Studio Policies

Jessica Welsh Piano Studio Policies
Parent Responsibilities
 Arrive on time to all scheduled events
 Support students in the daily discipline of practice
 Provide daily access to an acoustic piano or weighted keyboard
 Provide a distraction-free environment for practice
 Complete tuition payments on time
 Communicate with the instructor about any questions or concerns
 Encourage students to perform for family and friends
Student Responsibilities
 Schedule 45 minutes of practice for at least five days each week
 Perform in at least two recitals (fall and spring are mandatory)
 Read your assignment sheet every day and complete the steps given by your teacher
 Arrive on time with all your practice materials
 If you have a question, be sure to ask! Your teacher is happy to help!
Teacher Responsibilities
 Show personal attention and respect to each student
 Create a plan for each student’s progress throughout the year, as well as the small
steps needed to achieve the end goals
 Teach students exactly how to practice their assignments
 Encourage students in the art of performing – this is a skill that takes developing!
 Guide students to an understanding of technique, music reading, musical
interpretation, performing, and music theory
Lesson Schedule, Tuition, and Fees
Private Lessons
 Fall semester
o 18 weeks of private lessons
o 2 weeks of group performance class
 Spring semester
o 18 weeks of private lessons
o 2 weeks of group performance class
Summer semester
o 8 weeks of private lessons (required for Fall registration)
Piano Ensemble (optional track, in addition to private lessons)
 Fall and Spring semester
o 9 weeks
o 2 weeks of group performance class
 Summer semester
o Piano Ensemble Camp (one-week long, dates TBA)
Note: The ensemble track includes 9 coachings each semester with your teacher and your
ensemble partner(s). Once all students are registered, the teacher will form the ensemble
groups by age and level. Ensembles include one piano (four hands, six hands) and two pianos
(eight hands, duo). Students wishing to enroll in this program should be informed that there is
an increased level of responsibility and practice, in addition to their regular routine.
Tuition is charged by the semester, payable in two equal payments, as specified below.
Payment can be made by check or debit/credit card.
Tuition due dates:
Fall: August 1 and November 1 (half of fall tuition due on each payment date)
Spring: January 1 and March 1 (half of fall tuition due on each payment date)
Summer: June 1 (full tuition due at this time)
Registration Fee:
A non-refundable $25 registration fee per family is due at the start of the year (covers private
lessons and ensemble). This reserves your family’s place in the studio and covers the costs of
fall and spring recitals.
Late Fees:
A fee of $25 will be charged for any payment not received within 7 days of the payment due
date. Returned checks are subject to a bounced check fee, assessed by the instructor.
Lesson Length
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Semester
45 minutes
60 minutes
Coaching Length
45 minutes
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Ensemble Camp
What does your tuition cover?
 Private and group instruction with a qualified teacher
 18 private lessons/semester
 2 performance classes/semester
 All books and materials
 2 formal recitals
 2 community performances
 Piano tuning and technician services
 Teacher planning
 Teacher training
 Recital programs
 Web operations
 Rent, insurance, and business operating costs
Mandatory Events:
All students are required to participate in performance classes and the fall and spring recitals.
The performance classes are a necessary step in preparing the students for the experience of
performing on stage. Additionally, all students will take the state theory exam in February.
This is an important part of developing their understanding of the fundamentals of music.
(The cost of this exam will be paid by the student.)
Performance Classes: October 4th, November 16th, January 25th, April 4th
Fall Recital: December 10th, Collora Pianos Dallas
Spring Recital: May 13th, Collora Pianos Dallas
State Theory Exam: February, TBA (this event takes place on a Saturday, usually on the
campus of Southern Methodist University)
Optional Events:
Holiday Showcase – December 19th at a local retirement home (location, TBA)
Pop and Jazz Recital – February 13th at a local coffee shop (location, TBA)
Competitions – Dallas Music Teacher Association competitions are available to all students
but should be decided on privately between teacher, parents, and students.
Attendance Policy
Lesson attendance is mandatory; any lessons missed by the student will not be made up, as
the instructor has reserved that time slot for the student. If a student arrives late to a lesson,
the lesson will still conclude at the previously scheduled time. If you know your student will
arrive more than five minutes late, please notify the teacher via email or text message. The
instructor reserves the right to offer make-up lessons under extenuating circumstances.
Any lesson canceled by the teacher will be made up at a time that is mutually convenient.
Inclement Weather Policy:
In the event of inclement weather, the teacher will offer a make-up day at the end of the
Termination of Lessons:
Tuition and fees are non-refundable. Reevaluation of lesson continuation should take place
between semesters.
The instructor reserves the right to terminate lessons based on tardy attendance, lack of
preparation, and late payments. The instructor will contact the parent for a conference prior to
terminating lessons.
Studio Procedures
 No food or drink are allowed in the instructor’s studio
 Students must wash hands upon arrival and before beginning their lessons
 Students should keep their fingernails trimmed
 Students should arrive no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled lesson time
 Students must be picked up on time
 Students may warm up on the electronic keyboard for the 5 minutes prior to their
lesson time, if they bring their own headphones
 Parents are responsible for ensuring students’ safety to and from the studio. The
instructor will not be held responsible for the students beyond their lesson times or
outside the studio
Practice Requirements
Students are required to sign a practice contract at the start of the year, stating that they
will practice a minimum of 45 minutes a day, five days a week. Students enrolled in the
ensemble track are required to commit an additional 15 minutes of daily practice. Diligent,
daily practice should be the norm, not the exception. Anything else is unacceptable. Each
student is required to log his/her practice time on the weekly assignment sheet. The teacher
will ensure that the student knows both what and how to practice upon leaving the lesson.
Please Note:
I understand and agree to all the policies in this document. I understand the practice
expectations, tuition requirements, and make-up policy. Additionally, I understand that it is
my responsibility to ensure my students safety to and from the studio.
I also understand that this form serves as a release and consent to allow Jessica Welsh Piano
Studios to use my child’s image in either photographic or video format. I realize that this
footage may appear in promotional footage for the studio and used at the instructor’s
discretion. I understand that I will receive no compensation for allowing the use of this
Student Name: _______________________
Student Signature _______________________
Parent Signature _______________________
Date: _______________________
Please return this form to your teacher at your first lesson.
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