Permanent Residency: Recruitment Packet

Permanent Residency: Recruitment Packet
KSU has a history of supporting and sponsoring its eligible full-time, tenure-track faculty for
employment-based permanent residency (green card). Without permanent residency, your faculty
member’s employment at KSU may be limited to the duration of his/her H1B work-visa. That
being said, your department is under absolutely no obligation to sponsor an international faculty
member for a green card, and you do not need to make a decision regarding permanent residency
sponsorship immediately. However, it is recommended that a decision be made no later than 12
months after the VPAA’s offer letter was issued to the international candidate in order to take
advantage of special permanent residency regulations for teaching faculty. Failure to initiate
permanent residency within that timeframe may require that a “re-selection” process (i.e. full rerecruitment effort) be conducted for the position in order to proceed with the permanent
residency process.
Permanent residency sponsorship is a multi-step process involving applications to both the
Department of Labor and US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Department of Labor
requires that we collect the following information to prove that a competitive recruitment
process took place, all regulations were followed, US applicants were rejected for lawful
reasons, and the international candidate was found more qualified than all US workers
who applied. It is easiest to collect the information while it is still fresh in your mind! If your
department does decide to sponsor an international tenure-track faculty member for permanent
residency in the future, information you provide in the following forms will be used to determine
if Dept. of Labor regulations were followed in the recruitment process and, if so, to complete the
necessary Department of Labor applications.
We will not begin the permanent residency process without a written request from the
Department Chair.
Department Information Sheet for Labor Certification
Employing Department Information
Name of Employee: ___________ _________________________________________________
Department Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
Position Title: __________________________________________________________________________
Department Contact Information (Please list the department contact person.)
Name: __________________________________________________
Department Address: ___________________________________
Phone number: _______________________________ Fax: __________________________________
E-mail address: ___________________________________________
Job Information
Primary worksite (where work is to be performed) – please indicate if located at Town Pointe or KSU Center:
City ______________________________ State __________________________ Postal code ________________
Additional worksites:
Job duties:
Specific skills or other requirements:
Are the job opportunity’s requirements normal for the occupation? _____ Yes _____ No
If the answer to this question is No, the employer must be prepared to provide documentation
demonstrating that the job requirements are supported by business necessity.
Is knowledge of foreign language required to perform the job duties? _____ Yes _____ No
If the answer to this question is Yes, the employer must be prepared to provide documentation
demonstrating that the language requirements are supported by business necessity.
Job Requirements
Required level of education:
__ Bachelor’s __ Master’s ___Doctorate __DVM __MD __Other:___________
Specify major field(s) of study _______________
Is a foreign educational equivalent acceptable? _____ Yes _____ No
Is training required in the job opportunity? _____ Yes _____ No
If Yes, number of months training
required: ______________ Indicate the field of training: _____________________________________________
Is experience in the job offered required for the job? ____ Yes ____ No
If Yes, number of months
experience required: _______.
Does this involve a job opportunity that includes a combination of occupations? ___ Yes
___ No
Is alternative experience acceptable: __Yes __No If so, please respond to the following:
Is there an alternate field of study that is acceptable? ___ Yes ___No
If Yes, then specify the major field of study: ______________________________________
Is there an alternate combination of education/experience that is acceptable? ___ Yes ___ No
If Yes, specify the alternate level of education required: ____________________________________
If applicable, indicate the number of years experience acceptable ________
Is experience in alternate occupation acceptable? ___ Yes ___ No
If Yes, number of months experience in alternate occupation required: ___________
Identify the job title of the acceptable alternate occupation:
Recruitment Information: Special Recruitment and Documentation Procedures for Teachers
Is this application for a college or university teacher? _____ Yes
_____ No
Date individual selected (date offer letter issued): _______________ Note: Applications for permanent alien
labor certifications for job opportunities as college and university teachers must be filed within 18 months after a
selection is made pursuant to a competitive recruitment and selection process.
Name of national professional journal(s) in which advertisement was placed:
List the additional recruitment information in this space. Add an attachment in necessary.
