15) James asked me if I ______ Liz that morning.

1. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: The children ________ on the computer now.
A play
B have played
C are playing ✓
1) What ________ at nine o’clock last night? I tried to call you, but there was no answer.
A were you doing
B did you do
C had you done
2) They ________ a new movie theater downtown last year.
A ’ve build
B had built
C built
3) Is Mark ________ to Mexico this year?
A going
B gone
C go
4) A: Where’s Jack?
B: He ________ to the library. He’ll be back soon.
A been
B ’s gone
C going
5) My brother ________ in Peru for three months. He’s really enjoying himself.
A is living
B has been living
C was living
6) Please drive more ________. We’re near a school.
A slow
B slower
C slowly
7) Students ________ talk during the exam. It’s against the rules.
A couldn’t
B must not
C shouldn’t
8) I’d love to ________ speak better French. I’ve been studying the language for five years now.
A be able
B able to
C be able to
9) I can’t go out ________ I finish my math homework.
A unless
B if
C when
10) If I ________ you, I wouldn’t go on vacation until after my exams.
A was
B am
C were
11) I ________ go out a lot on weekends, but now I stay home.
A use to
B used to
C used
12) There’s only a ________ milk left. Should I buy some more?
A few
B much
C little
13) Tom really believes that ________ women can’t drive very well!
A (–)
B the
14) I think ________ languages is very important.
A studying
B study
C studies
15) James asked me if I ________ Liz that morning.
A have seen
B had seen
C saw
16) The exams are next month. You ________ a schedule next week.
A have been given
B are given
C ’ll be given
17) He’s the boy ________ brother is in my class.
A who’s
B that’s
C whose
18) I would have gone to the party if I ________ you were there.
A had known
B would have known
C known
19) You’re from Japan, ________?
A are you
B isn’t you
C aren’t you
20) Can you tell me where ________?
A is the Park Hotel
B the Park Hotel is
C be the Park Hotel
21) They ________ the house if they’d known about the noisy neighbors.
A wouldn’t have bought
B hadn’t bought
C wouldn’t buy
22) Helen told me she ________ to Rome the following weekend.
A ’s traveled
B was traveling
C will travel
23) They ________ have a lot of money. They go on very exotic vacations every year.
A must
B may
C might
24) Do you ________ get to work early every morning?
A must
B have
C have to
25) Unfortunately, Jack doesn’t get ________ his parents very well.
A on after
B over with
C along with
1. Complete the sentence. Use the correct form of the verb in parentheses.
Example: Have you ever been (go) to Paris?
1) Can you wait a few minutes? The boys _______ (not finish) their lunch yet.
2) I _______ (feel) dizzy all morning. I think I’ll go to the doctor.
3) The criminal’s sentence _______ (not decide) until next week.
4) I _______ already _______ (finish) your book by the time you arrive tomorrow.
5) If I _______ (not see) you before I go, I’ll call you next week.
6) I _______ (talk) to Jane when Billy walked through the door.
7) Tell me when you _______ (do) your homework. Then we can go out.
8) How long _______ (sit) there? Are you waiting for someone?
9) They _______ (climb) for about an hour when the rain started.
10) Don’t say anything more to Juan. I _______ already _______ (speak) to him about the problem.
11) At this time tomorrow, I _______ (take)my final exams, so please don’t call me then.
12) When Jane got to the train station, she realized she _______ (leave) her ticket at home.
13) Who _______ (know) the answer to this question?
14) It _______ (think) that the burglar is someone the family knows!
15) People used _______ (send) to prison for longer periods of time.
16) The robbers are believed _______ (steal) three valuable paintings.
2. Order the words to make a sentence or a question.
Example: you / yesterday / go / home / did/ ?
 Did you go home yesterday?
1) start / sooner / the / we’ll / arrive / earlier / we / the
2) be / by / 8:30 / I’ll / probably / home
3) I / tired / I / went / was / to / so / bed
4) is / station / tell / where / could /me / you / the / ?
5) tennis / don’t / like / playing / you / ?
6) I / as / soon / will / arrive / as / call / I / you
7) thinking / you / what / about / are / ?
8) to / woman / the / said / is / in / thirties / be / her
9) time / fortunately / the / arrived / in / for / wedding / we
10) nice / polka-dot / dress / Tess / wearing / is / new / a
11) badly / wasn’t / accident / the / in / woman / injured / the
12) before /were /we’d / driving / for /we / hours / realized / we / lost / been
3. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: I like sports, but my brother does / doesn’t.
1) A: My sister saw George Clooney at a restaurant when she was in New York.
B: She did / has? Wow, I’d love to meet him!
