would like to offer all of you a warm welcome here at ESA. I’m now going to pass you
onto Mrs...Thompson who’s going to talk to you a bit about how the school works.
They switch seats
Mrs. Thompson: Good Morning, as Mr. Martínez said my name is Mrs...Thompson. Firstly I
wanted to congratulate all our young freshmen on getting in to ESA, being here might have
seemed easy to some of you but you are the few who were picked from thousands and
thousands of applicants. The teachers evaluated all your auditions closely and YOU were
chosen, so congratulations! students cheer and clap
Aaron: Excuse me, sorry, can I squeeze past you please. Sorry, thanks.
Anabel: Ow! You stood on my foot
Aaron: Damn Girl! Chill. By the way, my name’s Aaron…
Anabel: Whatever
Mrs. Thompson: HOWEVER- they ignore her, everyone is chatting again
Miss. Day: taps the microphone loudly Kids!!! This is not acceptable; you have to listen
when we’re speaking to you. I know it’s your first day but this is important, you have a whole
year to get to know each other so please, listen. Please continue Mrs...Thompson.
Mrs. Thompson: Thank you Miss. Day Now as we were saying, you may feel that it was
quite easy to get in, all you had to do was “do your thaaang” (terrible attempt at being cool),
but please don’t take it for granted that you will all make it through to graduation. Getting in
is one thing – staying in is what really counts. Now I’ll had you over to Miss Day to
Miss Day: Thanks. Well anyway, hi everyone, my name is Miss. Day. As you already know
this school is not going to be easy. Each and every one of you is going to have to push
yourselves to the limit and further. You are going to have pains in places you didn’t even
know existed by the end of the week let alone the year. It is hard work, but it’s also what
you’re all passionate about – Excuse me Miss Estefania Starblaze Moonchild Edwards!
(folds arms and looks at Stevie who has been imitating her)
Stevie: Er it’s Stevie, actually.
Miss Day: Mmm hmmm! You wish honey! But I do understand your need to invent a cooler
name. I don’t see that, or should I say those names on the front cover of any magazine any
time soon! Now listen up ALL of you. I don’t think you know how lucky you are to be able to
be working at something you love. This year we were inundated with applications to the
school, so much so that we decided to accept extra students for a probationary period, this
means not all of you will remain with us after the first term. So please bear in mind, we have
no option but to judge you harshly, if you don’t arrive on time, if you don’t practice or push
yourselves you’re out – If you don’t give a damn, you’re taking the place of someone who
does. We have a massive waiting list of kids, so if you think that this is just your first step to
the stars a couple of kids laugh or cheer you might as well leave now.
Kids look down in silence
Sra. Romero: Well let’s begin! Those of you, who have music, follow Mr. Martínez. English,
Mrs...Thompson. Dance, Miss. Day. Drama with Miss Bailey please, and Finally languages,
you’re with ……oh yes…..Me.
Kids stand up, scrape chairs, chat as they leave
Stevie: What’s wrong Alice, why such a sad face? You’re daydreaming again.
Alice: Huh?! Oh, I’m sorry Aaron. I don’t know. I guess it’s just that coming back here again
I miss my family so much, especially my little sister. I love it here and I learn a lot, but
sometimes I just feel so lonely in this big city.
Stevie: Don’t worry, we’ll look after each other. Come on, we’ve got to hurry to class.
Kirsty: Señora Romero, ¿nos podría explicar cómo queda el tema de...ehh... las nuevas
Sra. Romero: Pues cielo, no lo sé exactamente, pero por lo poco que pude entender la
semana pasada, no son normas nuevas exactamente, es que …Ayy! tengo que dejar de
empezar mis frases con “es que”. La Sra. Villegas me mataría si me oyera….según me han
dicho, la escuela es tan famosa ya, que, además de la lista de espera de siempre, este
curso también tendremos unas plazas... digamos... “provisionales, o de prueba” . Hemos
aceptado algunos alumnos más, para darles la oportunidad de demostrar lo que saben
hacer y su nivel de dedicación.
Beatrice – es decir... que si no somos brillantes... makes gesture of slitting throat "se baja
el telón”...? (lights down, curtains close, scenery change behind curtain)
Act 1 Scene 4
(Curtains stay closed, lights up, Sophia wanders in looking at timetable)
Sophia: looking up, pacing the stage, thinking aloud Sala 101, Sala 101 ... Por dios, donde
Sra. Dolores Romero walks in
Sra. Romero: Are you ok?
Sophia: Si, eh I mean yes, yes thank you
Sra. Romero: are you sure? This isn’t where room 101 is.
Sophia: ¿ah, no? Vale... pues estoy perdida...
Sra.. Dolores Romero: ah, ¡hablas español! Laughs No te preocupes, yo también soy
nueva por aquí, es mi primer año. Tardas un poco en acostumbrarte al edificio, pero ya lo
irás pillando... aunque la sala 101 no está por aquí...
Sophia: Ah, vale... pues me he quedado igual! Muchas gracias she turns to walk away
Sra.. Dolores Romero: Eh, creo que es por aquí
Sophia: es que tengo clase de música con el señor…Dopson ¿sabes dónde está?
Sra.. Dolores Romero: ¿Quieres decir
Sra. Thompson? Sí, claro, te puedo llevar si
Sophia: ¡Muchísimas gracias! Eso sería perfecto.
They walk off
Lights down,
Curtains open,
Students enter,
Llights up
Act 1 Scene 5
(Lights up, teacher is on platform students are facing him)
Mr.Martínez: Music takes knowledge and a true understanding of the subject. You have to
be able to feel music inside of you, whether it’s Mozart or One direction you have to be able
to follow every part of it with your mind. This year we will be working on our scales both
vocally and musically. We will run them until our throats are dry and our fingers are
cramped and then we will move on to some of the most important music of all timeMichelle: Beyoncé?!
Mr. Martínez: No, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and others just like them; we will learn their
music until you remember it by heart.
Michelle: So, then we’ll do Beyoncé?
Mr. Martínez throws Michelle a warning look
Doug: you know it’s said that listening to Mozart increases the number of brain cells you
use, maybe if we listen to a bit first, it will help us all appreciate Beyoncé’s music later?
Kiera: Are you saying the more Mozart we listen to the more we’ll be able to tolerate
Kevin What do you mean? What Beyoncé does is so cool. Don’t you know that?
Doug: picks up his cello and plays some bars of a Beyonce tune Why does everything have
to cool! Whether or not she’s “cool” she has certainly proved herself to be a credible
musical composer. . It’s just… I think Mozart is better.
Michelle: sings along with a line or two. Oh, I don’t need other people to tell me how great
she is: She is queen of all singers. She rules with her pure, sweet and unique voice and
anyone who thinks they’re even close to being her are delusional, she’s out of this world,
not humanly possible. She is a Legend in her own life time.
Doug: Uh … ok, if you say so… (mumbles) Who are YOU to judge this?
Alice: I agree! And unlike Mozart, Beyonce also has words in her songs! And they’re really
deep and meaningful!. Just listen to this: Dylan start drum - gets up and sings “Who run the
world? girls, Who run the world? girls, Who run the world? girls, Who run the world? girls”
Mr. Martínez: Thank you for that wonderful rendition ladies, Douglas, but if we could
perhaps get back to Wolfgang Amadeus…
Students groan
Doug: (groaning) …Mozart…(addressing himself to Michelle) That’s all fine, but you know
what? Without Mozart and other musicians like him, the whole music industry, including
Beyoncé, wouldn’t have existed. I personally believe that you should give Mozart a chance,
he might surprise you. His music has inspired and still inspires so many people throughout
the world. Mozart is amazing!
Michelle: I hate to shatter your dreams…but er… He´s dead! ! I mean… really dead.
Doug: (Awkwardly- poker face) Yeah, 1791… And your point?
Mr. Martínez: Well perhaps since you seem to have so much to say about Beyoncé you’d
like to write me a three page essay on how Mozart and Beyoncé could compete with each
other – being so equally talented…
(bell rings)
(Students and teacher leave downstage left, next group enter downstage right)
Miss Day: Dance is a lifestyle. You just feel it, it shouldn’t be something you have to think
about it should just come automatically. With that let’s talk about this year: we’re going to be
doing ballet, contemporary, jazz and many other styles.
Jamal: Yeah, yeah but after that warm up, we will do break at some point right? cause’ I’m
not wearing tights and dancing like a girl all year, I gotta’ be able to do my thing. How am I
supposed to get me a girl – if I LOOK like a girl??
Cristoff: you already look like a girl – why are you wearing a skirt
Jamal watch it squirt, this ain’t no skirt don’t you know anything you need to get some
culture in you, I can help with that – now just hold still (gets him in a headlock)
Miss. Day: Ok, ok that’s enough, you are just showing how little you know Cristoff, men
wore tights and skirts called doublets and hose, way before trousers came into fashion, so
you are both showing your ignorance.
Jamal: ok Miss, sorry it’s just I think people should start considering break and hip hop as a
more important dance style, I get that it’s all “from the street” and stuff but It’s been my
escape for years and I know that there are many people who feel the same way. I bet you
didn’t know that hip hop originated from ancient Zulu tribal dances…
Anabel: it something Zulu that ….err…..that thing you’re wearing?
Cristoff: yeah let’s all try a little Zulu (pretends to bang on drum and do tribal dances)
Miss Day: OK…I see some of our first years may need quite a lot of tutoring; there is a lot of
truth in what Jamal is saying. Now listen if we can compromise…, when you start seeing
those “girly dances” as more than that, then I might let you do “your thing”
Jamal: Seriously? When?
Miss. Day: Well I’ll tell you what. If you do well in the first term I might let you choreograph
something later on.
Jamal Aw man…I am gonna blow you minds…..
Miss Day: Jamal it wouldn’t be a solo piece by YOU for YOU
Jamal: No, no, of course I’ve got it, I’ll work in some steps for my backing dancers too.
(bell rings)
Miss Day: Young man, let’s just see if you keep up your end of the bargain before you start
making plans – Now everyone, please don’t forget to stretch at home. Oh and make sure
you have everything on that list I gave you by next week.
