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ExecutivePulse Information Share
1. ExecutivePulse 2014 CRM
The ExecutivePulse 2014 CRM (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”) is a web-based database
platform for government, economic, and workforce development professionals. Lane County
government, economic development, workforce organizations, and other regional partners will use
the Program to support on-going regional efforts to increase the prosperity of Lane County.
The Program is designed to assist participating Member Organizations to connect with wealth
generating companies who are already present in the community and determine what they need to
grow and be successful, to attract new businesses to the community, and to start and grow new
businesses that will become wealth generating companies.
The goal of using a program such as ExecutivePulse is to share information among organizations
about businesses to increase coordination between organizations, which in turn will reduce
duplication of efforts and/or visits to businesses and increase efficiency when assisting businesses.
In order for the Program to be successful it is essential that all agencies and organizations engaged
in its development and implementation are empowered and committed to share good quality and
relevant information in a responsible and secure way.
2. Aims and Objectives
This agreement sets out the principals for the secure and confidential sharing of business
information among partner organizations that operate in Lane County.
Organizations involved in providing services and support to local businesses have a responsibility to
ensure the business information is properly controlled and that businesses’ confidentiality rights are
respected. This balance between the need to share information to provide quality services and
protection of confidentiality can be difficult to achieve.
The overall aim of this agreement is to provide a framework for the partner organizations to
establish and regulate working practices in order to ensure that information is managed and shared
on a confidential and secure bases.
This agreement sets out:
The principles underpinning information sharing
The general purposes for information sharing
The responsibilities and commitments of partners to this agreement
It is not intended that this document be definitive or exhaustive, it is recognized that as policy
develops and implementation arrangements mature, this protocol will need to be reviewed and
amended in light of new information sharing requirements to ensure that it is ‘fit for purpose’.
3. Scope
This agreement sets out the principles that all partner organizations will follow to govern the sharing
of business information. In this protocol, the terms ‘data’ and ‘information’ are synonymous. The
protocol applies to all business information handled by the partner organizations.
This agreement also covers three levels of information access: (1) geographic access, (2) topic
access, and (3) user level access.
Under the terms of this agreement, information may be shared for any purpose that supports the
retention and expansion, recruitment, and/or support of businesses.
This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, as policy changes or delivery approaches mature other
purposes may be identified and these will be incorporated into the protocol during the monitoring
and review process.
4. Information Access
Member Organizations have access to the Program information in three ways: (1) geographic access,
(2) topic access, and (3) user level access. The three components of information access ensure
information is kept confidential and only seen by those working with the information. Each Member
Organization and user within each organization will receive access based on all three areas. The
figure below depicts how access for each user is defined.
User Level
In addition to the determined user access, Member Organizations/individuals can receive access to
information on a “need to know” basis from other users.
Geographic Access
One level of information access in the Program is broken down by geography. Each Member
Organization is assigned geographic access based on the scope of their organization. For example,
regional organizations can access data on a regional level; while local governments can access data
for the local geographic area. Geographic access to database information is segmented as depicted
in the geographic hierarchy graphic below.
Eugene Incorporated
Eugene Unincorporated
Springfield Incorporated
Springfield Unincorporated
Topic Access
Another level of information access in the Program is by topic access. Each Member Organization is
assigned topic access based on the types of business in which they interact. For example, a Member
Organization that does business recruitment would access business recruitment information, while
other users would not. Some Member Organizations may access multiple topics of data based on
the work of their organization. The following are topic access areas:
A. Business Recruitment
B. Business Retention and Expansion
C. Entrepreneurial/Startup Support
User Level Access
Finally, ExecutivePulse provides five levels of user access to the Program. These levels are
segmented by system privileges, features, and functions. The following are the user roles for
A. Administrator: Has “read and write access” for everything in the database to include
companies, contacts, action items, journal entries, documents, e-mail messages, calendar
events, notes, etc. This is the only user designation that can manage other users of the
database. Can designate entries as strictly or conditionally confidential.