2) The rich / Rich pay higher taxes in most European countries.
3) A: I really don’t like to go out on Sunday evenings.
B: Oh, neither / so do I.
4) These days, young / the young enjoy all kinds of technology.
5) They said it’s likely / probably to rain tomorrow.
6) Don’t wait for Ben. He’s late always / always late.
7) Take an umbrella in case it rains / will rain.
8) An Irish / Irishman lives next door to us.
9) I did tell / told you the truth. I promise.
10) Your sister doesn’t speak English, does / doesn’t she?
11) Ed is very ambitious, and so is his wife / his wife.
12) It was such good / a good weather that we went to the beach.
4. Complete the sentence. Use the correct form of the verb in parentheses.
Example: If we lived by the ocean, I’d go (go) swimming every day.
1) I don’t deny ________ (feel) angry. I have a good reason to be upset.
2) If I ________ (be) you, I wouldn’t drive that old car.
3) She ________ (not meet) Jim if I hadn’t introduced her to him.
4) I’m really sorry! I forgot ________ (mail) the letter you gave me.
5) I wish I ________ (not put) on these shoes this morning. They’re really uncomfortable.
6) Bella convinced me ________ (not go) to the movies with Harry.
7) I remember ________ (play) on the beach when I was about three years old.
8) Joe wishes he ________ (know) more French. His company is going to send him to Paris.
9) If the exam had been last week, I’m sure I ________ (not pass) it.
10) Liz apologized tome for ________ (be) so moody all week.
5. Complete the sentence with one word.
Example: If I had known you were coming I would have waited.
1) She _______ have left already. Her car is still outside the house.
2) We’re _______ the roof repaired on our house right now. We’d like to sell it next year.
3) I can’t _______ used to working every day. I’d love to be a student again!
4) I wish my parents _______ stop arguing about money all the time.
5) _______ of my two sisters looks like me. They both have dark hair, but I’m blonde.
6) My oldest sister, _______ is a doctor, speaks German fluently.
7) I didn’t enjoy the concert, even _______ it was my favorite band.
8) _______ the terrible weather, we still had a great time camping.
9) You look _______ if you have seen a ghost! What’s the matter?
10) You shouldn’t _______ said that to her. You know how sensitive she is.
11) I’m_______ to getting up early. I’ve been doing it for years.
12) I was really angry when Jack accused me of _______ telling the truth.
13) What music is this? It sounds _______Mozart.
14) That’s my coworker _______ wife works for Bill Gates.
15) I’m afraid you can’t come with us. There’s _______ room in the car.
6. Choose the correct form.
Example: I use / used to sleepwalk when I was a child.
1) John’s still asleep. He must go / have gone to bed late last night.
2) You should go to bed. You have to go to (–) / the school tomorrow.
3) I’d rather / better live in the country than in a city.
4) The staff in that clothing store is / are very rude.
5) There was (–) /a terrible traffic on the way home last night.
6) Every / All classroom in the school has a computer.
7) Any /None of the children wanted to go to the park, so we stayed at home.
8) Can I give you an / some advice?
9) The Alden House, which / that was built in the seventeenth century, is a top tourist attraction.
10) I used to work as / like an actor before I got this job.
11) You can’t /may have spoken to Helen at the party. She wasn’t there.
12) We’ve decided to go camping this weekend, whatever / however the weather is like.
13) Despite / In spite of losing the game, they were happy.
14) When I was in Chile, I went climbing in the / (–) Andes mountains.
15) The man to who / whom you spoke was the managing director.
File Test 1
1 Order the words tomake a question or a sentence.
Example: you / the / enjoy / didn’t /meal / ?
 Didn’t you enjoy the meal?
1) year / vacation / go / last / you / did / on / ?
2) movie / a / isn’t / this / fantastic / ?
3) instrument / play / can / a / you /musical / ?
4) what / about / you / are / thinking / ?
5) class /many / how / your / students / in / are / ?
6) where / could/ tell / you/me /movie theater / the / is / ?
7) speak / you / better / practice / , /more / the / you /will / the / .
8) more / uncomfortable / hotter / it / , / the / the / I / is /feel / .
2. Complete the sentence with one word.
Example: Your sister speaks Spanish, doesn’t she?
1) You’ve been to France, ________ you?
2) A: Will you be at the party?
B: No, I ________. I wasn’t invited.
3) I eatmeat, butmy sister ________.
4) A: Billy doesn’t likeme anymore.
B: He ________ like you!He toldme yesterday.
5) A: I’d love to be famous.
B: You ________ ? I’d hate it.
6) A: I’mgoing to themovies tonight.