(Students and teacher leave downstage left, next group enter downstage right)
Miss Bailey: To be an actor you need to first be yourself, there is no point playing other
people if you can’t even play you. That’s why we’re starting the year with some “selfdiscovery” projects. Maybe you won’t like what you find, maybe you’ll like it too much but
either way it’s the best way to open the doors of theatre.
Aaron: Excuse me, miss? I have a friend, he’s my cousin’s friend actually, who can’t do
that. He says that, whenever he tries to identify himself he ends up confused about who he
actually is. So what should I – uh I mean what should HE do?
Miss Bailey: Well, I’ve taught drama for twenty years and not once has a person been
unable to identify themselves… It is your ….I mean HIS ..dream and you’ve got to tell him
he has to follow it through.
Aaron: right, of course.
Mario plus some of us have a problem because they start off with a little less personality to
find than most people.
Steffy Who are you talking about? Yourself I suppose.
Anabel: Oh Oh wait I know the problem…breaks into song and over acts 2 lines from “never
been to me”
Miss Bailey interrupting Er - quite, that’s enough thank you sweetie, we don’t want to
overdo it in our first term do we? So now, I had some ideas for some emotionally
challenging scenes. What about Titanic for example? Any Volunteers?
Aaron Oh yes, yes! Me me!
Miss Bailey Anyone Else? (all look at floor) How about you Charles?
Charles Oh really! Do I have to be Rose?
Aaron OH No, you don’t Sunshine – That’s MY role sweetie! Come on let’s go!
Charles Oh Katie
Aaron Katie? Who’s Katie? That’s not my name!
Charles Oh Rose
Aaron Oh Jack
Charles Oh Rose
Aaron Oh Jack
Charles Oh Rose
Aaron What!?
(Bell rings)
Miss Bailey Well, that’s not quite how I remember that scene, but nice effort boys!
OK remember everyone I need you to learn those lines for next week
(students and teacher leave downstage right, next group enter upstage left)
Mrs... Thompson: Hello everyone, welcome to your dual language class. Who knows where
in the world you may end up “treading the boards” (that’s acting for those of you not yet
educated in the noble arts of the theatre. So Sra. Romero and I will be working together on
some classes to give you the best of both worlds. Here we will be learning one of the most
poetic, beautiful and just faultless languages of all time: English! We will study some great
novels written by great Englishmen. We will learn the difference between Americanized
English and British English and we will- Yes?
Kim: Look I don’t mean to be rude but I know six languages and although English is one of
the most spoken languages of the world, it’s not THE most widely spoken. Will we not be
looking at works by Tolstoy or Dostoievsky, or Cervantes, or Goethe. There are other
languages that are just as good if not better, plus learning English doesn’t just mean the
British dialect it means every type of English.
Mrs. Thompson You didn’t let me finish young lady. As I said this is a DUAL language class
Sra. Romero: El español es el segundo idioma del mundo, y lo hablamos más de 400
millones de hispanoparlantes. Por eso, vamos a aprender la lengua del flamenco, de las
sevillanas y de Don Quijote de la Macha… Ole!
Charles y de los toreros!….pretends to bull fight with Reece.
Sra. Romero ¡Bravo, bravo! pero a ver si nos lo podemos tomar un poco más en serio…
After that we will be looking as some of the most famous playwrights of all time and
comparing their work.
Mrs. Thompson Like Shakespeare
Sra. Romero or Cervantes
Mrs. Thompson Dickens, Chaucer, the Brontes
Sra. Romero Lorca, Miguel Hernández
Celia: What about French “oooh my darlink, I luuurv you”
Janice: Or German “Romeo you vill com here at vuns, and use ze stair you stupid boy”
Jack: Or Japanese “こんにちははじめまして”Kon'nichiwahajimemashite
Reece: Now you’re just showing off
Charles: No he’s just talking. Anyone can talk
Jack See!
Start arguing
Kim: (English) Let it go, let it go
Reece: (French) Je ne mentirai plus jamais
Celia: (German) Ich lass los, lass jetzt los
Janice: (English) Turn away and slam the door
Charles and Jack: (Swedish) Och aldrig mer
Sophia: (Portugues) E eu vou ficar
Reece: (Spanish) Gran tormenta habra
ALL: (English) The cold never bothered me anyway
Mrs...Thompson: ok, are you done? May I continue? So as I was saying, we will write an
essay at the end of each book which, when added up, will give me your final mark.
Sophia: Excuse me, I’m really sorry to interrupt you but do you mind speaking a bit slower,
it’s just English isn’t my native language so I’m finding it hard to understand.
Mrs...Thompson: Of course. Speaking really slow as if Sophia being Spanish made her
stupid If you have a bad attitude in class then marks will be deducted. Did you get that this
Sophia: Yes, sorry. It´s fine though honestly, I’m sure I´ll catch up. To a friend Aunque en
inglés las 5 vocales tienen 22 sonidos diferentes…¡seguro que no habrá problema!
Mrs...Thompson: Well that’s all for now. Don’t forget to pass by the library today and collect
your book, I am expecting you to read the first five chapters of the Charles Dickens novel by
Bell Ring
And Kim as your Beloved Mr Tolstoy himself said; “ We can only know that we know
Sr Romero Er, don’t forget the chairs please everyone
Sophia Kim
Sra Romero Kim!
All Kim!
(students and teacher leave downstage left, curtains close, setting up canteen)
Act 1 Scene 6:
Alice; pacing up and down, talking to self OK you can do this, just, go up to him and just ask
him, I mean what´s the worst that could happen right? Ok, I’m going, it´s decided. Wait,
what if he says no, I mean we´re such good friends, what would I do? Oh god, Come on
Alice, just get over it, GO.
Aaron; Oh babes, your hair is so beautiful and long and silky. I just adore this shade of
blonde, what is it? Ash? Strawberry? I´ve wanted to get my hair done that colour for years,
but I just don´t trust my hairdresser to do it right, I mean it has to be perfect right? Do you
mind if I take a picture of it? Wait turn this way, ok takes a selfie with the girl, posing Thanks
babes that was totally fabulous! Gives her two kisses
Alice; Hey Aaron, can I talk to you please?
Aaron; Sure babes, what is it? Are you ok, you look kind of…flustered?
Alice; Huh? Oh yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I just really need to talk to you, alone.
Look, I just - need to tell you that – I was just wondering if maybe, you know you might
want to, maybe, go out with me sometime?
Aaron: Of course, I mean, I don’t know why you asked, we go out each night.
Alice: No I don’t mean like THAT I mean will you go OUT with me?
Aaron: I’m not sure I follow
Alice: Will you, go on, a date, with me?
Aaron: laughs Oh honey that’s so cute, who dared you to do it? I mean obviously it’s a joke,
everyone knows I’m G.A.Y!
Alice: Uh, yeah of course, ha ha
Aaron: Oh, babes you were serious weren’t you? Aww, that’s so sweet
Alice: I’m SO sorry, I really didn’t mean to- Oh god, I’m just really sorry.
Aaron: Are you kidding babes?! It’s no big deal, I mean I love being the way I am, don’t get
me wrong, but it’s nice to know that If I ever change my mind, I have a shot. Look, it’s
honestly no big deal. To be honest my mum and dad would have loved to have been here
to see that, they’re not really very supportive of my … sexuality, but babes I am so
comfortable like this. I know it’s not exactly what some people expect but I don’t mind, This
is who I am and I’m fine with that, in fact I’m more than just fine with it, I think it’s great. I get
to look after myself, be a diva and get some of the best friends ever.
Alice: I just, I guess I just feel a bit embarrassed; I totally get it if you don’t want to be
friends anymore?
Aaron: oh sweetie, are you kidding? We’re always going to be friends no matter what! You
and I we’re a team babes, we always have been. In fact I think we need a team name, you
know like superheroes. How about “Bad Girls”?
Alice: But there’s nothing bad about us. The only bad thing about us is that one of us didn’t
know that her best friend is GAY…
Aaron: Sweetie I think she’s just in denial!, Listen Hannah I know you’re there, come and
help us out with this girl.
Hannah OK, OK so you caught me out…but hey I heard everything! Alice I can’t believe
you didn’t know about Aaron…come on please
Alice Listen I feel bad enough already – it was so embarrassing
Hannah No, don’t worry! and didn’t I hear you two say we have a name now ? Bad Girls
right? Listen honey Aaron and me – we’ll make it our new mission to get you a man, how’s
Alice Oh right and how are you going to do that?
Aaron Are you crazy? what we always do…right….ready to shake some bootie? They laugh
Song starts Well then let’s dance sugar…Give it to me!
Give it To Me
Aaron leaves the stage, curtains close
Hannah Phew! I’m sweatin’ now.
Alice, no, no ladies don’t sweat they perspire! Aaron are you ready yet? We have to get
some retail therapy in on the way back to school. Aaron, Where are you?
Hannah has he gone again already? Listen we’d better catch him up, you know can’t be let
loose with a credit card.
Alice, I bet he’s gone for a shower, according to him, he doesn’t even perspire, he “glows”
Hannah Well he was just glowing all over the place so you’re probably right
Alice and Hannah leave the stage,
Michelle enters the stage in front of the curtains, on their way back to school, with shopping
Aaron: from offstage girl, I love hangin out with you. It´s always so much fun!! Shopping
AND hot shop assitants – p-lease, pinch me now!
Michelle: I know, but next time you ask the shop attendant for his number... Promise? Are
you ready? we really have to get to school, we’re going to be late and you know what Miss
Day is like.
Aaron enters stage
Aaron: Listen she’ll just have to wait today.
Michelle OMG I just love that colour on you!
(Curtains open. They enter the school and hear a guitar playing. They try to find out where
the sound comes from. Connor is playing an original song of his own)
Aaron: oh! isn't that that rich guy you were talking about the other day?
Michelle: Yes, that's Connor, I didn't know that he could play the guitar so well!
Aaron: Oh girl, he's so fine..
Michelle: he's so fine he blows my mind!
Aaron: Hey Connor! Hey Hey!
Aaron and Michelle: Hey Connor!
Connor: (frightened, but smiling) Hey guys...
Michelle: (whispers to Aaron) I think he looks a bit sad
Aaron: Well we can’t have that now can we? Shall I cheer him up! Just watch and learn
honey……..So, hey Connor, tell me more about yourself, what's your story?
Connor: I don't have a story to tell
Michelle: Oh come on! Everyone has a story to tell!
