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Perry High Girls Basketball Boosters – 2015-16 Season
Dear Parents/Players,
November 12, 2015
Congratulations to your daughter for making the Perry Girls Basketball Team! Welcome to the
2015-16 Season. This letter will serve as an informative letter to both Parents and Players. Following is
a list of Booster Officers as well as our great Coaching Staff for this year.
Booster Officers
LeAnne Vernon,– President - [email protected],
Angel Castine – Vice-President – [email protected]
Kathlene Warren – Treasurer – [email protected]
Ginna Dunn – Secretary - [email protected]
Fundraising – Mike Solomon - [email protected]
Concessions/Team Dinners – Alana Jobe
Website – Alana Jobe - [email protected]
Events – Angel Castine - [email protected]
Coaching Staff
Head Varsity Coach – Brock Kearsley - [email protected] (480) 205-9274
Assistant Coach – Jason Vernon – [email protected] (602)363-6755
JV Coach – Veronica Celaya – [email protected] - (480) 540-2010
Freshman Coach – Jamie Vahoviak - [email protected] - (818) 445-7009
Welcome: Coach Kearsley
Chandler District Participation Fee – Due to changes with the CUSD policies, Perry High School Girls
Basketball requires a minimum $20 fee for the 2015-16 season. It’s best to pay online. Due ASAP.
Needing fee to be paid to hand out uniforms so we can take pictures on Saturday Nov. 14th 12:00.
Booster Business: LeAnne/Ginna Dunn
Season Program /Parent Notes & Ads – We have attached a Program Ad order sheet. We are
anxiously putting together a professional season program. If you wish to place an ad/shout-out to
your daughter in the program, please fill out and turn it in to coach or email to [email protected] by
Nov. 21st. Programs will be available the 2nd week of December.
Team/Individual Photos - Largo Photography will be taking our team and individual pictures on
Saturday Nov. 14th at 12:00pm. They will provide picture packets for families to purchase.
Senior Families – They will also be taking Senior “basketball” photos and if you’re interested, will
take a picture of parents w/their senior player. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll let you
know what time to be there.
Parent/Player Contact Information – We have a list of all players/parent contact information that
we’d like you to review tonight to make sure we have your correct contact information. Please
make changes if necessary or add your information if you are new to the program. We will use this
information to keep you informed during the season.
Game Events: December – Adopt a family for Christmas – Saturday Dec. 5th
– Teacher Appreciation – December 11th
– Breast Cancer Night – Jan 15th
– Future Puma/Senior Night – Jan 29th
- Banquet - TBD
T-shirt orders:
LIDS T-shirts– Store Open 11/12-11/19 – Forms available up front
All About Promotion Designs – $10 each.
Concessions/Team Dinners: Alana Jobe ?
*We will be sending out through email a Concession Schedule soon – You are responsible for
your assigned dates. If you are unable to make your date, we ask that you contact another parent to
arrange a trade or to get your assignment covered.
*Concession Donations – Alana has organized Sign-Up Genie for donations to get our
concessions up and running. Thanks to those who donated tonight. Those of you who are new, look
for the email and sign up if you’re willing to donate. A Drop-off place/date will be indicated on the
email. If you’d rather donate money, that is an option as well.
*Nike Tournament Concession Schedule – We need help covering concessions for the Nike
Tournament. We are unsure of exact tournament times but hours may be from 9am-5pm
December 18, 19, 20 & 22. Look for more info to come.
*Team Dinners – We are looking for one parent from each team (Fresh, JV, Var) to organize
weekly team dinners. See sign-up sheet tonight if you’re interested in organizing or hosting.
* Game Day Stats – Need a parent from each team to take basic stats: Scoring, rebounds,
assists, etc. Then be able to report those stats that night so we can place in the Perry
announcements the next morning.
Perry Girls Basketball Website - Alana Jobe
We have worked hard to get our new website up and running! A big THANKS to Alana Jobe for
heading that up for us and for volunteering to manage it. The Website will always have the most
current information.
Fundraising – Banner Sales, Butterbraids.
If possible, sell a banner! With no participation fee allowed, we are always looking for ways to raise
money for the program!
Items Booster Club has purchased for girls from funds raised in 2015-16!
2-15-16 Season Program/Varsity Yard Signs/Event Nights/Concessions/Banquet
Varsity Travel Suits
Interested in being a part of the Booster Club? We welcome anyone who would like to join and help!
We look forward to a great season of WORKING, CHEERING, and PROVIDING support for our
Perry Girls Basketball Teams!
Booster Officers 2015-16
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