to the checklist.

Suggested Checklist for teaching an online course again:
Import course content from old Canvas course to new Canvas course.
On Announcements tab, delete all unwanted announcements copied into the course.
On Modules tab, edit module dates/unlock dates if they are included on this page.
On Start Here page add a new course syllabus.
Change due dates for Ice Breaker and syllabus quiz if included.
Email Daniel Wooddell at [email protected] for the “Start Here” and “Module”
templates and icons, to add to your course email, if you do not have the most current
version (Jan. 2015).
On Home page, change any due dates.
On Groups page, (if using) delete the names for each group from the copied course and the
names for the new groups will need to be added.
On Assignments tab, edit dates for Discussions, Exams and Quizzes, and Assignments for new:
 due dates
 date when they will be available to the students (if included)
 until date (if included) (12:30am the day after the due date)
 Check the links for all assignments/discussion posts/quizzes, from the module page,
to verify they are operable.
On Settings tab, change the start date to 5-7 days before the class begins. Change End date to a
day or two after the last activity in the course is due.
Eliminate any options (tabs to the far left) that your students will not be using in the course. To
do this, go to Settings, then go to Navigation. Dragging and dropping those tabs past the
bottom of the page hides those tabs from your students.
Link to Customizing Your Course Navigation
Publish your course.
Send out a welcome email to students who are enrolled in the course.
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