Smarth Study strategies at school and at home for hands on learners

Kinesthetic Study Strategies for students who learn by doing
Kinesthetic learners remember things better when they use their sense of touch and involve their body
in learning. It’s easier for them to file information in their brain when they do hands on work and get
themselves physically connected with the information in some way. If you have a kinesthetic learning
preference, these strategies can help you to remember and understand information better.
When you are in class….
When you need to sit still in class, fiddle with something that does not make noise or distract
others like a smooth rock, an eraser or pencil gripper. Your mind may concentrate better if your
body is busy.
Write directions down instead of just listening to them or looking at the directions on the board.
Actively writing them can help you get connected with what you need to do.
Whenever possible, highlight key points on worksheets and in notes. Do not highlight
everything or just color. This is a good thing to do when you have the urge to doodle.
Take notes in class even if it is not required. This keeps your body engaged with what you’re
learning and will keep your brain more alert.
When you are doing homework…
Physically organize your homework. Make a pile of things to do. Put the higher priority work on
Act it out. Pretend to be a character; talk like him, walk like him. Have parents or siblings
interview you as if you are that person. Get into it!
When given a choice of how to do an assignment, pick a hands-on option such as: making a
recipe, creating a mobile, or giving a demonstration.
You may do better moving around while studying. Try standing up while reading or walking
while you recite math facts or take frequent study breaks.
Use a chalk board or wipe board while you are studying. Have someone quiz you and write it
Put on a puppet show about what you are studying when you are babysitting.
Apps. and free sites like quizlet and xtra math are a great idea for the kinesthetic
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