Has the employer received payment of any kind for the submission of this application? ____ Yes
_____ No
Has the employer had a layoff in the area of intended employment in the occupation involved in this
application or in a related occupation within the six months immediately preceding the filing of this
application? _____ Yes
_____ No
If Yes, were the laid off U.S. workers notified and considered for the job opportunity for which certification
is sought? ____ Yes ___ No
Departmental Declaration
I declare under penalty of perjury that the information is true and accurate. I
understand that to knowingly furnish false information in the preparation of
Department of Labor forms and any supplement thereto or to aid abet or counsel
another to do so is a federal offense. In addition, I further declare that KSU intends
to offer the tenure-track position to the individual mentioned in this form. I agree to
fully comply and maintain the recruitment documentation for this position for a 5
year period for any Department of Labor audit request.
Department Chair Name
U.S. Department of Labor
Employment and Training Administration
Chicago National Processing Center
Railroad Retirement Board Building
844 N. Rush Street, 12th floor
Chicago, IL 60611
Recruitment Report in connection with PERM filing
Beneficiary: NAME
Dear Sir or Madam:
The search that led to the hiring of _________(Applicant’s Name)_________ was initiated in
______(date)_______. A Search Committee was appointed in April 20XX by the chair,
Department of XYZ, for the hiring of an assistant professor to perform teaching and research in
XYZ. (Describe the job. Explain the business necessity of any unusually restrictive requirements
that appeared in the advertising.) The members of the search committee included:
An advertisement for the position (Title) was listed in __________(Magazine/Newspaper Titles,
Date)___________ and on the Kennesaw State University human resources website. In addition,
the position was listed with the University System of Georgia Clearinghouse (Date). (list all
places where advertised, giving name and date of publication). Be specific about the competitive
recruitment conducted.
From these listings, we received ______(number)______ applications. Of these applicants,
____(number)_____ candidates were reviewed ____(where, when)___________. State the total
number of applications received. If there were a large number of applications, describe how the
field was narrowed to the finalists. Note that Department of Labor requires that all candidates'
resumes be retained for five years.) (EXAMPLE: The Search Committee met twice to discuss and
screen applications in light of the job criteria as outlined in the published advertisement, and the
quality of the applicants' writing samples was studied critically. Most of the candidates rejected
at this stage were conducting research on topics already covered by other faculty in the
department, or were rejected because their letters of intent did not give us a clear sense of their
ability to teach courses of the sophistication necessary at a major research university. Some of
the applicants were not really specialists in esoterics, but generalists. Also, committee members
consulted with each other and colleagues in the esoterics community who might have had
knowledge of the applicants.)
On the basis of their applications, the list was narrowed to a "short list" comprising X individuals
whom the Committee considered best qualified for this position and whose combination of
research interests, teaching experience, and writing ability best matched the needs of our
department. We brought __(number)_____ candidates to the Kennesaw State University campus
for more in-depth interviews. (Be specific on what the in-depth interview contained – sample
seminars, meeting with students, etc)
All final candidates were screened with regard to past accomplishments and potential for future
scholarship and teaching. Following are the ### finalists who were deemed unacceptable for the
1. Don’t give candidate names but rather some details and the lawful reasons why they
were not chosen. Example: Candidate A teaches at UCLA and was denied tenure
there at the time of our interview. Candidate B decided for personal reasons to
withdraw her application after our on-campus interview.
___(Applicant’s Name) was selected on __ (Date of offer letter)__ because of her/his
exceptional academic preparation and potential for research. Specifically, _________(outline
applicant’s academic achievements, what is the highest degree attained, where, when;
scientific/research papers written, published, where and when)________________. In addition,
__________(any other relevant information describing applicant’s academic and professional
background and how they matched the position requirements)_________________. (Please
provided very detailed information re: qualifications) We are very excited to have Dr. XYZ join
our faculty. In our estimation he/she is clearly the best qualified of all of the applicants for the
position and we expect he/she will contribute substantially to meeting present departmental
needs and to developing our departmental curriculum.
We extended employment offers to ___(number) ______ candidates, one of whom was ___
(Applicant’s name)___, who accepted the offer of employment effective (Date).