Aaron: just let me guess... I have psychic powers. You're name is Connor Solomon and...
You can play the guitar like, well, like...
Michelle: Beyoncé!
Aaron: Beyoncé it is!
Connor: Beyoncé doesn't play the guitar
Aaron: Shhhhh, I need silence to concentrate! Let's see, you're sad because... (whispers to
Michelle) My psychic powers are not working, he's too cute and I can't concentrate! Help
Michelle: You're sad because of your father, aren't you?
Connor: yes, it is because of him
Aaron: Why? what's wrong with yours? I also have my own problems with my old man.
Connor: All my life I've been pressured to be a star by someone who barely paid attention
to me, and always left me as a second option. I’m constantly alone, because of my dad's
tours and my mom follows him anywhere he goes. Everyone thinks that I’m this spoiled kid
who has everything he wants, but really, I’m missing what I want most, someone who will
take care and support me when I need it.
Aaron: It seems that our parents haven't done the best job raising us. My parents didn't
accept me for whom I really am, and kicked me out when I was 17.
Michelle: Well you don't have to worry about your problems here, because music will
always help you through rough times, and you can always count on us from now on...
Michelle cheers Aaron and Connor up and they sing together
You can count on us now
You can count on us
We won’t let you down boy
No we’re never gonna let you down
This place is rocking, this place is tops
Let the beat take you to the place where the music never stops.
Get on up now, you know you want to
Feel it in your bones
Let the rhythm take you higher
Come with us and lets flow
You can count on us now
You can count on us
We won’t let you down boy
No we’re never gonna let you down
Act 1 Scene 7
Connor:Hi! Yeah, sorry it’s just you dropped your headphones.
Michelle: Oh, thanks! I honestly don’t know where my head is at sometimes, caught up in
songs I guess. Come on, tell me more about you... You are some famous guy’s son, aren´t
you? Yeah! Your dad’s like a conductor or something, right?
Connor: yeah, well he’s actually a composer but you know... it’s the same thing, some
stupid guy in a suit who is never satisfied with anything and thinks he´s better than
everyone else.
Michelle: Oh, Ok. I’m guessing you don’t want to talk about it... at all… So what do you do?
Doesn’t give him a chance to reply Well… I’m a singer, I’ve been singing since before I can
remember. You know? One day I’m going to be a big star and I get the feeling it’s going to
be soon! But I’m not going to be famous for being someone I’m not, I’m going to be famous
for being me, people will love my voice. I just know...
Jamal: You sound like our drama teacher “connect with your inner selves to feel more
replenished and wholesome”. I’m Jamal; you’re, eh, Connor and Michelle right?
Connor: yeah. So you guys have already had Miss Bailey? I hear she’s a real hippie. And
have you had one of those new “dual language” lessons yet? Weird or what?. So, is it your
first year at this… mobile interrupts him Oh, could you excuse me? I’ll see you at lunch, I’ve
got to take his.
Kim: Well, that was rude! You know on the subject of drama, my personal drama teacher
once won an Oscar for best actor of the year inMichelle: OH my god! I completely forgot to tell you guys about my demo. Well, basically I
sent a couple of letters out to recording companies and so on, you know? Because I need a
good demo if I want to get signed. Anyway, within a week I had a reply from this place just
downtown, I mean... it’s no big recording studio or anything, but I’ve got to start somewhere
right? After years saving money for this demo, I think it is time to do it, isn´t it? I am finally
one step closer to my dreams!!
Sophia: Wow that sounds amazing! Congratulations.
Kim: ANYWAY as I was sayingMichelle: Well, I am starving! Shall we go to lunch? Apparently the food is amazing!
Miss Bailey: Michelle, hi! I just heard your... big news! It’s all the buzz in the staff room.
Listen, can I just give you a word of advice? Please be careful. These offers are sometimes
not all they’re supposed to be. So many students get disappointed or even end up in
dangerous situations. Make sure you check out this guys credentials ok?
Michelle: I will of course, thanks Miss Bailey. (to friends) Of course it couldn’t possibly be
genuine, could it! I mean seriously, why can’t they trust us to make our own choices. This
could be a fantastic chance for me.
Kim: Well I would pay attention to what she says, I mean... not many people get offered
chances like this, you know? To Sophia: do you want to come and eat with us?
Sophia: I have my own lunch, thanks though.
Jamal: Uh…seriously? Come on, we don’t bite.
Sophia: Well...I….erm...if you’re sure you don’t mind?
Jamal: (whispering to Connor) What’s with her? Is she allergic to fun or something?
(They go through curtains as they open to canteen people already sitting/getting food, they
come in backstage left)
Aaron and Alice going to table with trays
Aaron: oh my god, that looks disgusting! What is it? Well, whatever it is, I can tell just by
looking at it it’s got WAY too many carbs for me. Oh, while we’re talking about food, how is
your dad’s restaurant going? I heard he had a great opening night!
Alice: Yeah, it was great, but it’s not going as well as the opening anymore, I guess people
just got a bit bored of it. My dad’s just so buried in paperwork and bills from the restaurant
he doesn’t have time to think about his customers, he’s had the same menu for months.
And as for the decor - it’s like something from the 70’s. Well anyway that’s another story.
Aaron: Well if I can do anything to help, you know I love decorating, and food! Plus I owe
your dad a favour after he got me out of that “Situation” last year.
Alice: I’m sure he’ll appreciate it, he always asks me how you’re going.
They sit down at table
Stevie: Oh look here come the “too cool for school gang” more like “too school for cool”
they’re such show offs.
Anabel: Oh that lot? Yeah, I honestly doubt any of them have enough potential to reach myoh... I mean... our level.
Hannah: I dunno, they seem ok to me. Have you even spoken to them? Maybe they’re
really nice, right Alice?
Alice: not really paying attention Hm? What? Uh, yes, yes of course. They seem ok…I
think. I don’t know them.
Hannah: Come on Alice, put a smile on your face, it’s fun to be here again. Forget about
home for a while.
Alice: OK, I suppose I have to forget it for now…
Aaron: I totally think we should give them a chance! They seem like really nice people and
plus I already met some of them in drama class and they were kind of sweet.
Doug: “Sweet”! Are you kidding me?! I had to try and convince one of them that Beyonce
was not as big a deal as Mozart and do you know what she said to me? She said he was
“really” dead, I mean way to show respect for one of the most famous musicians of all time.
Plus she started to compare Mozart with Beyoncé… Honestly I think they’re way too
confident for their own good.
Alice: Well I must admit that I think Beyonce’s actually quite good…
Stevie: Boring, boring, boring... – Hey Sweet cheeks!! – so you love food, huh! Well, here
have some of mine (she throws food, it misses and hits Connor).
Connor Oh No…you didn’t? Look at my jacket (he pauses and throws something back –
Charles: (standing on a chair) Food fight!!
Mrs. Thompson: What on Earth do you think you’re doing? Look at the state of this place!
Miss Day: right, that’s enough! All of you, right now, come with me (she marches them off to
see the cleaner). Buenas tardes, Mrs.Sánchez, estas adorables señoritas y estos amables
caballeros se han ofrecido voluntarios para quedarse esta tarde a limpiar, así que si
pudiese darles el material que van a necesitar, el resto del equipo y usted se podrían ir
Mr. Sanchez Oh Oh... he soñado con este día toda mi vida... Por fin!!
... eh... vosotros, tomad esto, y esto también... os vendrá bien… ¡¡hala!! a trabajar... (she
hands out materials to kids and leaves)
They sweep for a while
Jamal angry You know what this is really stupid – I came here to improve my dancing it’s
supposed to be the best place in the country, and what am doing? Sweeping the floor.
Hannah Well come on we brought it on ourselves really, and anyway it’s not THAT bad!
Jamal Are you kiddin me?! I’d rather be ANYWHERE else than here right now (Drops the
brush on the floor and goes to leave, but Hannah catches his arm)
Hannah Oh come on! you mean you rather be doing anything else than this. Look so you
want to dance…So do I, and she wants to sing and he wants to act…but we’re here aren’t
we? and we’re together – I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be
Michelle: Aaah Oooh
We're a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea
But as long as you are with me, there's no place I'd rather be
Plus Aaron and Connor I would wait forever, exalted in the scene
As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat
Plus Kim, Kiera, and Alice With every step we take, Kyoto to The Bay
Strolling so casually
Plus Stevie, Sophia , Hannah, Cristoff We're different and the same, get you another name
Switch up the batteries
If you gave me a chance I would take it
It's a shot in the dark but I'll make it
Know with all of your heart, you can't shake me
When I am with you, there's no place I'd rather be
N-n-n-no, no, no, no place I'd rather be [3x]
Miss Day I don’t believe you lot! This is supposed to be a punishment! You don’t look sorry
to me! You clearly haven’t learned your lesson. You can get this place cleaned up and
Jamal and Hannah - my studio at the end of class.
Cristoff: That was awesome man!
Mario and Cristoff leave stage
Jamal: god your moves are sick, where did you learn to do that?
Hannah:I dunno, YouTube?
Jamal: what?!?! You’re kidding right? That’s amazing!
Hannah: It’s not done me much good though has it? Who knows what Miss Day is going to
do with us now.
Jamal: Listen - what can she do? What are we here for? To learn to dance and sing and do
our thing, right?
All: Yeah right, exactly, I fought hard for my place etc
Jamal: Well isn’t that exactly what we were doing just now?
All: Yeah, what do they want from us?
Jamal: Uh, do you wanna, I dunno meet up some time to practise coreo or something?
Hannah: Sure! Um let me just pass you my number. Takes his phone
Kim: Jamal Darling, Don’t forget you’re coming to my house on Friday evening. You can’t
miss it, it’s the massive mansion at the end of the road. (leaves)
Hannah: Daaaarling?laughs You know what, I’ve got better things to do anyway. Shoves
his phone into his hands and stalks off
Jamal: no, wait! Oh, forget it.
Jamal and Kim leave stage
Michelle: Oh my god! I never knew a beat like that could do so much for my voice! That was
Stevie: putting tray away, not facing her yeah thanks Stands up I’m glad you thought my
song was good enough to be worth singing.
Michelle: Oh my god, you wrote that?
Stevie: yeah.
Michelle: Where did you get your... inspiration?
