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Southwest Questions
How many states make up the American Southwest?
When the Spanish settled in New Mexico the term Rio Abajo and
Rio Arriba were used for the settled areas around these two cities.
Name those in New Mexico?
Albuquerque and Santa Fe
In New Mexico how many Rio Grande tribes are there?
19 tribes are Rio Grande
The lands in the Southwest once were part of Mexico? On what date
did Mexico declare a War of Independence from Spain?
September 16, 1810
What is Arizona Senate Bill 1070?
A Anti-Immigration Law
El Paso, Texas and Tucson Arizona have large military installations
nearby. Name one of these bases?
Fort Bliss, White Sands
Missile Range, DavisMonthan Air Force base
Name one metropolitan city in Arizona?
Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe,
Mesa, Flagstaff
Who are the oldest continuous indigenous residents of Colorado?
Ute Indians
What priest associated with El Grito, the Mexican War of
Father Miguel Hidalgo y
Arizona Senate Bill 1070 makes it a misdemeanor crime if non U.S.
citizens are not in possession of what while they are in Arizona?
Name the town in Mexico that El Paso Texas borders?
Ciudad Juarez
What states make up the Four Corners area in the Southwest?
Arizona, Colorado, Utah,
New Mexico
Name one of the two tribes that live in Colorado today?
Ute Mountain Ute and
Southern Ute
What were the years of the Mexican American war?
In 1864, the U.S. militia led by Colonel Kit Carson forced 9,000
Navajos to leave their homeland in the north and march to Ft.
Sumter, New Mexico. What is this name of this deadly journey?
The Long Walk
Name the town in Mexico that Tucson Arizona borders?
What state is Taos located in?
New Mexico
Name one of the dialects that the Rio Grande Pueblo tribes
Keresan, Towa, Tiwa, Tewa,
What was the outcome of the Mexican American War?
Mexico lost the Southwest to
the United States.
The conquest of Mexico by the Spanish occurred during what
The geographer D.W. Meinig identifies four distinct sub regions
in the Southwest. Name one sub region?
Northern New Mexico,
Central Arizona, Southern
Borderlands, Northern
Corridor Navajo Lands
Name one of the 19 New Mexico Rio Grande Pueblo Tribes?
*For answer consult study guide
Unknown to many, Navajo soldiers created a secret language to
battle the Japanese and Germans during WWII. What was the
term used to refer to this language?
Navajo Code Talkers
Arizona is home to how many federally recognized tribes?
In 1599 the Spanish conquistador Don Juan de Oñate, mutilated
and murdered villages form which New Mexico pueblo?
In order of rank name the Southwest States with the highest concentration of Native American tribes?
Answer = California, Oklahoma, Arizona
Name three tribes that reside in Arizona?
Answer = Chiricahua, San Carlos, White Mountain, Western Apache, Hopi,
Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo( Diné), Southern Paiute, Akimel O'odham,
Tohono O'odham, Southern Ute, Havasupai, Yaqui, Zuni
Name the four Southwest States that border Mexico?
Answer = California, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona
Name the five dialects spoken by the Rio Grande Pueblo tribes in New Mexico.
Answer = Keresan, Tewa, Tiwa, Towa, Zuni
Name five of the eight states that comprise the Southwest?
Answer = Colorado, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona,
Nevada, Utah, New Mexico
Navajo Culture--Na-Dene Tribes of the American Southwest
Map of 19 New Mexico Pueblos and Reservations
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