lesson plans sept.15-19 - Lamar County School District

Dodie Robertson, Ashley King, Don Palermo
Math, Science, & Social Studies
Date: September 15-19
5.NBT.5 Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard
5.NBT.7 Multiply based on the properties of operations
***SCIENCE is carrying over due to Case21 testing***
MATH: Properties of Multiplication; Multiplying with patterns
Daily Spiral Review; SW look up vocabulary for the properties. TW introduce
multiplication properties and relate them to the addition properties- commutative,
associative, identify, and zero. SW build arrays using M&Ms (commutative) and
model different groups (associative). TW discuss multiplying with patterns (5, 50,
500). Pose the problem- Suppose 3 people can sit at a table. How many people
can sit at 2 tables? How many can sit at 20 tables? SW add vocabulary to their
interactive notebook. SW complete odd numbers on p. 58-59 and even numbers
on p. 61. SW discuss their classwork aloud.
RESOURCES/MATERIALS: Flipchart, interactive journal, Envision 3-1, 3-2
BGL- Teacher will work with students as needed
AGL- Students will model multiplication using area models
SCIENCE: Lesson 4 – Read page 66-67 on the Circulatory System and the
Respiratory System. The students will trace the path of blood through their
bodies and explain where it picks up oxygen and transports it to different parts of
the body. They will complete the interactive flaps for their science notebook on
these 2 systems. Fill in study guide.
MATH: Multiply by one digit; Lattice Method
Daily spiral review; TW introduce multiplying 1 number by 2 and 3 digits using a
variety of methods to meet the needs of all learners. Ask students, if I draw a
rectangle on graph paper, how can I find the area? Pose the problem- Suppose
the school cafeteria orders 3 cases of milk. Each case contains 28 cartons of
milk. How many cartons are ordered? Picture- have students draw the cartons
with milk in it. Models- Have students draw a 3 by 28 rectangle on grid paper.
How can we find the area? Next, separate the rectangle into two parts- a 3 by 8
and a 3 by 20. Lattice Method- using the same problem the TW introduce the
lattice method of multiplying. SW then use these strategies to solve problems.
Book p. 65-66. SW discuss what they learned aloud with the class.
RESOURCES/MATERIALS: Envision Lesson; Interactive Journal; Daily
spiral review; Grid paper
BGL- Teacher will work with students as needed finding patterns and
identifying properties of multiplication
AGL- Students will complete the break it down activity in Envision
SCIENCE: Lesson 4 – Read page 68-69 in the Science text on the Nervous
System. The students will complete the interactive notebook flap on the Nervous
System and put it in their science notebooks. Fill in study guide
MATH: Multiply two by two and three, Lattice Method
Daily Spiral Review; TW introduce multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by 2 and 3
digit numbers. SW use the various strategies taught- drawing, break apart and
lattice method. SW work problems from lesson 3-5 and 3-6. SW discuss
classwork aloud and share their methods of solving multi digit multiplication
Use videos on Learnzillion: Log in with Google for the second video.
RESOURCES/MATERIALS: Textbook; Workbook; Daily Spiral Review
BGL: Students will use grid paper to multiply
AGL: Students will work on School Fair enrichment page
SCIENCE: Science Assessment on Lesson 4, the human body systems
MATH: Review properties and multi digit multiplication, Lattice Method
TASKS: SW complete game/tasks as a review.
1. Write a multi digit multiplication word problem for a classmate to solve.
Swap with a partner, solve the problem and justify you response.
2. SW write multiplication sentences using the different properties for a
partner to label multiplication properties
3. SW complete their interactive notebooks
4. Quick checks
RESOURCES/MATERIALS: Daily Spiral Review; Textbook; WB
BGL: SW continue to use grid paper to add and subtract decimals
AGL: SW create multiple step addition and subtraction word problems for a
partner to solve
SCIENCE: Test on Chapter 1
MATH: Spiral Review; TW review. Quiz on multiplying
SW highlight clue words; BGL- SW complete 5 questions and let the
teacher check their work.
SOCIAL STUDIES: Weekly Reader (Alternating stories between classes for the
time being)