Alice: Stevie writes fantastic songs and we’ve been practicing them all summer.
Stevie: Well, lets just say I get inspired my own way...
Michelle: Oh, really? I wish I could just switch it on like that. Will you teach me?
Stevie: Well actually it’s even easier than that, my inspiration comes in a bottle,, if you get
Michelle: I’m not sure I do... and I don’t think I want to. Listen I really have to run, I can’t be
late. Hangin out with you guys is great, but my future may start today, and I can’t be late for
my own future now can I………….
Michelle leaves the stage almost running, Stevie looks confused, but slowly follows after
Connor: Hey! see, that was great wasn’t it - a baptism of fire at least!
Sophia:Well, yes but now they’re in even more trouble.
Connor: Oh not really, I heard Miss Day’s bark is worse than her bite why don’t you just sit
with us at lunch now? I mean it’s no problem, I know you’ve got to study and stuff but it’s
only the first day. Relax, have some fun! Look, it´s also my first day here and I’m also
nervous because of all the new people and teachers, but isolating yourself is not the
solution, trust me!
Sophia: Thanks, but some things are easier said than done. I’ll see you around.
Connor: Yeah, see you later.
They leave stage in opposite directions, at the last minute Connor turns back to look at
Sophia, then keeps walking
(lights down, curtains close)
Act 1 scene 8
Michelle walks in front of curtain, as if looking for a building, she picks up her phone and
dials a number
Michelle: Hi?
Man: annoyed, serious Who is this?!
Michelle: Yeah, this is Michelle.
Man: changes voice, nicer Ah, for the demo?
Michelle: yeah, yeah that’s me, the one that’s doing the demo. Look I’m on my way but I’ve
got a bit lost, did you say it was Grange Street?
Man: Yes yes, that’s it.
Michelle: Ok, well I’m pretty sure I’m on the right street but I can’t find the building. I can’t
find a recording studio anywhere.
Man: Do you see “Body Ink”?
Michelle: Uhhh looks around Do you mean a sign for a tattoo parlor?
Man: Yes yes, that’s it.
Michelle: mmm Ok, looks around again - sees a tattoo parlor, is shocked and a little
apprehensive I…. think I’m here, er ... how do I get in....
Man Oh just go in to the tattoo place, the guy in there will show you through to the back
Michelle Ok, See you in 2 minutes then!?
Michelle walks awkwardly through the tattoo parlor and ends up in a dingy studio
Man: Michelle?
Michelle: Yes! Hello, nice to meet you
Man: Oh, the pleasure is all mine… I think that we are create some amazing art together
and get you on your path to stardom...
Michelle: Well you’re certainly……”enthusiastic”! That is what I have been dreaming of for
years!! I don't care how much it takes… It is my future, and... it is worth every drop of sweat
and every minute spent...
Man: You are right!! You are as smart as you are beautiful and talented… Well, the first
thing we have to speak about is money… How do you intend to pay for this golden future
that I you’re heading towards?
Michelle: Wait, what... do you mean...Do you mean like our teachers tell us “fame costs,
and we have to pay in sweat”?
Man Well hardly honey. Does this look like a class room to you?
Michelle You mean actually pay? How much are talking about…? I thought this was a demo
for a record label, isn’t that what you said?
She hears the memory of the voice of the teacher warning her about wolves in this world...
Man: laughing fame is an expensive privilege, you know? But don't worry about it... if you
do not have the money for it here today, I can do you a big favour… you can pay it little by
little… I don’t do this for everyone you know - it’s just because it’s you. You just need to
leave me your… bank details… and I will fix it all…
Michelle: Well I don’t really have any money on me at all today, and my bank details are all
at home - I’m sorry, Could we record the first track, and I’ll pay you next time?
Man: Well it doesn’t really work like that angel - no money no microphone. We can put it off
until next week, and when you make your first payment we’ll start recording. How does that
Michelle OK sure, sure. I’ll call you next week some time then…..
She leaves the building and immediately she turns the corner she leans up against a wall
and starts to sing
Michelle song
Finishes song and leaves following opening curtain
Act 1 scene 9
Kim enters stage doorbell ring
Kim: Oh, he’s finally here, what took him so long?! Fixes her hair and makeup, smoothes
down skirt and lets him in
Jamal: comes in Hey! What’s up? This is my sister, Kiera. My Ma asked me to babysit so I
thought I’d bring her along, hope you don’t mind.
Kim: obviously does mind Not at all. Come in, so do you want to start with the choreo.
straight away?
Jamal: sure. Kiera, you ok just sitting around?
Kiera: angry no!
Jamal: rolls his eyes You go ahead Kim, I’ll be right there. Once Kim’s gone Kiera please, I
know you don't want to be here but at least be nice, yeah?
Kiera: I’m sorry but I don't like your girlfriend
Jamal: slightly embarrassed She is NOT my girlfriend
Kim: calls from offstage Come on Jamal, darling, we only have so much time...
Kiera sarcastically oh, of course She´s not, teasing “daaarling”
Jamal: Fine, I’ll call some friends for you to hang out with. Just try and keep it down until
they arrive, Kim is not going to like this.
Kim: stalks in Kim isn’t going to like what?
Jamal: awkwardly I’m going to have to invite some other guys around, Kiera won’t spend
the evening on her own and my Ma will be seriously angry if she complains at home. You
don’t mind, do you?
Kim: angry but trying to hide it No, of course not. I don’t care. Let me know when you’re
done, I’m going to get a drink.
Jamal: Ok, I’ve sent them all a message. They’ll be here any minute now, just be patient.
Kiera: Jamal. You’re ok, you know? For an idiot, I mean.
Jamal: I love you too, little sis, even though you’re a blackmailing, sly little monster.
Doorbell rings Oh that must be them. I’ll get it. Opens door Hey guys! Come in. This is my
little sister Kiera.
Eryn: hey, I’m Eryn. This is Kevin
Kevin: hey
Eryn: Alice and Stevie
Stevie: I rang Michelle, but she said she couldn’t make it. To be honest, she sounded a
Kiera: yeah, you too!
Stevie: S’up?
Kiera: Uh, hi…
Alice: Huh?! Oh yeah, nice to meet you
Cristoff: I’m Cristoff they shake hands awkwardly
Jamal: breaking the silence The studio is through there, I’ll see you in there.
They exit backstage left
Alice: offstage I cannot believe she has a dance studio in her own house!
Eryn: I know! I wish I had something like that!
Jamal: stopping Cristoff as he walks past I guess Hannah couldn’t make it, right?
Cristoff: I dunno man
Jamal: Huh of course she didn’t come, what was I expecting?
Hannah: Why would you think that? I never turn down an opportunity to dance.
Jamal: Hey! What’s up?
Hannah: Not much! Oh... but I do have one question, how come you invited a ton of people
on your date? I mean your girlfriend is not going to be happy about it, you know?
Jamal: SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!! Can we go?
They exit stage left as the others enter stage right
Kim: What are you doing here!? I thought Jamal was inviting someone to entertain his
annoying little sister.
Kevin: Are you crazy? We’re here to dance.
Cristoff: Come on guys, we have a choreography to learn!
Hannah: Yeah that’s right, we’re here to dance, but if you’re so worried about Kiera, I’m
sure we can find a way to fill in for you while you babysit?
Jamal: Stands front centre stage ok so everyone finds a space and follow my lead. Doing
dance steps One, two, three and four, five, six, seven and eight.
Stevie: Wow, Jamal that was amazing! Did you choreograph all of that yourself?
Jamal: Nah, we all did it!
Hannah: Oh come on man, it was obviously you, and it was AMAZING!!!
Cristoff: Well I think we have a choreographer in our midst as well as the dance routine for
the end of year performance kids celebrate all we’re missing are the partner sections.
Jamal: turning away from Kim’s outstretched hand Hannah, can I go with you?
Kim: angry what?! You know what, fine. I never even liked you anyway. I was just stupid
enough to let you take up my time Storms out
Jamal: Kim, wait! To Cristoff Seriously why does that keep happening to me?
Cristoff: I dunno’ man
Jamal: Well, I guess I’ll have to fix that somehow, but for now I don’t think I got an answer…
Hannah: laughs Sure, I’ll give it a go. Joking But I don’t know if you’re good enough to
compete with my dance skills.
Jamal: Oh really?
(Lights down, curtain close)
Act 1 Scene 10
Centre spot Lights up, curtains stay closed, we see Stevie, with a bottle in her hand, and
Michelle, who is telling Stevie her horrible experience at the studio.
Michelle: (weeping) … and he was saying that I would have to pay a fortune that I don't
have if I want ANY chance of stardom… He was just thinking about the money- … And the
studio… It was a dirty cave… Ahh!! I feel so embarrassed for being so naïve…I should
have listened to Miss Bailey, How the hell am I going to back to school? I will be the
laughing stock!…
Stevie: Hey, hey!! chill out, girl… it can’t be all that bad...
Michelle: no, Stevie… I am not overreacting; you don’t understand what this means for
me… this is the end of my dream... Urgh - never mind! I think I am going to try to find a job,
I clearly need a B Plan… She leaves the stage almost crying, Stevie stays and keeps on
Kim comes in, crying
Stevie: Hey, what are you doing here? What’s up? are you ok?
Kim: Leave me alone!
Stevie: Boyfriend trouble? Did you finally realize he wasn’t into you?
Kim: What is your problem? Don’t you know how to be nice, or even sympathetic?
Stevie: Look I’m sorry ok? It’s just I’m not good with the whole expressing your emotions
Kim: Oh really, I couldn’t tell
Stevie: Hey! There’s no need to be like that! Everyone else saw it except you, maybe it’s
love making you blind.
Kim: Sorry, it’s just…I’ve never felt like that before. I felt like I could tell him anything. It just
felt like there was something there and I really believed he felt it too. I guess I was wrong.
Stevie Listen girl, there are people all around, girls, boys, friends, enemies, exes, do you
think they see you?
Stevie: Here it helps, honestly
Kim: Ew! what is this, vodka? I’d really rather not, thanks
Stevie: well that’s up to you but it works wonders. I can forget even the worst day after just
a couple of shots.
Kim: Oh come on! What kind of a bad day have you ever had? You’re always laughing and
joking around. You don’t know how take stuff seriously.
