Steps To Becoming an AHA Instructor Handout

Steps To Becoming an AHA Instructor
ACLS or PALS Terry Rudd – [email protected] BLS Katie Wellins – Katie [email protected]
Each instructor training and course is $300 (2015)
Instructor candidates taking a 2nd course in another discipline will receive $50 discount
Follow these steps to become an AHA Instructor:
1. Have a current PROVIDER card in the discipline (i.e., ACLS, BLS, PALS, Heartsaver) you wish to teach
2. Align with an authorized American Heart Association Training Center that is accepting new instructors. Find a
Training Center near you at Key Medical is CA20801.
3. Complete the American Heart Association’s Essentials Course Online for each level.
4. Attend an instructor course (1 day) with Essentials complete and instructor and provider book in hand.
5. Complete an Instructor Candidate Application
6. Observe and participate in an actual course with a regional faculty member or training center faculty.
(Contact Terry Rudd for ACLS/PALS and Katie Wellins for BLS to arrange course)
7. Successful monitoring teaching your first course or any additional courses as required by instructor.
Once these requirements are met, your completed paperwork will be sent to the training center that you will be
aligned. The training center provides the approval for you as an instructor. Alignment request is obtained through To align with Key Medical Resources, Inc. (CA20801) approval and acknowledgement
must be given by Terry Rudd. Other training centers will require the same approval.
Instructor Requirements
An AHA Instructor Course teaches the methods needed to effectively instruct others in resuscitation courses. The
AHA requires that Instructors be at least 16 years of age for Heartsaver Instructor and BLS Instructor courses. ACLS
and PALS Instructors must be at least 18 years of age and licensed or certified in a healthcare occupation where
such skills are within the provider scope of practice. (AHA Program Administration Manual, 2008).
Instructor Course Completion
Instructor candidates must demonstrate
 Satisfactory performance of the skills listed in the Course Instructor Handbook for the course.
 A thorough knowledge of course organization; course content, including appropriate BLS skills;
Instructor responsibilities; and the AHA guidelines for the specific discipline.
Instructor Card Issuance Requirements
Instructor status is granted after an Instructor candidate successfully completes the Instructor Course and
meets the following requirements:
 Within 6 months of successfully completing the Instructor Course, the candidate successfully demonstrates
his or her teaching skills while being monitored during a Provider or Provider Renewal Course. A TCF can
extend the time requirement to 1 year if there are extenuating circumstances.
 Aligns with a TC, which issues the Instructor card.
Required Books and Materials – will change October 2015 (approximate)
Essentials for Each Course must be completed – obtain key code from Terry or
BLS Instructor
BLS Essentials Online
ACLS Instructor
ACLS Essentials Online
PALS Instructor
PALS Essentials Online
BLS for Healthcare
Providers Instructor Manual
BLS for Healthcare
Providers Course & Renewal
Course DVD (90-1035)
Stopwatch for testing
ACLS Instructor Manual (90-1011)
ACLS DVD (90-1009)
PALS Instructor Manual (90-1054)
PALS DVD Set (90-1057)
PALS Posters (90-1055)
PALS Emergency Crash Cart Cards (90-1056)
BLS HCP Instructor
Package (includes Instructor
manual, student manual,
DVD, stopwatch) (90-1037)
ACLS Instructor Package (901041), Includes:
ACLS Provider Manual (90-1014)
ACLS Instructor Manual (90-1011)
2 ACLS DVDs (90-1009)
ACLS Posters (90-1013)
ACLS Emergency Crash Cart Cards
Stop Watch
Key Medical Resources, Inc.
PALS Instructor Package (90-1058),
PALS Provider Manual (90-1052)
PALS Instructor Manual (90-1054)
PALS DVD Set (90-1057)
PALS Emergency Crash Cart Cards (90-1056)
PALS Posters (90-1055)
[email protected] (951)520-3116 FAX: (951) 739-0378
Revised October 2014 - Please note alignment fee will be required in 2015.
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