B: So ________ I.
3. Complete the sentence.Use the present perfect simple or present perfect continuous formof the
verb in parentheses.
Example: Have you ever had (you / ever / have) an operation?
1) How long ________ (you / study) English?
2) I’m tired because I ________ (paint) the house all day.
3) I ________ (just / see) Tess at the library.
4) Sam________ (not talk) tome recently. I don’t know why.
5) Sorry, I can’t go out. I ________ (not do)my homework yet.
6) How long ________ (your brother / have) his car?
4. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: In some towns there isn’t enough entertainment for young / the young.
1) The Frenches / French enjoy good food.
2) My brother has short dark / dark short hair.
3) He wore a striped new blue / new blue striped T-shirt and jeans to the party.
4) The Italian / Italians have a great sense of style.
5) Poor / The poor in many countries rely on charity to survive.
6) I bought some little silver lovely / lovely little silver earrings inMexico.
7) He was so / such cold that he couldn’t feel his toes.
8) I can’t believe you drove such a / such long way to visit her.
5. Complete the sentence. Use the correct form of the verb in parentheses.
Example: The man came out of his house and ran (run) down the road.
1) I _______ (do) my homework when I suddenly heard a loud noise.
2) We ________ (walk) for about an hour when we realized we were lost.
3) When I got home, I remembered that I ________ (leave) my keys at the restaurant.
4) The reason he ________ (not go) to the party was because Chris hadn’t invited him.
5) When the plane landed at the airport in Seattle, it ________ (rain) as usual.
6) He was really angry when she arrived because he ________ (wait) for her for 45minutes.
3. Order the words to make a sentence.
Example: hungry / little / feeling / I’m/ a
I’m feeling a little hungry.
1) meeting / about / unfortunately /, / I / forgot / the
2) thanks / say / even / girl / the / didn’t
3) never / on / out / Teresa / goes / weekdays
4) bed / soon / I’m/ to / going / go / to
5) Jeff / safe / I / with / feel / slowly / drives / because / he
6) clever / is / brother /my / extremely
7. Complete the sentence. Use the correct passive form of the verb in parentheses.
Example: Nobody has been told (tell) the time of the test yet.
1) My cell phone ________ (steal) from my bag last week.
2) A large new hospital ________ (build) in our town right now.
3) When I walked into the office, I realized we ________ (rob).
4) People should ________ (fine) for parking in spaces for handicapped people.
5) The thief ran out of the back door to avoid ________ (catch) by the police.
6) It ________ (believe) that crime is increasing in this country.
7) While my car ________ (repair) last week, I had to walk to work every day.
8) The burglar ________ (say) to be a tall, thin man with a southern accent.
8. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: The students will have finished / have finished the test in a couple of minutes.
1) By this time tomorrow, I’m sitting / I’ll be sitting on the beach in Acapulco!
2) We usually have lunch at 1:00, so I’m sure we’ll have finished / we finish by 2:00 at the latest.
3) I’ll have gone / I’ll be going out this evening. I have tickets for a play.
4) It’s very late. They aren’t likely / probably to come to the party now.
5) They ’ll have built / ’ll be building the stadium by the end of the year.
6) He’ll likely / probably have left by the time you get to the station.
9. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: If you _____ comedies, you’ll love this DVD.
A will like
B like✓
C liked
1) Take my phone ________ you need to give me a call.
A in case
B unless
C when
2) If it ________ tomorrow, the show will be canceled.
A will rain
B ’s raining
C will have rained
3) If you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, you _______ to take vitamin C supplements.
A don’t need
B aren’t needing
C will need
4) I ________ you if I decide not to go to the party.
A tell
B ’ll be telling
C ’ll tell
5) I ________ home until I’ve finished this report.
A don’t go
B ’m not going
C ’ll have gone
6) If you feel tired, you probably ________ enough sleep.
A won’t have had
B haven’t had C aren’t going to have
10. Complete the sentence. Use the correct form of the verb in parentheses.
Example: If I were rich, I would travel (travel) around the world.
1) If you ________ (study) more, you might do better on your tests.
2) If I ________ (be) you, I wouldn’t go climbing without a guide.
3) You ________ (not survive) the crash if you hadn’t been wearing your seatbelt.
4) You could have won the race if you ________ (train) harder.
5) She ________ (not come) to the party if she’d known Jason was coming too.
6) If you ________ (not talk) so fast, I’d be able to understand you.
11. Choose the correct words.
Example: You must have / can’t have seen Billy. He’s on vacation right now.
1) They might have /must have finished the game by now. It’s too dark to play.
2) You look tired. You should have gone / should go to bed earlier last night.
