Centenary of Maternal and Child Health Services

Centenary of Maternal and Child Health Services
(formerly known as Infant Welfare Services)
We are seeking women who raised children in Richmond, Collingwood and Fitzroy in the
1970s (or earlier) and who are prepared to be interviewed as part of an oral history project
being jointly run by the City of Yarra and Australian Catholic University.
Selected interviews will be archived and used to help with the centenary celebrations of
Maternal and Child Health Services in 2017
The interviews will cover issues like:
 The support you received from Council services, including maternal and child health
 The types of activities you used to do with their children for play
 How you used to combine household chores or paid work with parenting
 Whether you used grandparents, extended family or neighbours/friends for support with
caring for children
 Local community groups you used.
The interviews will take place at the Fitzroy and Richmond libraries on Wednesday 16th September
and at the Fitzroy Library on Saturday 19th September.
Interviews will be conducted by second year history students at the ACU.
Please ring Lina Favrin at the library on 1300 695 427 to register your interest.
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