Level D Vocabulary 4A (includes Word List

Level D, Voc Daily 4A
1. Abscond – verb – to run and hide
Synonyms: bolt, make off, skip town
2. Access – noun- approach or admittance to places, persons, things; an increase
verb- to get at, obtain
Synonyms: entry, admittance, entrée
Antonym: total exclusion
3. Anarchy – noun- a lack of government and law; confusion
Synonyms: chaos, disorder, turmoil, pandemonium
Antonyms: law and order, peace and quiet
4. Arduous – adjective – hard to do, requiring much effort
Synonyms: hard, difficult, laborious, fatiguing
Antonyms: easy, simple, effortless
5. Auspicious – adjective – favorable; fortunate
Synonyms: promising, encouraging, propitious
Antonyms: ill-omened, ominous, sinister
6. Biased – adjective – favoring one side unduly; prejudiced
Synonyms: unfair, partial, bigoted Antonyms: fair, impartial, unprejudiced, just
7. Daunt – verb- to overcome with fear, intimidate; to dishearten, discourage
Synonyms: dismay, cow
Antonyms: encourage, embolden, reassure
8. Disentangle – verb- to free from tangles or complications
Synonyms: unravel, unwind, unscramble, unsnarl
Antonyms: tangle up, ensnarl, snag
9. Fated – adjective – determined in advance by destiny or fortune
Synonyms: destined, preordained, doomed
Antonyms: accidental, fortuitous, chance, random
10. Hoodwink – verb – to mislead by a trick, deceive
Noun – person who deceives or tricks
Synonyms: dupe, put one over on
Antonyms: undeceive, disabuse, clue in
Name __________________________________
Level D Vocab 4A Cloze
Identify the correct form of this week’s vocabulary words to best fit each sentence.
_________________________ 1. With no government around to restore order, the small country
remained in a state of chaos or _____ for weeks after the revolution.
_________________________ 2. The treasurer who had bolted or _____ with the company’s funds was
quickly captured by alert federal agents.
_________________________ 3. No matter how much protective legislation we pass, there will
probably always be gullible consumers for swindlers to ______.
_________________________ 4. Since I’m only an average linguist, mastering the irregular verbs in
French was one of the most _____ tasks I have ever undertaken.
_________________________ 5. This master key will give you ______ to any of the rooms in the
_________________________ 6. For someone who believes in astrology, what is ____ to happen to a
person is determined by the stars.
_________________________ 7. Since everything had gone so smoothly, we felt that the campaign to
elect Ellen captain was off to a(n) ______ beginning.
_________________________ 8. The audiotape had gotten so badly entwined in the machinery that I
had a hard time _______ it.
_________________________ 9. It isn’t logical to infer that the referee is ______ or prejudice against
our team just because he makes a few calls against our players.
_________________________10. Her extraordinary faith in her own abilities enabled her to overcome
many obstacles that would have _______ or discouraged someone less
Name _______________________________
Level D Vocab 4A Synonyms/Antonyms
Synonyms: Choose the word from this week’s vocabulary words that is most nearly the same in meaning
as the bold word or expression in the given phrase.
________________________ 1. A plan that was doomed to fail
________________________ 2. Made off with all the cookies and candy
________________________ 3. Gained admittance to an exclusive club
________________________ 4. Duped into buying a flawed diamond
________________________ 5. Lived through years of turmoil
________________________ 6. Unable to intimidate my opponent
________________________7. Succeeded in unscrambling all the clues
Antonyms: Give the word from this week’s vocabulary words, which is most nearly opposite the
meaning of the bold word or expression in the given phrase.
________________________ 8. Prepared for an easy journey
________________________ 9. Impartial in reporting the news
________________________ 10. A series of ominous events
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