June 15, 2015 Dear Students and Prospective Students: Enclosed

June 15, 2015
Dear Students and Prospective Students:
Enclosed please find the schedule of fall weekend classes, a document containing course and class numbers for
registration as well as the textbook listing, a registration instructions handout, and the latest edition of our
newsletter. It is important to read the newsletter. Course descriptions are in the Graduate Catalog.
Note: We do not supply books. Purchase a book on your own from a vendor of your choice, using the enclosed list.
Some on-campus classes still use the Textbook Center rental system. If you are an on-campus student and take an oncampus course with section designation AE (and some others), you would purchase your books.
Please read the location where the weekend classes are offered. You should not register for a class unless you can come
to all sessions of it. If you know you will need to be gone for a class meeting, our advice is that you not register for that
class. Attendance is critical to your success, and also to the success of the class and the entire program.
Please see the enclosed registration instructions. Registration is handled differently depending on whether you were
enrolled in a weekend or on-campus class in spring. If you were enrolled in spring, use the instructions for continuing
students. If not, use the instructions for new students. NOTE THAT SPECIAL PERMISSION IS REQUIRED TO
REGISTER FOR SEMINAR PAPER OR PRACTICUM, so contact your advisor or the program office
(608.342.1276). If you wish to do an independent study, consult the instructor you wish to work with, and complete the
independent study proposal (available on the graduate office web page). If you are doing a practicum or seminar paper
in fall of 2015, consult with the instructor you wish to work with right away to get it set up. Those planning a fall
practicum should get it set up now
The Office of Continuing Education (888.281.9471) handles registration for the “Magic 7” certification courses for
technical college staff members. Check their website (address is in the newsletter) regarding how to register for forcredit professional development courses.
To take a class from Distance Learning, note that their deadline is early.
Financial aid questions should be directed to the Financial Aid office at 608.342.1836. Registration questions should be
directed to the office handling registration for that class (see above). Take advantage of advising opportunities that
will be offered to you later this summer.
Please keep our office apprised of any changes in address, name, phone, or email, so we can be sure and remain in
touch with you! (You should also change it in PASS for the benefit of the graduate school.) We update our own Excel
mailing list. If at some point you want us to stop sending you mail, let us know that, too!
Ann Krebs Byrne
Coordinator, MSE Adult Education Program
Director | 608.342.1131 | Fax: 608.342.1133
Clinical Experiences | 608.342.1271 | Fax: 608.342.1002 | Counselor Education | 608.342.1252 | Fax: 608.342.1756
Physical Education | 608.342.1573 | Fax: 608.342.1073 | Teacher Education | 608.342.1131 | Fax: 608.342.1133
Education Office of Special Programs | 608.342.1276 | Fax: 608.342.1889
1 University Plaza | Platteville WI 53818-3099 | www.uwplatt.edu
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