Sibridge Technologies Enhances Ethernet IP Cores with IEEE 1588

4699 Old Ironsides Drive
Suite # 278, Santa Clara,
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March 3, 2014
Contact: Paul Wilhelmsen
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Sibridge Technologies Enhances Ethernet IP
Cores with IEEE 1588 PTP
SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 3, 2014 — Sibridge Technologies a leading provider of innovative
design IPs, verification IPs, VLSI and embedded systems solutions, for the development of SoC
platform products, today announced availability of IEEE 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP).
The addition of IEEE 1588-2008 to Sibridge Technologies’ Design IP portfolio will enable Sibridge
to support existing customers and acquire new customers in the networking domain. Customer will
leverage IEEE 1588-2008 IP for real-time networking and automation applications that involve very
precise timing synchronization.
Sibridge Technologies’ IEEE 1588 IP seamlessly couples with its Triple-speed Ethernet IP and variety
of interfaces like MII/GMII/RMII/RGMII/TBI PHY interface data-paths for detecting PTP messages.
The design comprises of highly accurate adder-based clock, network packet interface specific PTPmessage-event capture logic, AHB/AXI system interface controller and time-stamp mechanism. The
IP core also supports time-stamping based on external events, provides user-programmable clockoutput/trigger-pulse, and a Pulse per Second (PPS) output.
“Proliferation of Ethernet for variety of applications makes IEEE 1588-2008 as a must have IP
protocol for highly time-critical applications. Our IEEE 1588-2008 IP is highly configurable and
allows easy customization to target variety of application.” said Rajesh Shah, CEO of Sibridge
About Sibridge Design and Verification IP Solutions
Sibridge’s Design IPs (DIPs) are high performance cores with low gate count and low power. The
DIPs are based on a robust IP development methodology that enables the DIPs to be highly
configurable and easy to integrate in complex SoCs.
Sibridge’s Verification IPs (VIPs) leverages the power of SystemVerilog to provide verification
engineers with a highly scalable, expandable and easy to use verification solution. The VIPs are
native SystemVerilog based solutions that support UVM, OVM, VMM and Pure SystemVerilog
About Sibridge Technologies
Sibridge Technologies provides innovative value-added IP-based solutions for design, verification,
and embedded systems development to worldwide semiconductors and electronic product
companies. The company offers a unique blend of three critical components in the development of
SoCs: design and verification IP portfolios; strong chip design, integration, and verification
expertise; embedded systems hardware & software design and validation for streaming media,
wireless, and networking applications. The company is based in Santa Clara, CA and has additional
design centers in Ahmedabad and Bengaluru in India. For more information please contact
[email protected] or visit
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