Women’s and Gender Studies
Fall 2013 Courses
WMGS Core Courses
WMGS 102 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
WMGS 102-01
WMGS 102-02
WMGS 102-03
WMGS 102-04
WMGS 102-05
Harry, S
Harry, S
Hersh, J
Hersh, J
Reyes-Cuevas, C
TF 10:00-11:15AM
TF 11:30-12:45pm
MW 11:30-12:45
MW 1:00-2:15
R 5:30-8:00PM
This course is an interdisciplinary exploration in which students will, through examination and
analysis, explore major social issues affecting women today and the systems and discourses that
construct gender. In particular, we will focus on race, class and gender and explore how they
overlap to gain understanding of the “-isms” and phobias we encounter in ourselves, in others
and in the media. The aim of this course is to equip you with the tools to define, understand and
propose solutions to the social problem of sexism that our society faces and create positive
change. Meets GenEd 2002 Social Science. Meets the 1983 Gend ED--Contemporary Issues.
Meets the MAR.
WMGS 200 Global Feminism
WMGS 200-01
Khan, F
T 5:30-8:00PM
This course will interrogate the concept and practice of feminism from various locations outside
of the U.S. Students will examine the political, cultural and socio-economic structures that
promote or inhibit activism on women's lives and issues. Meets Gen Ed 2002 - K2 Non-Western
Cultural Perspectives. Meets the World Languages and Cultures Requirement - World Cultures.
WMGS 301 Feminist Theory
WMGS 301-01
Eller, C
TR 11:30-12:45PM
This course examines a wide variety of feminist theories which illustrate the many ways in which
issues of gender can be interpreted. Recognizing that gendered identities are molded by such
factors as class, race, sexual orientation and national identity, this course explores the issues of
difference among women and the role of theory in conceptualizing suchdifferences.3 hours
Women’s and Gender Studies Electives
Note: When courses in this section are taken, they will automatically count on your
transcripts as electives within the WMGS major and minor
WMGS 302 Selected Topics: Archaeology of Gender
WMGS 302 01
Farnum, J
W 1:00-2:15 PM and
Study of how gender impacts archaeology theory and interpretation. This course also includes
examination of evidence for gender roles and identities and the associated social and political
(power) impacts in past societies. Case studies from both Old and New World cultures will be
examined in light of new theories of understanding that gender is multifaceted and intertwined
with major aspects of ritual, social, organizational, warfare and state building phenomena.
WMGS 403 Seminar on Gender & Crime
WMGS 403-01
Michalsen, V
The goal of this course is to provide an upper-level, trans-disciplinary overview of ways that
gender shapes individuals' experiences with the criminal justice system as workers, offenders
and victims. Emphasis will be placed on the examination of structural disadvantage, the
gendered nature of criminological theoretical perspectives, and the victim/offender
dichotomy.3 hour lecture.
WMGS 410 Cooperative Education: Washington Internship
Prof. B. Harrison
In this course students will intern in Washington, D.C., at governmental offices, interest groups,
party and electoral organizations, law and lobbying firms or other political organizations.
Students' academic learning is assessed by faculty and their work performance is evaluated by
their placement supervisor. Students may receive up to 7.0 credits in Women's Studies and up
to 8.0 credits in a corequisite Cooperative Education course.
Prerequisites: WMST 102 plus two Women's Studies electives relevant to the intended
placement (subject to the Women's Studies director's approval) and a minimum 3.0 G.P.A. in the
major or minor. Corequisites: COED 401, COED 402, COED 403, or COED 404.
THTR 432 Special Topics: Solo Performance
THTR 432-01
Khan, F
TR 1-2:30
Do you have a story about yourself, or someone else you know, or have read or heard about,
someone you admire/love/hate/want to be/run away from that you’d like to make come alive?
Are you struggling with your sexuality or know someone who is and want to share that story so
people can enter that space of confusion and human struggle? Are you a wo/man of color who
feels marginalized, or maybe thinks that’s an old story and you want to tell a new one? Are you
a Muslim woman (or ally) whose life has nothing to do with hijabs, prayers, or going to the
mosque and you wonder why people only think of these things when they think of Islam? How
would you like to perform that story so that it has both a particular and a universal aspect or
Through readings, viewings and discussion of monologues and solo performances both live and
recorded (we will go see some solo performances Off-Broadway and invite guest performers to
class), as well as discussing current affairs and global issues, and discussion of pertinent
scholarly and analytical essays from journals such as The Drama Review, students will learn to
develop their own voice and style in writing and then performing a solo performative piece
based on a monologue or an experimental musing developed over several drafts through the
course of the semester.
This course meets elective requirements in Drama
It also counts for the English Major (Genre study, Creative Writing Minor elective); and as an
elective for the WMGS Major/Minor with a credit adjustment.