3) I may have /must not have met him before, but I can’t remember.
4) Helen couldn’t have /must not have passed the test. She didn’t study for it at all!
5) She shouldn’t have /might not have told you I was leaving. I asked her not to tell anyone.
6) You’d rather / You’d better go to the doctor. You look pretty sick.
7) We’d better /We’d rather leave early, but we could leave later if you really want to.
12. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: You _______ really sick. You should call a doctor.
A sound
B look ✓
C feel
1) Something ________ good. Are you making bread?
A smells
B tastes
C sounds
2) These shoes ________ a little tight. They hurt my feet.
A look
B feel
C taste
3) You look more ________ your dad than your mom.
A as
B like
C as if
4) It’s so hot and humid today. It feels ________ there’s going to be a storm.
A as if
B if
C that
5) This soup ________ terrible. I think I put too much salt in it.
A tastes
B feels
C smells
6) I don’t ________ going to the party tonight.
A feel
B feel like
C feel as if
7) This music ________ great. What’s the name of the band?
A looks
B feels
C sounds
13. Complete the sentence. Use the gerund, the infinitive, or the base form of the verb in
Example: I can’t stand listening (listen) to people talk on their cell phones.
1) I don’t mind ________ (miss) the movie. I’ve seen it before.
2) I remember ________ (visit) my grandparents in the country when I was a child.
3) We’d better ________ (get) up early tomorrow if we’re going to catch the early train.
4) I planned ________ (review) all the vocabulary before the test, but I didn’t have enough time.
5) I can’t wait ________ (go) on a trip with my friends this summer.
6) I started ________ (play) the guitar when I was 11.
7) My brother’s teachers make him________ (work) very hard at his school.
8) I’ll never forget ________ (see) the Empire State Building for the first time.
14. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: I used to / ’mused to eat a lot of cookies and candy, but now I only eat healthy food.
1) I wasn’t used to / didn’t use to like fish, but now I eat it two or three times a week.
2) Ricky usually / used to walks to school, but today he’s taking the bus.
3) I used to play / playing the piano, but now I play the drums.
4) I’m not used to / I didn’t used to swimming in the ocean. I usually swim in a pool.
5) My boyfriend moved away last summer, and I can’t get used to / be used to being without him.
6) When we go on vacation, we usually / use rent a house on the beach.
15. Order the words to make a sentence.
Example: cat / look / to / James / offered / after /neighbor’s / his
 James offered to look after his neighbor’s cat.
1) Mark / homework / let / to / I / refused / copy /my
2) driving / airport / the / Jane / on / insisted /me / to
3) doing / homework / not / I / for / apologized /my
4) me / Ben / convinced / up / baseball / playing / to /not / give
5) money / he / the / stolen / that / the / boy / admitted /had
6) isn’t / this / painting / that / expensive / as / as / one
16 Complete the sentence. Use a / an, the, or – (no article).
Example: My brother just bought a new computer.
1) I’ll meet you in ________ library at 2:00 p.m.
2) ________ elephants don’t eat meat.
3) Mount Everest is in ________Himalayas.
4) Most people agree that Einstein was ________ genius.
5) I’d like to go to ________ college that my sister goes to.
6) ________ Lake Superior is the largest lake in the US.
17. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: The scenery in Chile is / are fantastic.
1) I often eat a piece of / a toast for breakfast.
2) I don’t know what happened, but so far the news isn’t / aren’t good.
3) She gave me some really good advices / advice about my eccentric friend.
4) When we moved into our new apartment, my friend gave us a / some furniture.
5) I need a pair of / a shorts to take to the beach.
6) The staff at the hotel was / were incredibly helpful.
18. Complete the sentence with the correct word(s).
Example: The children have eaten ________ cookies.
A all of
B all of the ✓
C all
1) ________ students in my English class are Korean.
A Most of the
B Most the
C The most
2) I go running ________ day except on Sunday.
A all
B every
C all the
3) She offered us coffee, but ________ of us were thirsty.
A no
B any
C none
4) My sister’s a vegetarian. She doesn’t eat ________ fish or meat.
A either
B both
C neither
5) ________ in the store is half-price tomorrow.
A Most of
B Everything
C All
6) There’s ________ bread, so I can’t make you a sandwich.
A none
B no
C any
7) There aren’t ________ German students in my class.
A any
B some
C no
8) She’s having her car ________ today.
A repair
B repaired
C to repair
19. Complete the sentence. Use the correct form of the verb in parentheses.
Example: I wish my hair were (be) longer.
1) I wish I ________ (have) a better job. I don’t enjoy this kind of work.
