NASA Budget Narrative {The Budget Narrative should clearly state

NASA Budget Narrative
{The Budget Narrative should clearly state the type of award instrument the Recipient anticipates
receiving if selected for award (i.e., contract, grant or cooperative agreement). NASA will, however,
make the final decision on the award instrument used (reference D.1.2).
Font - an easily read font having no more than ~15 characters per inch including spaces, (e.g., 12-point,
Times New Roman Western.
The Budget Narrative must describe the basis of estimate and rationale for each proposed
component of cost, including direct labor, subcontracts/subawards, consultants, other direct
costs (including travel), and facilities and equipment. The Proposer must provide adequate
budget detail to support estimates. The Proposer must state the source of cost estimates
(e.g., based on quote, on previous purchases for same or similar item(s), cost data obtained
from internet research, etc.) including the company name and/or URL and date if known, but
need not include the actual price quote or screen captures from the web. The Proposer must
describe in detail the purpose of any proposed travel in relation to the grant and provide the
basis of estimate, including information or assumptions on destination, number of travelers,
number of days, conference fees, air fare, per diem, miscellaneous expenses, etc. If
destinations are not known, the Proposer should, for estimating purposes, make reasonable
assumptions about the potential destination and use historical cost data based on previous
trips taken or conferences attended. No page limit on this portion.}
Senior/Key Personnel
1. Prof. X will…
B. Other Personnel
Salaries are inflated at an annual rate of 3% per published UNH guidelines.
Fringe Benefits: Fringe benefits will be charged according to UNH’s current federally-approved
benefits rates for the project period, at the “partial fringe benefits” rate for faculty and graduate
student summer salary, and at the “full fringe benefits” rate for other full-time staff. The fiscal
year rates are composited for the overlap between fiscal and project years, resulting in project
year rates of ___% in Year 1, ____% in Year 2 and ____% in Year 3. Actual rates are 45.0%
through 6/30/13, 46.3% through 6/30/14 and 44.5% thereafter for full benefits, and 8.9%
through 6/30/13, 7.9% through 6/30/14 and 8.3% thereafter for partial benefits.
C. Equipment Description
D. Travel
1. Domestic:
2. Foreign
E. Participant/Trainee Support Costs
1. Tuition/fee/health insurance {note – this section is not for UNH grad student costs}
2. Stipends
3. Travel
4. Subsistence
F. Other Direct costs
1. Materials and supplies:
2. Publication costs:
3. Consultant services:
4. Computer Services:
5. Subawards/Consortiums:
6. Equipment rental:
7. Alterations and Renovations
G. Total Direct Costs
H. Indirect Costs
{edit as needed}Facilities & Administrative (indirect) costs are calculated according to UNH’s
current negotiated rate agreement with the Federal government. For the proposed budget, an
"on campus" rate with a Modified Total Direct Costs base (modified for NSF requirements) is
applied. The applicable fiscal year rates, as shown on our Federal agreement, are __%
(7/1/201_-6/30/201_) and ___% (7/1/201_ until amended); however, because project years
overlap fiscal years, a composited rate is used, as shown on the detailed budget pages. The US
Department of Health and Human Services is UNH’s cognizant federal agency.
Total Direct and Indirect costs: $
{A required element of the Budget Narrative is a table of Personnel and Work Effort,
summarizing the work effort required to perform the proposed investigation. The table must
have the names and/or titles of all personnel necessary to perform the proposed effort,
regardless of whether those individuals require funding. For each individual, list the planned
work commitment to be funded by NASA, per period in fractions of a work year. In addition,
include planned work commitment not funded by NASA, if applicable. Where names are not
known, include the position, such as postdoc or technician. Limit – 1 page.}
Yr 1
Yr 2
Yr 3
Yr 4
{The final element of the Budget Narrative is a description of any required facilities and
equipment. This section should describe any existing facilities and equipment that are
required for the proposed investigation. It must explain the need for items costing more than
$5,000 and describe the basis for estimated cost (i.e., competitive quotes were obtained,
justification for sole source purchase, proposed cost based on previous purchases for same or
similar item(s), cost data obtained from internet research, etc. Limit 2 pages}
Attach a copy of the UNH budget template at the end of the Budget Narrative
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