B. Outreach Professional: This user type has all rights and privileges of the Administrator
except they cannot manage other users in the database. They do have complete “read and
write access” for companies and contacts. Can designate entries as strictly or conditionally
C. Outreach Volunteer: This user type has “read and write access” only for companies and
contacts that are assigned to them or that they enter directly. This user designation can’t
obtain companies, contact, etc. that fall outside these parameters. Typically, this
designation is conveyed to private sector stakeholders who will assist local economic
developers in a corporate outreach process. Limited reporting capabilities.
D. Viewer: This user type has all the rights and privileges of the Outreach Professional, but they
cannot add companies or contacts to the system. This user type can run both aggregate and
company specific reports.
E. Resource Provider: This is, essentially, “need to know only” access to the database. Can
receive and respond to action items and create journal entries and other minor entries.
Manage Database Users
Manage Companies
Manage Contacts
Generate Action Items
Generate Journal Entries
Add Sticky Notes
Use Calendar Functions
Add Surveys
Add Metrics (Outcomes)
Attach Files
Use Grouping functions
Use E-­­mail functions
Use Privacy/Group functions
Generate Reports
Outlook Add-­­In functions
5. Role of Member Organizations
Member Organizations have “Outreach Professional” database access, as well as topic and
geographic breakdown access based on their organization.
All Member Organizations, throughout the term of its participation in the Program, agree:
A. To share information with each other about businesses as permitted by law and
confidentiality requirements;
B. To promote staff awareness of the protocol and to train staff in the principles of information
C. To have proper procedures in place in relation to the way in which they will hold and use
business information;
D. To update and add Program database records;
E. To respect the confidentiality of Program information, to the extent permitted by law;
F. To accept the access levels to ExecutivePulse outlined above;
G. To not release information about the business or personal matters of any Program client
without permission of the particular client, to the extent permitted by law. For purposes of
this Agreement, a “Program Client” is defined as any business included in the Program
H. To support, endorse and promote the accurate, timely, secure and confidential sharing of
information for the purposes stated in this protocol;
I. To report data in aggregate (minimum of three data points) as not to identify Program
clients; and
J. To require all employees and/or representatives to sign a “Member Organization
Confidentiality Statement” for the Program, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit A.
6. Role of the South Willamette Economic Development Corporation (SWEDCO)
In addition to participating in the Program as a Member Organization, the South Willamette
Economic Development Corporation (SWEDCO) agrees to function as the contract manager for the
Program. In this capacity, SWEDCO agrees to be responsible for administering the contract with
ExecutivePulse. Inc. for the Program on behalf of the Member Organizations and acting as the
fiduciary agent on behalf of the Member Organizations in all matters relating to ExecutivePulse, Inc.
invoices for the services rendered for the Program. SWEDCO also agrees to function as the
implementing agency for the Program.
7. Role of Regional Resource Partners
As the Member Organizations interact with businesses, these businesses may have a need for
further assistance. The Member Organization should contact the appropriate “Regional Resource
Partner” to request additional assistance for their business clients. A “Regional Resource Partner” is
defined as any governmental department, economic development organization, workforce
organization, non-profit, or business that provides the highest-quality resources that has formally
agreed to participate in the Program, but not as a Member Organization. Regional Resource
Partners will be responsible for the following:
A. To respond (with at least a telephone call) to the referred Program business within 48 hours
from the time of contact by a Member Organization;
B. To appoint a contact person who will be responsible as serving as a liaison with the Member
C. To require all employees and/or representatives, who will be involved in the Program
and/or having access to the Program database, to execute the “Regional Resource Partner
Agreement and Confidentiality Statement”, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit B.
A copy of all executed Regional Resource Partner Agreement and Confidentiality Statement
should be maintained by the Regional Resource Partner, a copy provided to SWEDCO and,
upon request, a copy provided to any Member Organization;
D. To update the Program database records with the actions taken on behalf of the client by
the Regional Resource Partner;
E. To respect the confidentiality of Program information, to the extent permitted by law; and
F. To notify appropriate Member Organization(s) of inquiry and provision of assistance.
8. Role of ExecutivePulse
ExecutivePulse has entered into a contract with the South Willamette Economic Development
Corporation (SWEDCO) to provide a customized web-based external service for Business Retention
and Expansion, Business Recruitment, and Entrepreneurial/Startup Support, and related services as
per the License Agreement dated XXXXXXX.