2) This book is so boring. I wish I ________ (not start) reading it.
3) Larry wishes he ________ (can) play the piano better.
4) I wish it ________ (stop) raining. I want to go out.
5) I’m starving. I wish I ________ (eat) breakfast this morning.
6) I wish my train _________ (come)! I’m going to be late for work again.
20. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: Although / In spite of the exam was hard, I still passed.
1) I like math, even though / despite I’m not very good at it.
2) I went to the library to / for look for a book about art.
3) I called my boss in order to / so that he would know I wasn’t coming.
4) In spite of / Although the heavy traffic, we got to the airport on time.
5) I lent Jane some money, even though / despite I didn’t have much.
6) We took a taxi so as not to / not to be late.
21. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word.
Example: He’s the man ________ works in our local bank.
A whose
B whom
C who ✓
1 The Garcias, ________ have a house in the country, often invite me to stay with them.
A that
B who
C which
2 She’s the girl ________ owns the big dog.
A which
B that
C whose
3 My mom’s the only person with ________ I can talk about my problems.
A that
B who C whom
4 Every year, I try to go back to the town in ________ I grew up.
A that
B which
C where
5 Tim didn’t pass any of his exams, ________ is a big problem for him.
A which
B what
C that
6 My best friend, ________ dad is a music teacher, plays the piano and the guitar.
A whom
B whose
C who
7 Don’t worry. You can sit ________ you want here.
A whichever
B wherever
C whatever
8 ________ I try to do this, it comes out wrong. I’m never going to build another model airplane!
A Whichever
B Whatever
C However
1. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: ________ you go out to eat last night?
A Do
B Did ✓
C Does
1) ________ all the cookies?
A Who did eat B Which ate C Who ate
2) Could you tell me what time ________?
A the class starts _
B starts the class
C does the class start
3) How long ________ each other?
A do you know
B have you been knowing
C have you known
4) Why _______ jazz?
A don’t you like
B you don’t like
C you not like
5) I don’t speak Italian, but my boyfriend ________.
A does
B is
C speaks
B Neither
C No
6) A: I didn’t enjoy the movie.
B: ________ did I.
A So
7) A: I went shopping this morning.
B: You ________ ? That’s great.
A do
B have
C did
8) I’ve lived in this town ________ I was ten years old.
A when
B for
C since
9) A: You forgot to lock the door last night.
B: That’s not true. I ________ it! I remember perfectly.
A did lock it
B didn’t lock
C lock
10) Sally’s a vegetarian, ________ she?
A hasn’t
B doesn’t
C isn’t
11) Do you know where________?
A Vicky lives
B does Vicky live
C Vicky does live
12) A: You look tired
B: That’s because I ________ tennis all morning.
A play
B did play
C ’ve been playing
13) Look at your hand! You ________ yourself.
A ’ve cut
B cutting
C ’ve been cutting
14) You can play the violin, ________ you?
A can
B can’t
C don’t
15) _____ you finish your homework, the earlier you can leave.
A The fast
B The faster
C Fast
16) It was the most difficult test ________ in my life.
A I’ve ever taken
B I’ve ever took
17) A: Do you want to come and play football?
B: No thanks. ________ twice this week.
A I’ve already played
C I’ve ever been taking
B I’ve already been playing
C I’ve been already playing
18) A: Do you think it’s going to snow?
B: Yes, I ________. I checked the weather forecast.
A am
B do
C think
19) How many times ________ to Seoul?
A have you been
B have you went
C have you been going
20) How long ________ at this language school?
A do you study
B have you been studying
C you have been studying
2. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: The ________ eat a lot of fish.
A Japaneses
B Japanese ✓
C Japanese people
1) Jack just bought a ________ sports car.
A red new fantastic
B fantastic new red
C new red fantastic
2) ________ are friendly, hardworking people.
A A Pole
B The Poles
C Polish
3) Ed ________ because he was so hungry.
A ate quickly
B quickly ate
C ate quick
4) ________ has joined our English class.
A A Chinese
B Chinese girl
C A Chinese woman
5) I think the ________ skirt looks best on you.
A green long silk
B long green silk
C silk long green
6) I didn’t want to leave because we ________ the movie.
A hadn’t been finishing
B didn’t finish
C hadn’t finished
7) My sister ________coffee.
A doesn’t usually drink
B doesn’t drink usually
C usually doesn’t drink
8) Michael’s ________ for work.
A always late
B late always
C lately always
9) My grandparents have a(n) ________ house in the country.
A old lovely little
B lovely little old
C little old lovely
10) Brad ________ with Karen for two years when he asked her to marry him.