Stevie: Yeah, right, what would I know… (changes her mood, like losing control) Why can’t
you stop judging me!!!… All of you with your ‘Catastrophies’ and melodramas, they are
stupid little problems… just leave me alone!!
(goes to edge of stage and keeps drinking. Kim leaves.)
Spotlight on Stevie, who is drinking under a street light alone.
All cast on stage. Walk – off – turn – on -- walk repeat x 2
All freeze as she falls. count 8 then leave stage
Curtain close
Act 2
Scene 1
Hospital board and bed on + 3 chairs behind curtain – prep during break
Partial curtain open project 23
Mrs...Thompson: Hello, this is Mrs...Thompson from SA, I teach your daughter Stephanie.
I’ve tried reaching you a couple of times but I can’t seem to get through to you. You’re
daughter has had an accident and is in West Hilton Hospital, If you could come as soon as
possible, I think your daughter could do with having you here, she’s not in a great state.
Please call me back when you get this message.
Alice: Hi Mrs...Thompson, is she in there?
Michelle: How’s she doing?
Miss Day: Alice? Michelle? Yes she’s in there but she’s sleeping at the moment, the doctors
say it’s probably best to leave her, she’s had a very bad night and they’re not completely
sure if there has been any severe damage yet.
Alice: Oh, ok we’ll just leave the flowers in there if that’s alright. Is her family here? Are they
Sra. Romero: Well not yet, but I’m sure they’re on their way. I think she will love the flowers;
we’ll let you know if anything changes but you should probably go home and get some rest.
Michelle: Ok, thanks. You should probably get some rest too, you look exhausted.
Curtains open, we see Stevie on hospital bed and group of kids around her, Michelle and
Alice enter, teachers leave stage
Alice: Come on Michelle, the others are waiting.
Jamal: Hey guys
Michelle: Hey, how’s she doing?
Jamal: I’m not sure. Not too good, I guess
Alice: Why would she do this to herself? She was such a fun person, she’s always smiling,
always has a smart joke to tell us. How could a person so happy be so…
Sophia Sad? I think there’s more to her than meets the eye. The thing is none of us ever
bothered to go further than that outer shell.
Hannah: Guys what does it matter what she’s gone through? What counts is what she’s
going through now. Look at her, where’s her smile gone? We need to help her get it back;
we need to be there for her, no matter what.
Sophia: But it does matter, a person can be changed by their circumstances. If she’s doing
this to herself, it’s just as important to know why as it is to be there for her. We can’t help
her if whatever she’s living with is still going on.
Connor: you’re right, but right now, let’s just stay with her until we’re sure it’s nothing too
serious. We can only handle one thing at a time and in this case she needs us more than
ever to be by her side.
Aaron: Come on guys, Connor’s right. Let’s just make sure she’s ok. It’s too much to take
on all at once and right now all that matters is that she gets better. At least she knows we’re
all here for her, no matter what.
Seasons of Love
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty five thousand moments, oh dear
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?
In daylights, in sunsets
In midnights, in cups of coffee
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife
In five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, a year in the life?
How about love?
How about love?
How about love?
Measure in love
Seasons of love (love)
Seasons of love (love)
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty five thousand journeys to plan
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure the life of a woman or a man?
In truths that she learned
Or in times that he cried
In bridges he burned or the way that she died
It's time now, to sing out
Though the story never ends
Let's celebrate
Remember a year in the life of friends
Remember the love
(Oh, you got to, you got to remember the love)
Remember the love
(You know that love is a gift from up above)
Remember the love
(Share love, give love, spread love)
Measure in love
(Measure, measure your life in love)
Seasons of love
Seasons of love
(Measure your life, measure your life in love)
Scene 2
Michelle I hope she’s going to be OK, I had no idea things were that bad walking through
curtain as it opens
Alice I know, crazy isn’t it? You think you know people
Hannah Yeah you go to class with people each day
Miss Day Well girls I think we all need to learn something from this. We need to look around
us more and open our eyes to other people’s problems, not just our own. Anyway Michelle,
it’s great to see you, but where have been? We haven’t seen you at school for nearly a
week now…
Michelle Well I found a really great job at one of the off Broadway theatres
Hannah No Way! How cool – so your demo tape worked then?
Michelle,Not exactly – I’m selling programs and ice-cream. The demo session, that’s a
whole other story! I was trying to offload on to Stevie when it all started
Miss Day ….as I was saying…we should all learn from today. Listen Michelle, life is too
short; you know where your heart lies. It’s great to see you here, but I hope it won’t just be
for a visit next time. We all want to see you back at school, but you know we can’t keep
your place open forever right? Please think carefully about which way you want to go and
let us know soon.
Michelle Ok I will, I pormise
Hannah Oh Michelle I’m so sorry, so was Miss Bailey right in the end?
Alice You mean when she warned about the sharks out there? Yeah, what happened
Michelle Well it was simple really, I just learned that all that glitters is not gold, and that
other people have bigger problems than mine. We have to put our problems in proportion.
You know what Miss Day is right, I have to make my own decisions……
Hannah So come back to class, come on just just stand here – you heard what she said –
you’ll be welcome…….?
Michelle Ok Ok….come on then! Back to school for all of us. I want to get back to class
with you guys and start paying for my fame in sweat – the good old way!
Alice and Hannah Yeah! Come on let’s do this….
We’re Alive
Sixteen, my spirits free
Enjoying simplicity
Cause right now
I won't be young forever
Year by year
I'm counting down
They're rushing by
Gotta live it now
Feet on the ground
But I gotta live like there's no tomorrow
We're alive
Chasing our dreams as we're rising higher
All right
We can do anything you wanna
So let's go
Let's be the one left standing
The ones who turned back time
We're alive
Right now
High school dreams
Don't know the finer things
All I want to do is hang out in this moment forever
Year by year
I'm counting down
They're rushing by
Gotta live it now
Feet on the ground
But I gotta live like there's no tomorrow
We're alive
Chasing our dreams as we're rising higher
All right
We can do anything you wanna
So let's go
Let's be the one left standing
The ones who turned back time
We're alive
This time is our time
Let's turn up the music
Let's spin round and round and around
This time is our time
This town is our town
This town is our town
Let's turn up the music
Let's spin round and round around
This time is our time
We're alive
Chasing our dreams as we're rising higher
All right
We can do anything you wanna
So let's go
Let's be the one left standing
The ones who turned back time
We're alive
Hannah Well what are we wating for? Let’s go!
Act 2 Scene 3
Kim (to Alice and Hanah) So, How was the hospital? Is she gonna be ready for the end of
year show? I’m sorry I didn’t make it down there.
Alice You are unbelievable, you know! We all love the final performance, but can´t you see
this is someone´s life we’re talking about!
Kim Wait you don’t know what happened. I was with her when…….interrupted by teacher
Sra.. Romero: Straight to the assembly hall please, your first class this morning has been
cancelled. Todos al salon de actos por favor, la primera clase de hoy ha sido anulado
Kiera: Why would they cancel a lesson so close to the performance? We need those
classes more than ever, I’m sure the teachers know that.
Mario: I don’t, come on let’s go, we don’t want to get in trouble.
Cristoff: You’re right, but it must be super serious, I mean Sra.. Romero cancelling one of
her classes? She’s not missed a day of school in the whole year. This has to be almost an
emergency for her to agree to let us off.
Mrs...Thompson: alright, everyone take a seat please, quick as possible. Quiet down.
Thank you. I’m afraid we’ve got some disappointing news to tell you. If we’d had the choice
we would have chosen to keep it a little more discrete but we’ve been asked specifically to
talk to you about this. Miss Day?
Miss Day: As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, one of our students – Stevie – Has had an
….accident….well an incident….. recently and been in hospital for the last couple of weeks
recovering. The hospital called this morning to inform us that someone had sneaked alcohol
into Stevie’s room. Apart from this being prohibited on the premises, it was a very
irresponsible thing to do to Stevie.
Miss Bailey This is important everyone. Of course we know you are all looking forward to
The Final Performance, as you would any other year, but this is an incident which affects
the lives of potentially two of our students, and maybe the reputation of the whole school.
We are really hoping that you will pull together as a group and help us resolve this, so that
we can all get back to normality.
Sra.. Romero:
Nos encantaría creer, que no tiene nada que ver con vosotros, pero al hospital no se le
ocurren otros visitantes que harían algo así, así que nos han pedido que os informemos de
la situación y que os preguntemos si sabéis algo. Se que es difícil pero si alguien tiene
cualquier información, por favor venir durante el día de hoy y decírselo a cualquier miembro
del profesorado.
Connor: Can you believe someone from school would do that? I mean how could they be
so stupid? Don’t they know how harmful that could be for her recovery?
Alice: I know right? Can’t they see she’s in a bad way because of alcohol? Why would
someone take her more of the stuff that put her in hospital in the first place?
Michelle: I don’t know guys, but if it is someone from school there’s only one person I know
of who could sneak alcohol into a hospital.
Alice: No, he wouldn’t have. Guys we know him, he would never do that.
Kim: Wouldn’t he? I hate to admit it guys, but what do we actually know about him? All I can
say is that his background isn’t a good one. If anyone did this, he’s the most likely suspect.
Hannah: ¿Sospechoso? ¿Él? ¿Pero a ti que te pasa? ¡Tú tienes un problema!, esto no es
una de esas estúpidas series criminales; esto es SU vida, es SU vida y la vida de STEVIE.
Chicos, vosotros sabéis perfectamente que él NUNCA haría algo así. Sois sus amigos; si
se entera de lo que estáis haciendo… estaría muy avergonzado de vosotros.
Kim: Oh please, calm down! there’s no point ranting on in Spanish, half the people here
don’t understand you, and don’t pretend it hasn’t crossed your mind!
Hannah: Well actually it hasn’t, I trust him, I know he would never do something like this. So
what if he’s not from some rich family? Not all of us have that luxury, that doesn’t mean
we’re all bad people. If this is jealousy speaking Kim….