9. Addition of New Member Organization(s)
The Program may add new member organizations upon approval by a simple majority (50% plus
One) of existing member organizations. Upon approval of a simple majority, a new agreement will
be entered into by SWEDCO and the New Member Organization.
10. Term
This Agreement shall remain in effect until otherwise amended or terminated.
11. General Provisions
A. Termination: This Agreement shall be terminated in its entirety by mutual agreement
between all then current Member Organizations. In the event the Member Organization
seeks to terminate its participation in the Program, it shall provide written notice of its
intent to terminate its participation to SWEDCO. Such termination shall be effective at the
date specific in the written notice, and such terminating Member Organization shall
promptly complete those termination activities specific by SWEDCO. Further, such
terminating Member Organization shall be prohibited from using any information gained
from any other member organization as a part of its participation in the Program for its
economic benefit.
B. Amendment or Modification: This Agreement may be amended or modified by the parties,
provided that any such amendment or modification makes specific reference to this
Agreement, is executed in writing, signed by a duly authorized representative of each
Member Organization and, if required or applicable, approved by the legislative or
governing body of the Member Organization(s).
C. Capacity to Execute: The Member Organization hereby certifies that all actions necessary to
execute this agreement with SWEDCO and all other member organizations were taken, and
that the person executing this Agreement is authorized to do so and has the power to bind
the organization to the terms and conditions contained herein.
D. Liability: The Member Organization agrees to release the other parties from this Agreement
from any and all liability, which may be caused by or arise by the wrongful and/or negligent
conduct of the parties’ respective employees, contractors, and/or agents in the
performance of this Agreement or during participation in the Program. Notwithstanding
none of the parties waive an available immunities under the law.
E. Integration: This Agreement represents the entire and integrated Agreement between the
parties. This Agreement supersedes all prior and contemporaneous communication,
representations, understanding, agreements or contracts, whether oral or written, relating
to the subject matter of this Agreement.
F. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the
laws of the State of Oregon, without giving effect to the principles thereof relating to
conflict of choice of laws.
G. Relationship of Parties: The parties hereby agree that at all times, the relationship between
them shall be that of an independent contractor. At no time shall the relationship between
the parties under this Agreement be construed, held out or considered as a joint venture,
principal-agent or employer-employee.
Agreement: we the undersigned do hereby agree to implement the terms and
conditions of this protocol.
Exhibit A:
Confidentiality Policy
The purpose of this Confidentiality Policy is to establish standards of professional conduct for program
stakeholders of ExecutivePulse.
By reading and signing this Confidentiality Policy, program stakeholders agree to conduct themselves in
a manner which preserves the highest possible degree of customer confidence, trust and satisfaction.
This Confidentiality Policy primarily pertains to information housed in extranet databases which are
owned and managed by the South Willamette Economic Development Corporation (SWEDCO) for its
customers. These databases contain proprietary information about the wealth and job creating
businesses that comprise the economies of its customers.
This Confidentiality Policy also pertains to specific information communicated verbally or in written form
about businesses and/or their operations that can be construed as proprietary or confidential.
A. Breach of confidentiality –Sharing or disseminating specific database information pertaining to a
customer without the formal, written consent of that customer.
Penalties for violating this Confidentiality Policy may include, but are not be limited to, the immediate
suspension from ExecutivePulse and immediate termination of database rights without any prior
notification. Moreover, this Confidentiality Policy gives SWEDCO and its Board of Directors the right to
seek additional legal remedies.
Each program stakeholder should read and certify his or her understanding of and agreement to abide
by the requirements of this Confidentiality Policy. Original signed Confidentiality Policy agreements will
be maintained at the offices of SWEDCO. Copies of these agreements will be furnished to customers
upon request. SWEDCO will maintain the Confidentiality Policy agreements for all program stakeholders
for a period of three years after the program stakeholder is no longer associated with company.
Term of the Agreement
This agreement is in full force during the term of agreement between the program stakeholder and
As a program stakeholder of ExecutivePulse I have read, understand, and agree to abide by, the
Confidentiality Policy during the use of ExecutivePulse.
Exhibit B:
Regional Resource Partner Agreement and
Confidentiality Statement
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