A had gone out
B had been going out
C has been going out
11) When I got to the theater, I realized I ________ the tickets at home.
A had left
B had been leaving
C left
12) My little brother ________ about his birthday party.
A extremely excited is B is excited extremely
C is extremely excited
13) I met my husband when I ________ English in Ecuador.
A taught
B had taught
C was teaching
14) He got out of the car and ________ into the bank.
A was running
B had run
C ran
15) We ________ the test for about an hour, when the fire alarm went off.
A ’d taken
B ’d been taking
C were taking
16) The government should do more to help ________.
A poor
B the poor
C the poor’s
B the green
C the ones green
17) I’ll take ________, please.
A the green ones
18) I worked ________ that I finished the job early.
A such quick
B so quick
C so quickly
B yesterday all day
C all day yesterday
19) I was at home ________.
A all yesterday day
20) That was ________ amazing play! I’ll have to go and see it again.
A a so
B a such
C such an
3. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: Our new kitchen and bathroom ________ this week.
A are installing
B are being installed ✓
C are installed
1) If I ________ you by Sunday, go to the game without me.
A ’m not calling
B haven’t called
C won’t call
2) If you like crime stories, you ________ the book I’m reading.
A had love
B love
C ’ll love
3) The burglars ________ to prison for a very long time.
A were sending
B will be sent
C will send
4) The man ________ to prison for several years.
A will go probably
B likely going
5) It ________ that the murderer escaped in a stolen car.
C will probably go
A is believing
B is believed
C believes
6) They ________ building the new mall by the end of the year.
A ’ll be finish
B ’ll have finished
C ’ve been finished
7) By the time you read this message, ________ on the beach in Thailand.
A I’m going to lie
B I’ll be lying
C I’ll lie
8) Six paintings ________ from the art gallery late last night.
A are being stolen
B were stolen
C have been stolen
9) The bank ________ three times this year.
A has been robbed
B is robbed
C has robbed
10) I’ll come with you to Dan’s party if I ________anything else to do.
A wouldn’t have
B don’t have
C won’t have
11) Don’t come over this weekend because I ________ for my test.
A ’ll have studied
B ’ll study
C ’ll be studying
12) If you ________ red and white, you get pink.
A will mix
B mix
C are mixing
13) By this time next year, Sue and Jeff ________ for 50 years.
A will be marrying
B will have been married
C will be married
14) We ________ to Canada next weekend. Do you want me to bring you back anything?
A ’ll be gone
B ’ll have gone
C ’ll be going
15) The thieves are thought ________ at least five million dollars.
A to have stolen
B to steal
C that they have stolen
16) We ________ the test by three o’clock, so I’ll meet you at 3:30.
A ’ll have finished
B ’ve been finishing
C ’ll finish
17) If you ________ a tiger, you can’t imagine how scary they are.
A ’ve never seen
B will never see
C don’t see
18) Take some sandwiches as you’re ________ hungry on the trip.
A probably to get
B likely get
C likely to get
19) You won’t get into college ________ you pass your final exams.
A unless
B after
C in case
20) Take your coat with you ________ it gets colder later.
A in case
B until
4. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: If I lived downtown, I ________ to work.
C unless
A would walk ✓
B walk
C will walk
1) If I ________ feeling so sick, I’d go to work.
A weren’t
B wouldn’t be
C ’m not
2) I wouldn’t study languages if I ________ enjoy them.
A wouldn’t
B didn’t
C don’t
3) If I ________ you, I wouldn’t buy a bigger car.
A am
B was
C were
4) Why are you so exhausted? You look ________ you’ve been running a marathon!
A if
B as if
C as
5) Tim’s very quiet. If you didn’t know him, you ________he was unfriendly.
A might think
B thought
C ’ll think
6) I ________ Mary if I had arrived five minutes later.
A hadn’t seen
B wouldn’t have seen
C didn’t see
7) You ________ seen Tom. He walked right past you.
A must have
B can’t have
C couldn’t have
8) You ________ you’ve seen a ghost! Are you OK?
A look like
B look
C look as like
9) Something ________ delicious. Have you been making cookies?
A looks
B smells
C feels
10) They ________ gone out. Their car is outside the house.
A must have
B can’t have
C might have
11) Paul’s flight ________ canceled. There have been problems with the airline recently.
A might have been
B can’t have been
C may not have been
12) We wouldn’t have missed the beginning of the concert if you ________ on time.
A had arrived
B would have arrived
C arrived
13) We’re lost! I ________ a map.
A should bring
B should brought
C should have brought
14) I ________ bought these shoes. They were too expensive.