Connor’s phone rings, he picks it up, Sophia hangs around, waiting for him
Connor: Hi Dad, yeah I know sorry I didn’t get back to you, I’ve been in hospital, my friends
had a problem. No, I’m fine. Of course I’ve not been doing anything stupid. Wait, what do
you mean MEXICO?! I thought you got back next week, to see my show? You can’t make
it? Oh well what a surprise, work always comes first right dad? No! I’ve had it up to here
with you, I’m your SON, but when have you ever treated me like one? To me I’m just
another person who jeopardizes your job. Well you know what Dad, I’ve had enough of
living in an empty house that has never been a home to me. I’m moving out, I have a life
now, I have friend and people who actually care about me. Hangs up, scrapes fingers
through his hair
Sophia: Hey are you ok? That sounded pretty intense
Connor: Yeah, just family problems. I just yelled at my Dad and told him I was moving out,
but I don’t have anywhere else to go, my mum is always with my Dad because she’s his PA
and they’re never at home. I just wanted to feel like I belonged.
Sophia: Connor you may not see it but there are so many people here who care about you,
I’m sure your Dad does too, but you need to know that all your friends are there to support
you, you’re one of us as well as a Solomon.
Connor: Thanks
Sophia: Now. Don’t take this the wrong way but if you’re serious about getting away for a
while there’s a spare room in my apartment - I live on Campus because me and my dad
were too far out for me to get the bus every morning – if you need a place to stay you know
you’re more than welcome.
Connor: I think I will take you up on that. Thanks Sophia, really.
Sophia: I’m glad I could help. I will see you later ok? Give me a buzz if you need any help
moving your stuff.
How I survive
Act 2 Scene 4 stafroom over coffee using chairs and mugs of coffee
Mrs...Thompson: I overheard a couple of the students talking earlier about what happened
to Stevie. They were speculating over who was the likeliest student to have done something
so stupid. Apparently they seem to think Jamal Edwards could have had something to do
with what happened to her.
Sra.. Romero: To be honest that wouldn’t surprise me. With his attitude in class and his wild
personality…I was actually thinking it myself but of course we can’t be sure unless anyone
saw anything.
Miss. Day: sorry? You’re basing your opinion on what a group of gossiping kids said?
Really? I thought we were intelligent adults who knew how to make their own decisions.
That boy is constantly judged and tested. Can’t you see, what you’re doing right now is
what he’s lived his whole life. He can’t change his background or his home life, but he’s
working hard to change his future. He’s got fire in his belly and lives to dance, and you’re
going to take that away from him? Because you heard some kids talking and think he’s got
an attitude problem? Really?
Mrs...Thompson: Well I’m sorry Miss. Day but a lot of us don’t share your opinion of the
boy. In any case, we were simply supposing. The only way he’ll get into any trouble is if
someone saw him and reports it by the end of the day. And I doubt anyone would do that
without actually having seen something.
Sra. Romero: (pensando en voz alta):
Está claro que no sabe encajar un simple comentario...
De todas formas, estoy segura de que usted tiene razón, Sra Thompson: ya el tiempo
dirá imagina la vergüenza que sería para la escuela averiguar que ha sido uno de
nuestros alumnos?
Scene 5
Mr Trolley V.O. All students to the Assembly Hall please, we have an important
announcement, Todo los alumnos al Salon de Actos por favor, tenemos un anuncio
Sra.. Romero: Good afternoon everyone, I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear some good news
this morning! Although I’m sure we’ve all started preparing for the final show we wanted to
let you something very important, we’ve decided to invite some talent scouts to the show,
so please make sure everything looks professional and that we have rehearsed and are
fully prepared in advance.
Mrs...Thompson: This isn’t a chance you can miss, we’re very serious about this and so are
the scouts. They will be looking for a certain level of professionalism, knowledge and talent,
and although we would like to believe we’ve taught you all enough to be able to meet their
standards some of you simply aren’t there yet and sadly might never be. We will of course
be working harder than ever and will be brutally honest. If we think you don’t stand a
chance we will tell you, as always there is no place for people who can’t handle it so be
prepared for the worst.
Alice: Oh My God!!! Can you believe this? This is beyond awesome, it’s incredible it’s, it’s- I
can’t find a word to describe it…
Michelle: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (they all laugh) So now let’s be serious, we’re
going to have to really practise for this. I think we could really stand a chance; we just need
to make sure we’re ready.
Doug: (interrupts) Hey, guys? I know I haven’t really been very- approachable over the year
but you guys are REALLY GOOD at what you do and I know that considering my talents I
probably don’t stand a chance alone against you so would it be ok if I join you?
Michelle: Oh, you are Doug, are you? Doug nods Oh I don’t know, I think that would be ok
on one condition…
Doug: What?
Michelle: Accept the fact that, although Mozart is an amazing composer, the true star is
Beyoncé. Everyone gazes at Doug awaiting the answer
Doug: Well, I don’t know I haven’t heard enough of her music to be sure…I always loved
classical music, but I am starting to like more and more modern music…
Michelle: Are you kidding? Wait I have a great idea! We should do a mashup; we can mix
Beyoncé with Mozart. It would be like mixing the old with the new and creating something
completely different, plus that way we appeal to the whole audience in the final show!
Alice: Yeah! Mozart with Beyoncé’s lyrics! How cool!
Doug: Yeah, I must agree that’s cool. laughs We can prove then that Mozart and Beyoncé
CAN live in harmony! Well in this case we’re talking more about their music but you know
what I mean right? Unifying the old with the new, classic with pop! Come on guys let’s do
this! (voices fade)
Scene 6
Ballet barre on
I Hope I get it playing on a loop
Miss. Day: Ok so it goes. Step kick kick together jump down kick ball change chaseéStep kick kick together jump down kick ball change chaseé- ….Jamal what is wrong with
you? Come on, you are not going to tell me that’s all you’ve got…..Give me something here
will you….And you Hannah…..
Hannah Bueno perfecto – seguimos como no pasa nada, lo mas importante son los scouts,
y Stevie – la olvidamos supongo?
Jamal I AM trying, but what exactly do you expect me to do with this….this lame shi……
Miss Day Oh Wow you really think you’re all that don’t you! These steps are beneath you
somehow – maybe I’m the idiot – maybe the others are right…the world doesn’t owe you a
living Jamal… want to work it…right…so let’s work it……takes cardigan off and
launches in to full on coreo – younger kids circle round and Hannah and Jamal join in…
Eryn That was so cool – you should do that for the show…
Miss Day No, no no, (out of breath) my job is to teach…your job is to shine, now where
were we? Back to I hope I get it until there’s a knock at the door …..oh um, Hannah could
you lead for a second. Mrs...Thompson, is everything alright? Look before you say anything
I just wanted to apologize for my behaviour earlier, it was inappropriate and I should have
known better…well, in any case was there anything in particular that you wanted to talk to
me about?
Mrs... Thompson: Well actually I came to pick up Jamal, he’s been summoned to the
Director’s office and I’ve been sent to collect him immediately. Sra.. Romero got the report
last lesson…I’m sorry.
Miss Day: Oh, Of course. Um. Let me go get him for you. Jamal, could you come here for a
minute please? Look, you’ve been called to the office. I can’t say what it’s about exactly but
know that if you need any help, you come straight to me ok?
Jamal: Why would I need help? This is about Stevie isn’t it? Someone said I did it, didn’t
they? I didn’t do it Miss I swear. Please, my Dad won’t believe me if he finds out about this,
he never does…
Miss. Day: I know, I believe you but I tried convincing the others and they – well they’re
taking longer to come around to it…I’m sorry Jamal, I tried but I can’t do much more.
Jamal: Yeah I get it. Don’t sweat it Miss, I’m sure it’s nothing too serious anyway. But Miss,
I talked to Stevie yesterday and she told meMrs...Thompson: Come on Edwards, it’s best not to keep people waiting in these
Close curtains
Sra.. Romero: En realidad, no estoy tan segura... es lo que insinuaba una carta anónima
que encontré en mi casillero al acabar las clases...
Mr. Martínez: eso es justo lo que queríamos saber... Es normal que el autor no haya
querido revelar su nombre. Le daría miedo pensar en las represalias que Jamal Edwards
podría tomar contra él... Vaya, mira, ¡por ahí viene...!
Mr Trolley: Take a seat Edwards, we need to talk to you about something.
Jamal: Look If this is about what happened withMr. Martínez: SIT down, and cut the attitude!
Mr Trolley Mr. Edwards this is a very serious matter and we would like you to treat it as
such. From what we’ve been told you have something to own up to. Now as you can
imagine we are inclined to believe the information provided to us, but if you can prove
Jamal: Of course I can! It WASN’T me dude! Stevie’s my friend, you seriously believe I’m
dumb enough to…oh no wait…I get it….of course you do! You, all of you, think this is just
the kind of thing a “person like me” would do. I bet you even suspected me before you got
that stupid information, which is a total lie by the way. You were just waiting for a reason to
talk to me. Well it wasn’t me!
Miss Bailey: MR. EDWARDS! That is enough. You will talk to us with respectJamal: yeah right, like I’m going to respect you when you don’t respect me. I may not be
your typical pretty rich boy but that doesn’t mean I’m not human, and I deserve as much
respect from you as you deserve from me. Right now I get the feeling you guys are just
looking for a reason to put me down and screw me over!
Mr Trolley: THAT’S IT! I’ve just about had it up to here with you boy, first the lack of respect
then the attitude and now the language. You are suspended for a week young man, and
until you can give me a good enough reason to think otherwise you’re no longer
participating in the final show.
Jamal: WHAT?!?! You know what FINE, I should have known you were never trying to help
me, I was probably this stupid school’s charity case so you can say you “INCLUSIVE”, and
not elitist. Well you know what! That’s exactly what you are! You can pretend all you want,
this school was made for ready-made celebrities. You don’t really care about the other
students, you’re not interested in true passion, what you want is a good reputation. And
you’re crazy if you think I’m just going to stand around and play a part in all of this! He
slams his chair back and knocks something over
Miss Bailey Come back here young man, this is not over!
Mr Trolley Well you can’t let him loose around the school in that state, you’ll have to go after
him I’m afraid.
Sra Romero We’ll bring him back once we’ve calmed him down
so Jamal is in Dance studio Enter Kiera
Kiera Hey how’d it go?
Jamal What do you think? This school is not for people like us, Our faces and bank
balances don’t fit, we don’t have celebrity parents….
Kiera Hey…Chill out! There are teachers who believe in you, they know you’re talented,
they know you haven’t done anything wrong, and they know you deserve your place here.
