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For Immediate Release:
Contact: Jarrod Holland
[email protected]
Wilmington, NC (June 23, 2011)—Dry Corp, the inventor and manufacturer of the popular
waterproof and vacuum sealed DryCASE for smart phones, MP3 players, cameras and tablets,
announced today the introduction of their newest product, DryBUDS SPORT.
Featuring an over-the-ear clip, DryBUDS SPORT are designed for runners, swimmers, skiers,
boaters, and anyone else who is active and enjoys their portable electronics in wet conditions.
“Our customers asked us to design these headphones because they wanted to be able to
maintain their active lifestyle while utilizing their DryCASEs with their portable electronics,” says
Dr. Roy Archambault, CEO of Dry Corp. “We listened and are pleased to present them with our
latest waterproof creation, DryBUDS SPORT.”
DryBUDS SPORT retail for $34.99, roughly $30 cheaper than their closest competitor. For
more information and to find a retailer, please visit or call 1-888-6000-DRY.
About DryCASE
The DryCASE is the only vacuum-sealed, fully-enclosed waterproof case that will protect your
portable electronics from water damage. It is also the only protective case that allows for full
touch-screen functionality. Perhaps you want to watch a movie by the pool or use your favorite
app in the bathtub? Now you can.
The DryCASE is ideal for smart phones, MP3 players and cameras. A larger version called the
DryCASE Tablet is also available for tablet computing devices. Both feature a 3-way
headphone / microphone jack.
The DryCASE also features an optional buoyant neoprene armband that can be used to attach
the product to your arm or to the console of a boat or anything else. A new optional buoyant
waist band has just been added by many requests by stand up paddle surfers and kayak
The patented DryCASE is state-of –the-art protection for your state-of-the-art technology. You
can go anyplace with DryCASE!
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