A shouldn’t have
B can’t have
C might not have
15) These shoes ________ really comfortable. I think I’ll buy them.
A feel as if
B feel
C feel like
16) This sofa looks ________ the one at my parents’ house.
A like
B as if
17) Would you ________ eat in or go to a restaurant?
C (–)
A rather
B better
C like
18) If you hadn’t been rude to Liz, she ________ talking to you.
A hadn’t stopped
B wouldn’t have stopped
C wouldn’t stop
19) ________ call them before we go to make sure they’re at home.
A We’d better not
B We’d better
C We’d rather
20) They ________ have gotten lost. I drew them a very clear map.
A might
C can’t
B must not
5. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: We can’t afford ________ on a trip this year.
A to go✓
B going
C go
1) I’d rather ________ home than go out with friends tonight.
A stay
B to stay
C staying
2) Remember ________ to the doctor tomorrow morning.
A go
B to go
C going
3) Try ________ your computer off and then on again. That might fix it.
A turn
B to turn
C turning
4) I can’t help ________ when I watch sad movies.
A to cry
B cry
C crying
5) I work part-time ________ a waitress in a local restaurant.
A like
B as
C at
6) The house needs ________. It’s a terrible mess.
A clean
B to clean
C cleaning
7) I’ll never forget ________ the Great Wall of China for the first time.
A seeing
B to see
C see
8) I ________ watch TV every day, but now I only watch it on weekends.
A am used to
B used to
C got used to
9) Sam promised ________ harder at school.
A to work
B working
C work
10) Marcos ________ be good at English, but now he speaks it really well.
A wasn’t used to
B didn’t use to
C didn’t get used to
11) I ________ go swimming on Fridays after work.
A ’m used to
B usually
C use to
12) My parents used ________ me do my homework when I got home from school.
A make
B making
C to make
13) After a year in Australia, I’ve finally ________ driving on the left.
A gotten used to
B been used to
C used to
14) My grandmother can’t get used ________ alone. She feels lonely.
A live
B to live
C to living
15) I advised Mike ________ the red and yellow shirt.
A not buying
B to not buy
C not to buy
16) She regretted ________ harder for the test.
A not studying
B not to study
C not study
17) There are a lot of rules, but don’t worry. You’ll soon________ them.
A get used
B get used to
C used to
18) The police accused him ________
A of shoplifting
B for shoplifting
C to shoplift
19) I’m almost as tall ________ my older sister.
A as
B like
C than
20) I’ve lived in six different countries. I ________ learning new languages.
A used to
B get used
C ’m used to
6. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: We just bought a dog and a cat. ________ is called Max.
A The dog✓
B A dog
C Dog
1) The town wasn’t very nice, but our hotel ________very good.
A are
B were
C was
2) My neighbor went to ________ for fraud.
A a prison
B the prison
C prison
3) There were three ________ left on the plane.
A luggage
B luggages
C pieces of luggage
4) There is ________ in most large cities.
A a university
B the university
C university
5) The highest mountain range in South America is________ Andes.
A the
B some
C (–)
6) Tim and Andy ________ play tennis very well.
A either
7) You ate ________!
B neither
C both
A all
B all of the sandwiches
C all sandwiches
8) ________ in my English class is really nice.
A All
B Everybody
C All the people
9) We’re going to ________ to study the rainforest.
A the Philippines
B a Philippines
C Philippines
10) The people in the village _____ very friendly.
A are
B is
C was
11) We have ________ homework this weekend!
A none
B no
C any
12) There ________ coffee left. I’ll buy some later.
A aren’t any
B isn’t any
C isn’t no
13) I bought ________ last weekend.
A a new jeans
B a new jean
C some new jeans
14) I’d like to study ________ French or Spanish in college.
A neither
B both
C either
15) ________ is made from trees.
A Paper
B The paper
C A paper
16) She usually goes to _______ by bus.
A the school
B school
C a school
17) ________ are very good pets.
A Cats
B The cats
C A cat
18) ________ very helpful when I lost my passport.
A The polices were
B The police were
C The police was
19) I’m having ________ tomorrow. Can you give me a ride to the mall, please?
A cut my hair
B my hair cut
C to cut my hair
20) I ________ this morning, and the optician said I needed new glasses.
A had tested my eyes
B tested my eyes
C had my eyes tested
7. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
Example: I played really badly in the game. I wish I________ good at sports.
A had been
B were ✓
C would be
1) There’s the girl ________ brother is a professional football player.
A who
B whose
C who’s
2) Jake’s cousin Ellen, ________ lives in New Zealand, is visiting next week.
A that
B who
C which
3) The company is expanding ________ increase their market share.