Jamal Yeah right! So where were they just now – surprise surprise …they disappeared! No
one cares, stay - go… they couldn’t care less.
Kiera But I care Jamal, stop being so stupid, You need this, and I need you here. You’re my
big brother. If you can’t stick it, how can you expect me to? Fine ignore me, but at least
listen to my music…
I need you
Jamal Sis that was beautiful! you have real talent, and they have made a place for you
here, but I’m sorry they have made themselves clear, I’m out of here! She leaves stage
frustrated and almost crying
Scene 7
Jamal is onstage with headphones on. He’s pacing around the room every now and then he
kicks something or punches something. Becomes a dance solo.
What’s your 20
We see Hannah enter and stay at the edge of the room, watching. Suddenly he falls and
starts crying. He snatches his headphones off and throws them away. Hannah picks up the
headphones and walks to Jamal, sitting next to him. Jamal turns away and wipes his eyes
Hannah: Hey…That was incredible! Why don’t you ever let loose like that in class?
Jamal: I’m not in the mood Hannah, Just leave me alone.
Hannah: Can’t, I reserved this room to practice for the show. You’re going to have to find
someplace else to be alone unless you want to help me?
Jamal: I don’t see the point, I’m not doing the show anymore anyway
Hannah: WHAT?! Are you kidding me? Why not?
Jamal: apparently I took it too far when they accused me of doing something I didn’t do so
they’ve suspended me for a week and pulled me out of the final show.
Hannah: Wait, is this about Stevie? What the hell are they talking about? You were with me
that night, there is no way you did it. So who said you did?
Jamal: You really can’t guess?
Hannah: Oh no she didn’t!
I’m telling you, when I get my hands on that stupid girl! She
has no idea what she’s got coming for her! She begins to storm out when Jamal grabs her
arm and pulls her back
Jamal: It’s not worth it. She’s just one more person who looks at me and sees the street.
Hannah: Fine, but if I can’t go kick her butt then at least let me let off a little steam.
Jamal: Do what you want, I’m out of here anyway.,
Hannah: Uhhh…excuse me?
Jamal: What?
Hannah: There is no way you are seriously going to leave me here, if you don’t stay, I don’t
know what I’ll do she smiles and they both laugh.Come on, let’s do what we do best – it’s
what we’re here for, it’s why we breathe Dance. Miss Day walks in just as they are about to
Miss. Day: Well, Well, that was pretty good, was it practise for the show? Because if it was
you definitely have my permission to do it on the night. Maybe you could even teach it to
some of the others? I’m thinking a dark stage with a single spotlight on you two. Smoke
machines and then bit by bit couples join until the stage is completely lit up. And then we
couldJamal suddenly starts walking away
Miss. Day: What happened? Is he alright?
Hannah: I’m surprised you don’t know miss. He’s not doing the show; the teachers kicked
him out of school for a week. Someone told them he was the one that took the drink to
Miss. Day: Do you think he did?
Hannah: What?! No!
Miss. Day: Good, because I don’t either. I’m going to go talk to them, see what I can do.
Jamal: Huh?
Miss. Day: Don’t let this stop you, we will figure this out ok? You have a talent that’s very
rare, don’t let them take that away from you. You have to keep going, keep fighting, believe
in yourself. Don’t give up, don’t let your anger take over. You just have to find the right
people who love you for you. He puts his arm around Hannah, Miss. Day smiles I get the
feeling you’ve already found one of them.
Jamal Yeah but one “Street Dance” isn’t going to be enough to impress the right people is
Hannah He’s right, lots of the teachers don’t like his style.
Miss Day Hmm, we had a request for a short simple choreography and someone to teach it
to an anonymous performer who’s supposed to be coming in tomorrow– leave this with me,
let me see if I can pull some strings leaves on her phone
Hannah Y ahora que? Que era esto?
Jamal Pues no se, Quizas es alguien buscando gente para alguna programa del tele uno
de estos Factor X o otra cosa plástica del mudo de Pop. Que decía? Algo corto y sencillo –
pues te están buscando a ti mi amor steals Hannah’s cap leave stage chased by Hannah
Scene 8
Cristoff: Hi guys, what’s up? Did you have a good weekend?
Anabel: Did you hear about Jamal? Apparently He was the one that did it!
Celia: The one that did what?
Jack: You know –
Reece: The one that took the drink to the hospital girl
Celia: No way! Did he really? I didn’t think he was the type to do something like that.
Cristoff: Of course he’s not! There is no way he did this. Someone set him up.
Anabel: Oh yeah? Well who would want to do that?
Cristoff: I don’t know but I swear when I find out, I’m going to – they all look at Kim, who is
in the middle of a massive group of Kids enjoying the attention and talking to them about
something, at this point Hannah, Michelle, Sophia and Alice walk in
Kim: I was just leaving my Dad’s penthouse on New Street, a couple of blocks from the
hospital when I first saw him. He was wearing those ridiculous trousers and a cap that
covered his eyes but I knew it was him. I kind of get this sixth sense in these situations and
I just knew I had to follow him. Anyways, I followed him all the way to the hospital and saw
him walk in with a brown paper bag in his hand. When I got to school the next day I heard
about Stevie and I knew that this was no coincidence.
Hannah: Hears the conversation as she enters stage Oh My God! It was you, you told the
teachers he did it didn’t you? Do you realise what you’ve done? Urgh!!! She runs at her and
starts to beat her up, Stevie comes in, sees what’s going on and pulls Hannah off Kim
Stevie: Break it up! Honestly I didn’t think this place would fall into such a state without me?
What happened, did you all turn into wild animals while I was gone?
Connor: to Aaron dude, let’s separate them, they’re going to hurt themselves badly!
Hannah: Stevie?! I thought you were still in hospital, it’s so great to see you! Are you ok
Stevie: Yeah, Yeah I’m fine. Doc let me off early, said “Stevie I don’t know what happened
but you recovered a lot faster than I was anticipating” Something to do with guardian
angels singing to me I think winks
Alice: What you doing at school though, didn’t he say you should stay at home and rest a
Michelle: Yeah, I mean no one expects you to be back on your feet straight away sweetie
Connor: Well I bet I can guess why you’re back. It’s for the show, isn’t it? I knew you
wouldn’t miss it!
Sophia: Of course! This is great; it wouldn’t have been the same without you
Stevie: Aw thanks guys, it’s great to be back. Just a quick question - do you know where
Jamal is? I kinda need to talk over some ideas with him.
Michelle: They haven’t told you have they? Oh my god, why wouldn’t they tell you?
Stevie: Who? Tell me what? Is Jamal ok?
Hannah: Not really. He’s been kicked out for a week, but they also cut him from the show.
He’s in a real bad way. Miss Day is looking into a way to try to get him back in, but she can’t
Stevie: Why would they kick him out? He must have done something pretty serious to be
cut from the show.
Sophia: Wait do you mean he didn’t do it?
Stevie: Do what?
Hannah: Bring you the bottle of alcohol in hospital, that wasn’t Jamal?
Stevie: No! Of course not! Why would anyone think it was?
Kim: Are you sure? I’m sure I saw him go in with a paper bag this weekend.
Stevie: Jamal didn’t come to see me this weekend, it was my old friend, he even tried to
sneak in a bottle, but the nurses caught him and threw him out, but no Jamal, unless I was
Kim: Oh no, this isn’t good. This really isn’t good. You’ve got to tell them. He doesn’t
deserve to not be in the show
Hannah: What’s with the change of heart? Suddenly realize you getting back at him by
LYING wasn’t such a great idea?
Stevie: Hannah, chill, I just need to talk to them, it will all be fine, I promise we will fix this.
Scene 9
Mr Trolley: I honestly don’t know why I let you talk me in to accepting him in the first place?
Knowing his…History?
Sra.. Romero: (quietly to Mrs Thompson) I don’t know, I just can’t shake the feeling that
we’ve made a mistake
Mrs....Thompson: Well this is a serious disciplinary matter. I hope you haven’t changed you
mind? You can’t!
Sra.. Romero: I don’t know, maybe we were a bit harsh. It all happened very fast. The more
I think about it the more I wonder if we can consider the letter to be reliable
Mr. Martínez: I hate to say it but I agree. Maybe we should be reconsidering?
Mrs....Thompson: No! We have to remember that although we suspect him of taking the
drink to the hospital there were several factors to our decision.
Miss Bailey Precisely! like his attitude – Mr. Martínez you told us that he’d stormed out in a
rage after you’d pointed out his mistakes. And Sra. Romero you said he’d been
disrespectful to you a couple of times.
Mr. Martínez: Yes, you are right. It was the right decision, maybe a little harsh but he
needed to learn his lesson. As well as set an example to all those students who followed
Stevie: Hi Mrs....Thompson. Is it ok for me to come in?
Miss Bailey: Stevie?! You’re not supposed to be back for at least another two weeks
Stevie: Yeah well my doctor told me I was ok. One or two days and I would be back to
normal. I just came to ask about the show. Since I’m alright now…I was wondering if I could
maybe take extra classes to learn the routines. It is a lot to catch up on but I know I can do
it, and I’m ready to work!
Mrs....Thompson: Oh…Uh. Well…How should I put this…
Stevie: Oh and while we are talking about the show I heard Jamal has been told he can’t
participate on the grounds that he brought me alcohol at the hospital?
Mrs....Thompson: Yes, yes that’s correct
Stevie: Well That’s not what happened, it wasn’t him. He wasn’t the one who brought the
Mr. Martínez: If it wasn’t him, who was it?
Stevie: Well that’s the thing, it was an old friend of mine, but they threw him out before he
even got to my room, they tried to make me tell them who he was, but as he didn’t give me
the bottle I didn’t drink it, so I thought they didn’t need to know. …but Jamal, he’s another
story –he’s been accused of something when he’s completely innocent - please tell me it’s
not too late?
Mr Trolley: Well I’m sorry but Mr. Edwards was not only kicked out of the show for that
reason, and we do not go back on our decisions. As to your participation in the show. I’m
afraid it’s not going to be possible.
Stevie: WHAT?! Are you kidding me? Why not?
Sra... Romero: Mrs....Thompson! The girl has a valid point, why ever not?