AFAM 207 The Black Women
AFAM 207 01
MW 10:00-11:15 AM
This interdisciplinary course examines the lived experiences and contributions of women of
African descent through analysis of social context and a variety of theoretical perspectives. The
myths and realities of Black women's experiences are explored chronologically and through
literary contributions, social and political thought, and creative expression such as music and
other media. 3 hours lecture.
GNHU 283 Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the Ancient World
GNHU 283 01
Fogel, J
TR 11:30-12:45 PM
This course uses women, gender, and sexuality to model a broad, cross-disciplinary, and issueoriented approach to ancient societies. Students will examine cultural and historical objects,
such as historical and philosophical works, inscriptions, and graffiti. They will view monuments
and artifacts. They will learn how to approach complex cultural objects and understand how
social constructions of gender affected and reflected the lives of women and men in ancient
Greece, Rome, and the Near East. 3 hours lecture.
EDFD-264 Gender Issues In Education
EDFD 264-01
EDFD 264-02
Gregory, M
Burkholder, Z
R 11:30 – 1:00 PM
M 5:30-8:00 PM
Examines the nature of gender, gender identity, gender roles and gender discrimination, and the
influence of these on classrooms, schools and educational policy. Meets Gen Ed 2002 - Social
Science, Social Science. Meets the World Languages and Cultures Requirement - World Cultures.
ENLT 372 Women Prose Writers
ENLT 372 01
Lewis, S
MR 2:30-3:45 PM
Prerequisites: ENWR 106 or HONP 101. Readings in the international fiction and non-fiction of
women writers. The focus will be on such themes as the nature of the family, changing
relationships between women and men, evolving concepts of the "feminine," the impact of
colonialism on gender related issues (i.e. work and women's identity) and interrelationships
between religion and women's lives. 3 hours lecture.
HLTH 295 Sexuality Education in the Schools
HLTH 295-01
HLTH 295-02
Velasco, J
Velasco, J
W 11:30-2:00PM
W 2:30-5:00PM
Focus on sexuality content and teaching methodology for sex education K-12 in schools. Based
on NJ Content Standards for Sexuality Education.
HLTH 347 Health Issues Forum: Gender and Health
HLTH 347-01
Goldfarb, E
W 5:30-8:00PM and Online
A woman cannot receive needed health care because norms in her community prevent her
from traveling alone to a clinic; a teenage boy dies in an accident because of trying to live
up to his peers’ expectations that young men should be "bold" risk-takers; a man who has
sex with other men dies from AIDS because societal prohibitions against homosexuality
make it too dangerous to seek sexual health care; a married woman contracts HIV
because societal standards encourage her husband’s promiscuity while simultaneously
preventing her from insisting on condom use. The fact is that that gender norms and
values can be one of the major obstacles – sometimes the single most important obstacle
– to the achievement of well-being. The goals of the Gender and Health course are to
increase students' awareness of the role of gender norms, values, and inequality in
perpetuating disease, disability, and death, and to promote societal change with a view to
eliminating gender as a barrier to good health.
*After taking the course, see the WMGS to get a credit adjustment.
HIST 215 Women in American History
HIST 215-01
HIST 215-02
Carnevale, N
Carnevale, N
TF 10:00-11:15 AM
TF 11:30-12:45 PM
The changing role and status of women in American society from colonial times to the present.
Meets the World Languages and Cultures Requirement - World Cultures
LALS 205 Image and Identity: Representation of Latin American Women in
Film and Fiction
LALS 205-01
LALS 205-02
LALS 205-03
LALS 205-04
LALS 205-05
LALS 205-06
Membreno, R
Membreno, R
Echeverria, D
Echeverria, D
Mongor- Lizarra
Mongor- Lizarra
MW 11:30-12:45AM
MW 1:00-2:15PM
W 5:30-8:00 PM
W 8:15-10:45 PM
An analysis of representations of women in film and fiction with a special focus on the process
of identity construction. Representations of women from pre-Columbian times to the present
will be studied in relation to their use in the perpetuation of ideologies. Intended as an overview
of the social history of women in Latin America. Meets Gen Ed 2002 - Social Science, NonWestern Cultural Perspectives. Meets the World Languages and Cultures Requirement - World
SOCI 426 Sociology of Sexuality
SOCI 426 01
Zickling, G
MW 10:00-11:15 AM
Prerequisites: SOCI 301 or SOCI 304 or SOCI 309 or SOCI 311 or SOCI 312 or departmental
approval. The course examines theoretical and empirical work in the sociology of sexuality. It
seeks to understand the social foundations of sexual behavior and sexual identity. It explores
the relationship between sexuality and politics, focusing on current as well as historical conflicts
over sexual behavior and ideologies. 3 hours lecture.
SOCI 430 01 Sociology of Gender
SOCI 430-01
M 5:30-8:00 PM
The social determinants of differences between women and men and the effect of sex role
differentiation in the social institutions of marriage and family, the economy and work situation,
formal education, health, mass media, and religion; special emphasis is placed on the impact of
social change on sex roles in contemporary society. Meets the World Languages and Cultures
Requirement - World Cultures.
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