certified pastoral counsellors of america

3017 St. Clair Ave. * Suite 210* Burlington* Ont.* L7N 3P5*  905.639.0137 * Fax: 905.333.8901* E-Mail: [email protected] cogeco.ca
Dear Brother/Sister In Christ:
The submission of this application is definitely one of the most serious yet wonderful steps you will
take in your life. We recommend that, you proceed prayerfully. Begin by asking for wisdom from our
Lord who “upbraideth not” (James 1:15). This too is our prayer for you; that the perfect will of our
Lord Jesus Christ be done in you.
The Candidate understands that acceptance into EOCPC constitutes adherence to a fellowship of
believers dedicated to the common goal of equipping men and women to fulfill a Christ-centered
counselling ministry. This position carries responsibility in its highest degree. Individual freedom and
personal initiative are respected as a basic policy of this fellowship, but we consent to work together in
oneness as a disciplined task force whose mandate is to see to it that the perfect will of God is done in
the land.
In the practice of Jesus Christ, who choose from simple fishermen (Peter) to well-learned scholars
(Paul) membership in our Association is open to anyone who will heed the call of Christ. If, however,
you have need of training the Institute is equipped to provide adequate academic upgrading according
to your previous education and experience. You will commit to a curriculum prepared for you
personally, and administered by a competent mentor assigned by the Institute.
Membership Designations and Fees
(Please indicate your choice of membership in the appropriate [ ] below)
Qualifications: Recommendation by Pastor and three other references of the applicants' moral and
ethical character and active standing in the ministry of Christ. You do not have to be a professional
counsellor but should be an active volunteer in the counselling ministry.
Qualifications: Graduate of Bible College or University with a degree, and must be qualified in the
scriptures as well as versed in the theories and therapies of psychotherapies and counselling.
Qualifications: An ordained Christian Minister, Pastor, or Evangelist with a Masters Degree or 10
years experience. Three references pertaining to the Candidate's high moral and ethical character.
Qualifications: Holds a Doctorate in Christian Counselling, Psychology, Psychiatry, Ministry,
Theology or Social Work from an acceptable and accredited Institution.
**Upon request a full information package will be forwarded regarding the academic requirements of every membership position**
Dr. Stephen Hambly (Chairman); Rev. (Dr.) Chester Searles Chaplain; Rev. (Dr.) M.D. Charles; Dr. Pius Onile
Rev.(Dr.) Fran Sousa; Dr. Reta Walker; John Reid (Calgary Office)
Your Full Name: ____________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________ Province: _____________________ Postal Code: ___________
Phone: _____________________ Fax: _____________________Email: ________________________
Describe Your Health: _______________________________________________________________
Age: ________ Name of Spouse, If any: _________________________________________________
Name(s) of Child(ren), If any: _________________________________________________________
High School: ________________________________________________________Grade: _______
University, College or Bible School: ___________________________________________________
State Diplomas or Degrees: __________________________________________________________
Other: ___________________________________________________________________________
Please include or arrange to submit official transcripts (University, College or Bible School)
Please also include Xerox copy of your Diploma or Degree.
Include a short account of your practical experience in counselling, and why you wish to become a
Certified member of our Order. (If space is insufficient use attach an extra page)
I the undersigned, do understand the commitment I am making by applying for membership as a
certified member of the Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America, and
herewith enclose the applicable fees. (Fee will be returned if application is not accepted)
Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: _______________
Include the names and addresses of three references. (One should be your Pastor)
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