Hum 9 Name: 27 Jan 2016 Rome Goin` Up Lecture Quiz By Priscilla

Hum 9
27 Jan 2016
Rome Goin’ Up Lecture Quiz
By Priscilla Lindberg 22 Jan
1) Rome defeated the city of ___________________, which was an old trading colony from
the ____________________empire.
2) These people had grown wealthy from their trade in a certain purple dye made from
this small sea creature:___________________.
3) Defeating this enemy in Africa meant that Rome announced to the world it was
4) The Romans loved the Mediterranean so much (and believed they dominated it
completely) so the name they gave it translates into English as “____________ Sea.”
5) These three men made up the 3rd Triumvirate:
Part II: Ancient Soap Operas
6) Who was Mark Antony in love with that ended up bringing about his demise?
7) Which Battle in 31 BCE signaled the triumph of Octavian?
Part III: Rise of Augustus
8) Which two titles did Octavian give himself after he took power?
9) What did Augustus do to maintain his authority (that Caesar had failed to do?)
10) Augustus represents the beginning of the Roman version of the ________________of
11) Augustus did some great stuff. Fill in the blanks:
Created a m___________________
Cemented allegiance to Rome by allowing provinces under Rome’s control to
have au_____________________.
Set up a _______________system so mail could move around and also placed his
face on the empire’s _________________. That moved around a lot, too.
Made sure the ____________--less were put to work building up the
“All roads lead to _______________.” Why was this true?
The aquaducts were engineering feats, as they brought ___________________into
public and private buildings.
The arch was another brilliant engineering invention. The “key” to this
structure functioning was its_____________________, found in the middle of the
12) Please draw an arch, with its important part (that you mentioned above) labeled:
13)Augustus’ reforms led to a 200-year period of Roman history known as
14) In English, what does this translate into?
15) Who was the big party pooper and why?
Part IV: Circus, Circus
16) What could you find in the Coliseum on any given day?
17) This system of entertaining the citizens with games in the Coliseum and giving the
poor free grain for bread is called what policy by the Roman emperors?
18) What kind of lesson should we learn as a society about being too well fed and
distracted by stimulation?
Part V: 5 Good Emperors
19) Please choose the correct list of good emperors by crossing out the wrong ones:
Hadrian, Caligula, Marcus Aurelius, Nerva, Trajan, Nero, Antoninus, Commodus,
20) Whose rule represents the apex of power of the empire?
21) The story of Masada is meant to illustrate the weakness in the imperial system. Why
does this story show us that weakness?