Mr Trolley I haven’t heard anything from her doctor and until I do I have no proof of what
she is saying, I have no way of knowing if she has actually finished her treatment and I will
not risk this school’s reputation It would be ridiculous of me to just let you waltz back in here
and get a part “just because”. No. There are other shows and other events in which you can
participate. My decision is final.
Stevie: But-I, I
Mr Trolley: my decision is FINAL
Stevie storms out crying.
Sra... Romero: Mr Trolley, I’m afraid I disagree with you completely but right now I’m more
interested in making sure that young lady is ok. I would like to talk this over with you later.
Sra... Romero follows Stevie
Aaron: Hey, what’s up, are you ok? Honey are you ok? Come on, tell me what happened
Stevie: They’re not letting me do it! They’re stupid and annoying and I’m leaving this
STUPID school.
Aaron: Hey, slow down. What are you talking about? What aren’t they letting you do?
Stevie: The show. They won’t let me do the show. They won’t let Jamal do the show. So if
you wear a tutu or have a famous Dad you’re fine – but otherwise you’re out! I give up,
what’s the point, I’ve had enough, I get it…. if your face doesn’t fit, never expect your
dreams to come true and never expect people to support you.
Aaron: Sweetie that’s not true. Don’t let them get to you, you should always follow your
dreams no matter what other people say. Of course they’re pushing you to your limits but
only because they know that you can be amazing. Don’t let this silly show thing get to you, I
mean it’s a bummer, it really is, but there will be other opportunities, for all you know you
might get contacted for a casting tomorrow, you just have to take each day as it comes and
never give up.
Stevie: Yeah but how am I supposed to do that if they won’t let me prove myself, if they
won’t let me take that first step towards my dreams?
Aaron song to Stevie
Half way through song he gets mic off stand
At end song band put down instruments and put on dark glasses and jackets – come back
on as security guards
Scene 10 –
Other students enter, all looking excited and confused by security
Michelle, Jamal and Sophia enter
Sophia What’s going on with security? Why did we have to come in through the front door
this morning?
Michelle I dunno weird right? Must be some big producer or something I suppose
Jamal Or maybe the casting agents have arrived already?
Miss Day Jamal I need to speak to you – my studio now….NOW!!
Jamal What’s all this about? Am I in trouble AGAIN…..
Miss Day No, no look I have 10 seconds to explain so listen….. The people who are coming
to look at you all in the final performance are really big names in the music business, and
obviously they already have lots of clients.
Jamal Yeah! So?
Miss Day Yeah well 2 of them are managers for Mackleroy (Mackelmore)
Jamal Shut the front door! Are you kidding me? Is he here…it’s that what the heavy security
is all about? Oh I gotta get an autograph
Miss Day You are gonna get more than that….He wants to film his next music video here in
the school TOMORROW! He needs choreography and backing dancers and I said you’d do
Jamal No way – But I thought I was out on my arse, How have you managed to arrange
this? won’t you get into trouble?
Miss Day Listen don’t get too excited. There are no guarantees. This is just a chance for
you to show why you deserve your place here…but it’s a chance, not a promise. What’s
being asked of you, even I couldn’t do in the time we’ve got left, so you need to get to it
straight away.
He disappears off into a studio with his headphones on
Mackleroy comes in followed by security and all the younger students and their autograph
Mackleroy Right come on then, let’s get this show on the road…I have a costume fitting at
6, where are we filming this thing? I suppose all these wannabes are trying to get a part. I
am assuming you have already told them no…we have our own backing dancers right.?
Keira to Hannah Where’s my brother? Is it true?
Hannah I don’t know I’ve just heard as much as you – come on he’s in here..
They go in to the studio. We see the closed door, the back of Mackelroy signing autographs
and we here All About that Base video. Turn back to the audience as Mackleroy goes in to
studio and Jamal starts showing him some steps. Open on Studio with mirror and All about
Bass routine
Partial curtain close – dancers off teachers on
Teachers on the phone
Sra Romero Si pero no nos ha dicho que sería así, ha sido grabado aquí en la escuela, con
el trabajo artístico de nuestros alumnos y nadie les dice nada…
Miss Day Oh what’s going on? Really I can’t stand all this commotion, we have our own
show to prepare, the world doesn’t revolve around these people, don’t they know that?
Mr Martinez Pues parece que están intentando no popularizar a Jamal, nuestro alumno
más brillante, con el esfuerzo y creatividad que se merece
Miss Day Well imagine that! People not recognizing the talent we have in ALL sectors of
this school.
Michelle to friends Wait a minute, did you hear what they were saying on the phone? they
are trying to not name Jamal in the credits for the video and the track goes on international
release tomorrow! to Miss Day Don’t let them rip him off. He worked hard for this. He
deserves the credit.
Sra Romero Vale, si, eso si lo podemos aceptar, le vamos a decir y le concretamos los
detalles luego, vale muy bien… Lo que dicen es que Jamal y Hannah van a participar en el
próximo videoclip de Mackinro
Miss Day Mackleroy
Sra Romero si eso, y le van a nombrar y pagar como coreógrafo, también dicen que dos
artistas más han pedido su colaboración en sus próximos estrenos….
Hannah Has oído esto, hemos llegado, ya empieza. No lo puedo creer….
Jamal Yo sí, siempre lo he creído, pero mira, antes de irnos tenemos el show final para
preparar, y no podemos olvidar lo que practicamos ayer y que empieza un nuevo día, pero
también daría aún más trabajo, mas estrés, y más sudor – y quien lo quisiera de otra
Scene 11
The stage is split into three groups - dancers, singers & musicians, actors. They are all
chatting and rehearsing for the show. in order we hear 1) Musicians, 2) Dance, 3) Drama
Michelle: So I was thinking something like this sings
Doug: Yeah I like that! What if we backed it with a little plays something
Michelle: Oh my god, yes! That would sound amazing!
Alice: And we can do it with Beyonce-style lyrics!
Aaron: Oh babes that sounds incredible. But what if dramatic pause we put in a harmony?
Alice: Yes!!!! Oh please! Imagine it with a three part harmony
Connor: with a guitar and a piano this could really work. We may actually be able to pull it
Michelle squeals with excitement, jumping up and down
Hannah: So I think we should mix all the different styles we’ve learnt in the semester – you
know to really show what we can do.
Eryn: Ok, but how do we link them? I mean they were all really different
Hannah: See that’s my only issue. I just can’t see it fitting together…
Cristoff: Without Stevie or Jamal it’s just not the same.
Kim: Oh, come on guys, we don’t need themHannah: Well of course you would say that “Little miss tutu and sequins”
Kim: No, please hear me out. I realise, what I did wasn’t right, and I can’t fix it now. But we
all know Jamal and Stevie, we know how much they wanted this. We owe it to them to
figure this out and put on a great show, ALL OF US, not just me.
Hannah: You really have got a nerve! I got believe you …. that was…
Stevie: ….Really nice of you!
Cristoff: Hey, Stevie! It’s good to see you. Did you come to help us? I mean I know you’re
not doing the show, which is a real bummer by the way, but I’m sure you could still help us,
Sra... Romero: Actually, Stevie is here to join your rehearsal, I suggest you get started; she
has a lot to catch up on since she’ll be joining you on stage this weekend.
Eryn: Oh My God, this is great!
Hannah: Come on, we’ll explain everything
Sra... Romero: actually there is one more thing. Jamal steps out from behind her, they all
scream and embrace him in a group hug Mr. Edwards will also be joining you.
Sophia: I’ve been thinking and I know we had it planned to do midsummer night’s dream
but I’ve got a couple of ideas written down, I don’t know if you’re going to like it but I just
thought why do someone else’s story, why do something written by someone else? So my
idea is, What if we did OUR story.
Anabel: I don’t know, I mean it’s a great idea, don’t get me wrong but…wouldn’t it be pretty
hard to dramatize normal situations, especially in a school.
Sophia: Yeah, I see what you mean but I mean, this isn’t just a normal school it’s an arts
school so it’s always got drama, we just have to emphasize it a bit more. I know t would be
a challenge, but this was never going to be easy!
Jack: I really like the idea.
Celia: Me too! I mean I understand what Anabel is saying, but I think we could do it.
Anabel: You know what count me in, I mean this could definitely work, right?
Janice: Of course it can, with actors like us, how would it not?
We see small sections of rehearsal from 1) music, 2) Drama, 3) Dance
Scene 12
We project a video of backstage with the teachers and students in costume before the
show, the following lines are on the video
Sra... Romero: Ok kids, this is it. This is what it’s all led to, all that work, sweat, dedication
and time has led this moment.
Jamal: Yeah, so no pressure right!
Students laugh, teachers shush them
Mrs....Thompson: We wanted to wish you good luck and to remind you that no matter what
happens out there we have seen you grow far beyond our expectations throughout this
semester, you are all extremely talented students and now it’s time for you to show that to
your friends and family.
Cristoff: Oh, not forgetting all of those talent scouts in the first row
Excited murmur from students
Michelle: Once again, no pressure
Students laugh
Mr. Martínez: Por mi experiencia como profesor estoy seguro de que estáis muy nerviosos,
pero no tenéis que estarlo, ¡de verdad! Chicos, tenéis talento más que de sobra para salir
ahí fuera y demostrarle al mundo de lo que sois capaces. Pero antes de nada quería
deciros, bueno… QUERÍAMOS deciros, que esperamos de corazón que hayáis disfrutado
este año tanto como lo hemos disfrutado nosotros. Para todos los profesores este año ha
significado una experiencia inolvidable y esperamos que lo haya sido igualmente para
vosotros y que regreséis el próximo año para seguir aprendiendo con nosotros. Dicho esto,
no nos queda más que desearos: ¡mucha mierda!
Sophia: Oooh!? Did he just swear at us? I can’t believe it!
Students laugh
Connor: No, no It’s a saying, it means “Buena suerte” you know?
Aaron you know – like “break a leg”!
Sophia: Ahhhh now even more confused ok, well thank you!
All cast come on to stage in darkness – back to audience.
Miss. Day: Whispering slowly and clearly Remember this show is about what you’ve
learned over our time together, so just be yourselves, enjoy it and just let go. I’ve had the
most wonderful time with you and you have been just the loveliest bunch of kids we could
have asked for, we are so happy to have shared this journey with you. All the ups and
downs included. Now go show them how it’s done here at ESA!
Kids cheer, lights up, turn to face audience - final number starts
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