High Meadow Ranch Water District Board of Directors Meeting 16

High Meadow Ranch Water District
Board of Directors Meeting
16 April 2014
Location: Sublette County Weed & Pest building, 12 South Bench Rd, Pinedale, WY
Attendance: Amanda Templar, President; April Ginest, Treasurer; Charlotte Esterholt, Secretary; Richard Smythe, Board
Member; Tim Wells, Water Systems Operator & Board Member
Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.
Quorum Verified
Rules & Regulations – Submission of Public Comments: None submitted. No guests attended.
Previous meeting’s minutes: Motion to accept minutes from 19 March 2014 as presented. Motion by April, 2nd by Tim,
unanimously approved, no discussion.
Water Operator Report: There are currently no known water leaks. There was a lot of water lost due to a leak on
Merrimac, which was repaired. Tim recommends repairing 4 joints on Seminole Path as soon as the budget allows. Tim
met with Kolter from WLC and revised the maps of the district. There will be a meeting in May (date TBD) with WLC to
review their draft of the Level I Study.
Financial Report: April presented a current Balance Sheet. Motion by Tim to accept it as presented, 2nd by Richard,
unanimously approved. April gave an update on how many property owners have paid their bills so far.
Old Business
Updates on Level I Study: Board members met with WLC and WWDC on March 27. Notes from that meeting are
available upon request. WLC is now finalizing their Level I Study with budget items. Board will meet with WLC in May to
discuss budget options. WWDC is also preparing recommendations. Water meters need to be installed in all residences
within the water district before funding can be received to make most improvements to the water system.
FY2015 Budget: Board reviewed and revised the budget to be prepared for the district’s needs this year. Amanda will
check with Mary Lankford about timelines and requirements for submitting the budget to the county. April will finalize
the revisions to the budget. There was discussion of how much money to keep in the water reserve account. Tim said
$10,000 would be enough to replace a pump if one goes out and $20,000 is a good goal to keep in the reserve account.
Motion by Tim to have April open an account with the best return at 1st Bank in Pinedale as the water reserve account;
2nd by Amanda, unanimously approved. Motion by April to have board members change the signature cards at 1st Bank
and have the signing board members on the account be: April, Amanda and Charlotte; 2nd by Richard, unanimously
Board of Directors Vice President Vacancy: Motion by Tim to appoint Richard Smythe as Vice President of High Meadow
Ranch Water District, 2nd by April, unanimously approved. Richard accepted the position.
New Business
Rate Schedule Revisions: There was some discussion about delinquent accounts. For the current billing cycle an account
is delinquent if not paid in full by April 16th, or if no payment arrangements have been made. April will notify all
property owners with delinquent accounts. Motion by Tim to set the interest rate at 10% for all delinquent accounts,
2nd by April, approved unanimously. Motion by Tim to leave the tap fee at $1,000.00, 2nd by April, unanimously
approved. “Annual Rate” wording to replace “Annual Water Rate” wording. Amanda will make necessary revisions to
the Rate Schedule.
WARWS Conference: will be held April 22-25 in Casper
Next Board Meeting: May 14th at 7:00 p.m. at the Sublette County Weed and Pest Building
Motion to adjourn by April, 2nd by Amanda, unanimously approved.
Meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Charlotte Esterholt
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