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ENGL 105 Synthesis Chart
This synthesis chart is designed to help you combine your research with the goal
of supporting of your claims. You should have at least two sources of support for
each topic sentence.
Be sure to include some type of information referencing where you found your
information (such as a page number) and any other information that you will need
when you write your References list (such as a URL).
You’ll also need to state the current date each time you update the chart so I’ll
know you’re keeping up with it. You will fill in this chart using your own topic
sentences, claims, or ideas and corresponding researched support and keep it
updated during the semester.
Also keep track of any inconsistencies, conflicts, or disagreements between your
An example is given to you.
Key Idea (a
sentence, an
idea, or a
claim you
need to
Author &
Author &
Author &
Author &
support for
support for
support for
support for
your topic
your topic
your topic
your topic
idea, or claim idea, or claim idea, or claim idea, or claim
organ donor
the lives of
gans can be
gions support
Carolina Donor
Organ donation is
one’s body parts
after death
for the sole purpose
of transplanting
organ(s) and tissue
(s) to help save life(s)
From Carolina Donor
Services most major
religions support organ
and tissue donations as
an act of charity.
The Journal of the
Medical Association
Single donor can save up to eight
95% of Americans
have heard of organ
Also, that single person can help up to donation
50 people with a single persons tissue
They consider being
All in all upwards of fifty people will be an organ donor as
drastically helped by a single person
the ultimate
Organ Donor also states the same exact
Mayo Clinic –
Protestantism, Islam
and most branches of
American Jou
On average,
than 50% of th
families from w
donation is re
agree to dona
Over 100,000
are waiting on
for an organ, w
people are dy
because of th
organ donors.
donor can
iple lives
According to Organ
Donor. Gov a single
donor can save up to
eight lives and help
another fifty by tissue
rs that are
le for the
ortage of
lying on the
sed brainors and the
nsent for
The American Journal
of Transplantation
states on average no
more than 50% of those
families from whom
donation is requested
agree to donate (pg 4)
Carolina Donor services agrees with the
statement by
crease the
f donors?
nd Tissues
e donated?
According to public
Attitudes “making the
awareness of the
seriousness of this issue
publicly and broadly
might actually facilitate
organ donation.
According to getting the
truth out about organ donation and
proving the myths are indeed false is the
best way to increase number of donors
Updated 2/22/2011
Organ donor states the
kidneys, hear, lungs,
liver, pancreas, and the
intestines can be
Carolina Donor Services states tissues
that can be donated are the corneas, the
middle ear, skin, heart valves, bone,
veins, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments
Corona Brezina states
the surgeries are
performed as if the
patient was alive and
have a very high
success rate (104)
Organ Donor states that donors are able to Carolina Donor
have open casket funerals.
Services says the body
doesn’t even look like
it donated any organs.
e of Adults
w of organ
Donate Life America’s
survey found out that
98% of the adults have
heard of donation
Donate Life America’s survey also found
out that only 38% are registered donors.
Donate Life Am
survey found th
of Americans b
being a donor m
open casket fun
ctors not
r best for a
Donate Life America
survey found out that
52% of Americans
believe doctors will not
try their best to save
Carolina Donor Services state the medical
care is always based on what is necessary
to save the patients life
Socioic Status
Carolina Donor
Services states race is
not a barrier in organ
Organ Donor states that organs are strictly
distributed among the patients according
to medical statuses, not race or wealth.
onate? Cost?
Organ Donor states it is
free to the donating
Carolina Donor Services states the family
is only responsible for hospital charges
before death and for funeral expenses.
Organ Donor states an
organ donor
organization pays for
the donation
UPDATED March 1st
Mayo Clinic becoming
an organ donor is not
time-consuming and
absolutely free
State Of Connecticut Department of
Motor Vehicles states the same
information on time and cost
with your
nor registry
or card
Mayo Clinic go to and fill
in the information
carefully having drivers
license or social
security card handy.
Click submit when
State of Connecticut Department of
Motor Vehicles go to your states registry,
when you say yes to organ donation your
name goes into the database to update
your decision. Being in the Donor
Registry is legal consent for organ and
tissue donation
Mayo Clinic says these
cards are available at Print
the page, fill it out,
sign, and carry
State of Connecticut Department of
Motor Vehicles does not have
information on obtaining a donor card.
Mayo Clinic says to
designate your choice
on your driver’s
license, do this when
you must renew or
obtain a license. Just
go to the DMV and tell
them you want to
become a donor and
they will stamp your
State of Connecticut Department of
Motor Vehicles says to go to a local
DMV facility with your current drivers
license or identification card. The staff
there will put an organ and tissue insignia
on the card for free
United Network for
Organ Sharing (UNOS)
UNOS spreading the word to Americans
by being active in the state and national
health community
Collaborates with other Health Fairs
big time organizations Business Expos
to reach Americans
Community Ev
Sporting Event
Mayo Clinic – Families
that do consent to organ
donation say knowing
that their loved one
helped save other lives
helped them cope with
their loss
Mayo- some Americans Organ Donor – doctors will do whatever
believe they are not
it takes to try to save the patient’s life,
dead when the death
regardless if the organs are needed badly
certificate is signed
Mayo – Organ donors
are given more tests to
determine death than
non donors
UNOS is responsible
that organs are
allocated appropriately
UNOS monitors these people so it does
not happen, celebrities are treated like
anyone else.
s Donating
Carolina Donor
Services – race isn’t a
barrier in organ
Mayo Clinic – Ethnic minorities are more
likely to have certain chronic conditions
that affect vital organs for donation
Mayo – In these
populations blood
types are more
prevalent and
transplantation relies
heavily on blood type
r young?
Mayo Clinic – no age
limit, successful at 80,
and in dire need for
younger organs
Carolina Donor Services – Everyone has
something to donate
Health First states that
people with diabetes
and cancer can donate
sometimes, while HIV
patients cannot.
Health First States if not acceptable the
organs are sent to be researched.
UPDATED April 26, 2011
Health First states
unwanted organs can
help researches find
cures for diseases.
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