Folleto de Turismo y Presentación

Folleto de Turismo y Presentación-Un Proyecto de Español 3 CP
-Paper; take an 8.5 x 11-inch piece of computer paper or stock paper and place horizontally. Then fold into 3 equal parts.
-Visual; have a title - (a slogan would be good, but it is not mandatory) include the city, place, area, etc. you selected.
-Place pictures on the inside and outside of your brochure, and include detailed explanations/depictions en español beneath
these visuals. Regarding your detailed explanations/depictions that will appear beneath your pictures, you will use a
minimum of 100 words. Do not exceed 200 words.
-In-Class Preparation; you will have class time to work on your brochures-- bring in materials. Part of your grade will come
from preparation time, so use it wisely.
Presentación Oral- you will give a 3 to 4-minute speech en español, 1 ½ to 2 minutes for your partner, and 1 ½ to 2 for you.
Your partner will complete his/her portion first, and then you will present-no exceptions. You may each use a small
note card (3” x 5” only) that contains no more than 5 short bullet points. You can glance at your card, but you will still need
to engage your audience by looking at them. Turn in your card to me after you present, and write your name, the date and
class period on it. If your card contains anything other than 5 short bullet points, you will be marked down. Talk about what
the area/city, etc. you chose has to offer and why it is a special place to visit. Remember to alter, add to, enhance, modify,
etc. your speech, so that it isn’t a repeat of your brochure. You will need to expound upon the language you wrote in
your brochure. Do not offer a repeat of what you wrote inside your brochure. Only use your language, not someone or
something else’s. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you will lose points. I will be holding onto your brochures when
you present, so you may wish to bring in some additional pictures or souvenirs, but this (bringing in a prop or souvenir) is not
Follow-up Questions en español, ¡claro!-after you give your presentation you will answer your classmates’ and my followup questions about your speech, which will be a significant part of your grade.
Prueba-upon the conclusion of your classmates’ presentations, you will take a quiz on everyone’s presentations. Take good
notes on your classmates’ presentations!
New Vocab.-Before you present, write down on the whiteboard any vocab. terms or expressions (plus their English
translation) that are pertinent to your presentation that your audience doesn’t know.
Selection of your city, place or tourist destination by Tuesday, March 16, 2015. you and your partner will submit your own work to Each of you will submit a document (1
for you and for him/her) that contains the same information you wrote on your travel brochure. The top of this document
should read “folleto”/brochure. Your partner and you will need to make an equal submission to turnitin regarding your
brochure. If your brochure is about 150 words, then you should submit 75 and your partner the other 75. After that, start a
new a space (beneath the brochure) on the same document called “guión”/script and add your script. *At the bottom of your
work, write “Referencias bibliográficas” (Works cited) and list (in alphabetical order starting with the titles of the articles you
got your information from) the sources where you got your articles and pictures. Also include the URL address and the date
retrieved-*see example below. pd. 2 class id: 9429594
pd. 3 class id: 9429605
password: geher
password: geher
Fecha de Presentación-Wednesday, March 25, 2015.
Fecha de la prueba-Fri., March 27, 2015
Referencias bibliográficas
“Historia de las Fallas”
fecha obtenida, 2 de marzo de 2015
“Turismo y Cultura”
fecha obtenida, 2 de marzo de 2015
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