A for
B so that
C in order to
4) I wish my brother ________ so messy! His room is always a disaster!
A couldn’t be
B wouldn’t be
C hadn’t been
5) I borrowed some money ________ I could buy some new jeans.
A so as
B so that
C for
6) I wish I ________ to that new hair stylist. My hair looks terrible!
A wouldn’t have gone B hadn’t gone
C didn’t go
7) ________ the rain, we had a great time.
A Although
B In spite of
C Even though
8) That’s the chair on ________ he sat before he broke it.
A where
B which
C what
9) I wish I ________ the piano. I think I might take lessons.
A had played
B could play
C would play
10) ________ we went in Scandinavia, everyone spoke excellent English!
A Wherever
B Whatever
C Whoever
11) ________ that I don’t like parties, I enjoyed myself a lot.
A Despite the fact
B Although
C Even though
12) I like physics, ________ I sometimes find it difficult.
A in spite of
B though
C despite
13) William’s phone, ________ he bought only last week, is already broken.
A what
B where
C which
14) Mark has been very unfriendly lately, ________ is kind of strange.
A who
B which
C that
15) Sam arrived at nine o’clock ________ a meeting with his advisor.
A for
B so as to
C to
16) Ben left work early ________ miss the start of the show.
A not to
B so as not to
C in order not
17) ________ left the flowers on my doorstep was too shy to ring the doorbell!
A Whatever
B However
C Whoever
18) My best friend is the only person to ________ I can tell my problems.
A who
B whom
C whose
19) I wish I ________ to the concert last night. It sounds like you had a great time.
A had gone
B went
C would go
20) I ________ Susan likes the CD I bought her for her birthday.
A wish
B would
C hope
1. Complete the sentence. Use the correct form of the verb in parentheses.
Example: I’ve known (know) Nathan since I was child.
1) Take a map with you in case you _______________(get) lost.
2) Where have you been? I _______________ (wait) for you for an hour!
3) The elevator isn’t working right now because it’s_______________(fix).
4) She would have been happier if she _______________ (not get married) so young.
5) You shouldn’t _______________ (say) that to her yesterday. She’ll never forgive you.
6) My little brother has promised _______________(not talk) in class.
7) I arrived at the auditorium half an hour late, and the meeting _______________ (start) already.
8) The man that the police are looking for _______________ (say) to be in his 30s.
9) By the end of next year, we _______________ (save) enough to buy a house.
10) At this time tomorrow, I _______________ (sit) on the plane to Hawaii.
11) When it started raining, we _______________ (play) for about an hour.
12) I’ll call you as soon as I _______________ (talk) to Tim.
13) I _______________ (have) a rash for three days now. Maybe I’m allergic to something.
14) The woman denied _______________ (steal) the bracelet.
15) I wish I _______________ (not tell) the truth when my friend asked me if I liked her boyfriend.
2. Complete the sentence with one word.
A: I loved the film.
B: So did I.
1) It sounds as
the people next door are having a party.
2) Julia didn’t to be very sociable, but now she goes out much more often.
3) We’re
the living room painted right now.
4) I don’t speak German, but my husband _______.
5) There’s
milk. We drank it all.
6) Sam went to Bolivia for his vacation last year,
7) The man with
I used to share an office has just set up his own company.
8) Neither Ben
Liz can come to my party.
9) The Blue Note Cafe,
10) I can’t
is on the corner of Green Street, sells great coffee.
used to driving this car. It’s really different from my old one.
11) _______having a lot of work, the lawyer agreed to take on a new client.
12) _______earlier we leave tomorrow morning, the less traffic there will be.
13) You can’t _______left your keys at the restaurant. You used them to open the door.
14) It was
a windy day that we decided to cancel the game.
15) I don’t feel well. I’d
go to the doctor.
3. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
this cake?
A Who made ✓
1) Do you know what time
A the class ends
2) She has
B Who did make
C Who make
B ends the class
C does end the class
A dark beautiful long
B beautiful long dark C long beautiful dark
3) I watch American and British TV programs forget my English.
A to not
B not to
the fact that the test was difficult, everybody passed.
A Although
5) Her father is in
B In spite
C (–)
are famous for their cooking.
A French
B The French
7) The climbers have reached the summit of
A (–)
C Despite
hospital. He’s having an operation tomorrow.
A the
C so as not to
C The French men
Mount Everest.
C the
of us passed the exam. We all failed.
A Neither
9) I love
B None
C Some
B the furnitures
C the furniture
in their house.
A some furnitures
10) On the weather forecast, they said that it’s
A likely
B probable
to snow tomorrow.
C probably
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