Name, Title
 Copies of all Job Advertisements
 Copy of actual print ad in national journal or actual 30-day online Chronicle
of Higher Ed. Ad & proof of dates posted
 Position Announcement posted on KSU Website
 Position Announcement listed with the University System of Georgia
 Any other advertisements that ran for the position
 KSU Offer Letter
 Completed, signed contents of Recruitment Packet
Search Committee Final Report
The Search Committee for the Department of __________________ has completed the process
of identifying candidates, aggregating support materials, interviewing candidates and executing
campus visits for the top prospects. During the campus visits, candidates interviewed with
Department of ______________________ faculty. As a result of the search process, the Search
Committee unanimously recommends Dr. _____________ for the position of
_____________________ in the Department of _____________________.
The position was announced in a wide range of journals that are expected to reach candidates in
______________________________ and other related fields. Copies of our advertising
campaign are attached to this report.
Search Committee Activities
Rationale for Selection (please describe or include copy of rubric/criteria used to evaluate
Statement of Degree Qualification of International Employee
Dr. _______________ was educated and received his/her doctor of _________________ degree
(equivalent to United States Ph.D. degree) from the university of _________________________.
While completing his/her Doctor _______________ degree, Dr. ____________________
worked as a ___________________ for ______________ months. He/She then gained
additional experience as a ______________________ at the University of ________________
for ________ months in ______________ (year). Dr. ________________ is an outstanding
researcher, as witnessed by his/her publication record attested by outside references.
[Please be thorough in describing the international employee’s qualifications and why they were
better than all other candidates]
The combination of the high quality of his/her training at the University of ______________,
his/her extensive research experience, his/her particular area of research interest, his/her teaching
ability as demonstrated by the seminar he/she conducted here, and the enthusiastic
recommendations we received about him/her made him/her clearly the most highly qualified
applicant for the position. The search committee and the department readily agreed on his/her
selection, and the Dean concurred. We have no doubts that we made the right decision in
selecting Dr.__________ as the most highly qualified applicant for the position.
Department Chair Signature
Rejected Applicants Chart
In order to proceed with employment-based permanent residency sponsorship, Department of Labor
regulations require that the international employee be found more qualified than all US workers (citizens,
permanent residents, refugees) who applied for the position. This chart must discuss the reasons why each
applicant (not just those interviewed) was found less qualified than the international candidate and not
chosen. Applicants may be categorized by reasons for rejection. Individual applicants do not need to be
identified. Typical explanations for why candidates were not as qualified as the person selected include:
- Less teaching experience than the person selected
- Less research experience than the person selected
- Research quality was not as impressive as the person selected
- Research interests were not as relevant to the department’s immediate needs as the
person selected (provide details)
- Less impressive record of publication than the person selected
- Less effective teacher than the person selected
- Knowledge of field not as broad and/or as deep as the person selected
Total Applicants:
Applicant Chosen:
Applicant 1
Applicant 2
Applicant 3
Applicant 4
Applicant 5
Applicant 6
Applicant 7
Job Related reason why foreign applicant is more qualified
For example: unrelated PhD, poor recommendation letters, research not innovative,
accepted position elsewhere etc.
Chosen for position; offer accepted; hired
I am an official who has actual hiring authority from the employer for the above-listed position
and certify that the above is true and accurate.
Department Chair
Acknowledgement of rejected CV/resumes for PERM Special Handling
Per federal Department of Labor regulations, I acknowledge that copies of the CV/resumes of
each rejected U.S. applicant for the position will be retained in the department for 6 years or sent
to Employment Visa Services (MD 3504) with the recruitment report. I understand that the
failure to present these documents upon Department of Labor request may result in civil or
monetary penalty for KSU and/or the revocation of permanent residency benefits for the
international faculty member.
Copies of CVs of each rejected US applicant will be maintained in the department
and if needed for a Department of Labor audit please contact:
This person will have quick, easy access to all the rejected US applicants resumes, for the
next 5 years and if this person leaves the new person will be informed.
Copies of all CVs from rejected US applicants are attached for EVS to maintain the
audit file.
No U.S. applicants applied for this position
Dept. Chair Name
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